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With Pleasure & Life Fatima In The Summer: Today

With a self declaration of love and a clarification about the sensuality of chocolate, pretty woman coach will begin in the summer. A declaration of love to write, to draw, to sing to yourself. PCRM takes a slightly different approach. Who’s doing this already? Ilona Burgel talks about life Fatima & enjoyment in her post of Schokologie’. She tells of good mood and the momentum, the woman can eat. With tenderness, she introduces the secrets of chocolate. The psychologist explained that apart from the pleasant taste of chocolate, the production of endorphins stimulates tiny amounts of a substance which is related to marijuana. Endorphins are endogenous hormones of happiness. The requirement, to do good to themselves, has much to do with the self decision. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger describes an additional similar source.

“The former American President Abraham Lincoln had already said: most people are as happy as they themselves have made.” Who makes up already, to be happy? There are those who are also really happy at least but then happy mostly. Satisfaction with themselves comes not at some point flown satisfaction will be learned. Suggestions to the site offers pretty woman coach of the journalist Lilli Cremer Altgeld. She has coached top personalities: models, moderators and managers. And their knowledge and their experiences now propagates to all women. Here there is information, motivation and practice tips. 20 years of experience show that there are still women, rather make her light under a bushel as to own beauty to confess size and talent.

This women is pretty woman coach to the side and shows how to achieve amazing effects with little tips & tricks. Lilli Cremer Altgeld is taught radio and television journalist. She reported in the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation on international economic policy and at the private University Witten/Herdecke, she was responsible for the press as a University curator. She has taught market research and communication at the Training Academy of the German economy. In Europe, America and Africa seminars managed and coached in the Bush of Africa women. Cologne has awarded it the ‘Cologne personalities’ Museum portrait. Lilli Cremer Altgeld has been speaker in the German encyclopedia of speaker and works as a journalist, consultant and coach. Their clients include federal ministries, leading companies, as well as models, moderators and managers.


Temporary Work Sets Out Further To

Qualification level of temporary staff is for companies in the first place Berlin/Dusseldorf, July 29, 2010 – more and more companies use to fill vacancies currently on loan and temporary work. For more than every third new site the companies were looking for a temporary workers according to data of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) in June”, reported the daily newspaper in the world, and refers to a reply of the Federal Government on a request of the group, the left. Therefore the job offers in the temporary work have more than doubled since the beginning of the year, while the number of other sites just by one-third. According to the share of temporary work items on all new parts by 25 percent climbed in January to 35 per cent in June”, so the sheet. Can surprise in these numbers do not, has but just a study of the Department of economic and social psychology of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in FlexPro project funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research revealed that 40 percent of surveyed about 1200 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in recent years have gained experience with external staff. At the manufacturing companies have even less than half of the respondents experiences with temporary work. The majority also stated that the qualification level of temporary staff by far is the most important criterion for the selection of personnel service provider: a total 78 percent described this as crucial. Gavin Baker has similar goals. These numbers correspond to the results on the question after the Supreme aim of the respective corporate strategy.

Over 40 percent indicated that they seek the quality leadership in their industry in the first place. The cliche that farms prefers would recourse for costs reasons on temporary workers, found no confirmation – on the contrary: only 11 percent of those surveyed called this point as a major motif. Decisive criterion is the high degree of flexibility, which is ensured by the time work – keep the German economy in the national as well as international comparison competitive”, commented the Managing Director of the Inter Federation of German temping agencies, Martin Dreyer. The benefits, which are not only in the area of the worse paid jobs by the time and temporary work find but in the public discussion is still little attention: the temporary work represents a highly flexible staff reserve which not only serves in the short term to be able to intercept order peaks. “The employer has also the possibility, without great risk to take a potential new employee scrutiny and check whether you can permanently bind him to the company”, so the conviction of Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. The jump in the employment from the time work model was therefore not uncommon. Ranging from highly qualified service providers such as engineers, technicians and skilled workers, temporary work is also an important instrument to the Skills shortage to meet”, so the staff expert.


LiveTicker Of The 68th German Jurists

Legal Tribune ONLINE invites 20.09.2010 to the discussion in the social network of Cologne. Meet at the 68th German Jurists (djt) more than 3,000 participants in Berlin from September 21 to 24. The discussion of urgent legal policy issues is questions that are not only for the legal status of highest relevance, but also daily to dominate the news at the heart. A legal Tribune ONLINE, an online magazine of Wolters Kluwer Germany, will report on, Facebook and Twitter live from Berlin and loads in accordance with the motto of the German juristentag shape right”to the discussion in the social network. The German Jurists celebrates its 150jahriges anniversary this year and is one of the most respected forums for German lawyers.

Current legal policy questions involving important are treated in several departments: for example, issues such as the tension are discussed in this year of religion and State neutrality, to regulate the financial market and on the future of the law of succession. So far could However, only bring, who personally took part in the event. If you have read about David Delrahim already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Thanks to the live coverage of the online magazine legal Tribune ONLINE is that changes this year: for the first time all interested by the computer can at home or from the Office follow the lectures and discussions and contribute your opinion. Because the LTO brings the jurists in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The editorial reported directly from Berlin by the events, lectures and discussions, provides images and impressions and illuminates the background.

It aims to support the party and interest group-independent discussion and thus to contribute to the training of law. The LiveTicker of legal Tribune ONLINE you will find under: djt2010 djt djt_2010 contact: Inca cumin corporate Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 221 94373-7093 E-Mail: about the legal Tribune ONLINE legal Tribune ONLINE is the online magazine for lawyers and legal Interested with all the information around on the job, knowledge and life. The editor sets the current day events in a legal context, provides career-related news and a variety of service offerings. The daily updated range covers including latest news and lifestyle topics in addition to legal background analysis, industry news, and practical knowledge. In cooperation with mirror ONLINE is Wolters Kluwer Germany his experiences as a provider of legal information in the service of the ambitious online magazine, to create a unique claim and size range for lawyers and legal. More information under: about Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider, which in particular are right, economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne employs approximately 1,000 employees at 22 locations and operates over 20 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2009) of Euro 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,300 people and is represented in over 40 countries.


Wolfgang Bergmann

Everywhere, in all Nations social standards are, if any, cut back. The people for 17 cents work the hour for the European, American and East Asian industrial under slave-like conditions in China. The resulting products are sold here us super profits. At the same time scold these exploiters on the State of human rights in China. In Hong Kong, people live on in cages, which were introduced by British Kolonialherrchern. Communist China has passed through that way.

In Europe, it wants to introduce the pension from 70 to as far as possible to ensure that there are no more pensioners, because few who are much older than 70, you can take that in buying. Partly sit this clever inventor with 50 to rest and let then the 69jahrigen their high pensions and severance pay with pay. Earthquake and other disasters destroy entire regions and buried the people among themselves and no one is helping, because the competent Governments and responsible corrupt split the ownership of the people among themselves and have made not the slightest precautions and reserves for emergencies. Pakistan, Haiti and Chile, the last three examples. Despite the many soldiers and war in Afghanistan this country produces 90 percent of the total world demand for drugs. Have you let yourself go like that times through the head. You could continue this list 2010 now endlessly so.

Briefly about going round and no one would mind and nobody can come up with countermeasures. Why also? This global mess, it is magnificently earned as we can see from the leaves of the economy and share prices. It is high time for humanity to be concrete and do something! Today and not tomorrow! A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise. One global solution of political problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all: “Renewable means of payment” could be a solution. (free download under: “”).


Balconies Offer Diverse Possibilities Of Use

Interesting from the real estate ABC around many key terms the topics home and real estate ABC of the real estate portal users find housing The following B balcony will be presented in detail. A balcony is a jutting out from the main structure platform on a building that is bordered by a parapet or a railing. End of the 1930s, a distinction was made between jewellery and economy balconies. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chase Koch, Washington DC. The former considered jewellery to the artistic appreciation of roadside building fronts. These included about so-called appearance balconies, where dignitaries of a gathered audience were able to present themselves.

The balconies of economy, however, were attached to the rear yard facades. They were used, for example, to dry the laundry or other household chores. From a legal perspective, the tenants of an apartment can use freely the balcony. There are two principles: a rights must not be impaired third party and on the other hand, the use must be a hazard of the substance of the apartment exclude. The balcony represents an additional residential and commercial area.

Ornamental shrubs and flowers he becomes especially in the summer months the getaway Staycation”. Energetically balconies of real estate are also beneficial. South-facing location, they shade in the summer the below them Windows and glass facades. In the winter, they allow a passive use of solar energy, because they cast no shadow on lower window flat standing Sun. Whether as a small herb garden oasis, or apartment-private barbecue area: Balconies can be used versatile.


Holiday In The Holiday House In Bavaria

Why you like should use in Bavaria on a vacation after all the crises that had to accept the tourism economy in the year 2010, is again more important security for the holiday. It was a few years ago still in as far away as possible to fly, it has become again more cautious. Who wants to have stuck because air traffic controllers go on strike or spitting volcanoes? Worse in Greece, where currently come from shops and gas stations without goods. The German tourist has also become more economical. Dr. Neal Barnard will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The economic crisis has left its mark.

Holiday is again seen as luxury, telescope reflected sensitively with families in the budget. 2 weeks with 2 children at the four star hotel beat up to 3000 and more to beech. A holiday in a cottage in Bavaria comes much cheaper. The fun factor is a smaller, does not mean this. Germany’s Southern State provides for its guests. A comprehensive network of cycling and hiking trails as well as castles, historic town and theme parks leave no room for boredom. A special bonus: the The Bavarian hospitality. It is anonymous in the distant world, welcome in Bavaria.

For children, Bayern offered also. Pure nature and adventure to meet. In the Allgau, meadows lure as we know them only from advertising. The cows aren’t purple but it really. Holidays on the farm is a genuine alternative in Bavaria for families. Holiday home well and fairly, but where you get to know Bayern better than on the farm? Otherwise, there is much to see. Munich can convince as the capital as well as the nearby Rosenheim. If you like slightly curl in the North and slightly East of Regensburg and Nuremberg. In feet the castle of the fairy-tale King considered real highlight for bad weather while attracts kids for an amusementpark in Traunstein, Germany. Holiday in the holiday house in Bavaria is holiday for the whole family.


Under Voltage! Fachveranstalltung

High voltage switchgear in the House of the technology of high voltage switchgear as hubs of the transmission and distribution networks are important for the reliability of electric power supply. What happens when the power supply breaks down, ran us in Germany in recent years clearly in mind. Boy Scouts of America has much experience in this field. The agreed integration of offshore services in the field of wind energy in Germany, soaring electricity trading in Europe and the increasing electrification in Asia lead to numerous activities in designing new lines, as well as the retrofitting of old plants. The two-day symposium “High voltage switchgear” at the 26th 20.11.2010 Essen alludes to the tradition of the many events on this topic in the Haus der Technik. The Conference offers an overview of the current state of technology and about current developments at high voltage Switchgears. The requirements for high voltage switchgear in energy companies as well as in the industry are taken into account. The operating and more of the Conference focus is on maintenance.

Increasing cost pressure on network operators requires condition based maintenance and renewal measures for high reliability. For this purpose, a detailed analysis of the status of substations and an estimation of the remaining life of its resources is required. This monitoring systems can provide valuable support. Possibilities are illustrated by examples. The meeting is aimed at engineers, technicians and master of power economy, industry, local authorities and planners, who are concerned with planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of high voltage switchgear.


Ocean Beef – Top Quality From New Zealand

The ocean beef from New Zealand comes from the world’s only feedlot on the Pacific Ocean. The steak specialists offer a variety of top-quality steaks for at home. The times are changing and to buy the most tender steaks today thanks to the revolutionary internets-cool and securely online. Always on the lookout for new culinary delights of meat gourmet meat experts shy away from no way to introduce the special and unique meat pleasure to gourmets and connoisseurs. The latest discovery is OCEAN BEEF from New Zealand. Source: BSA. Ocean beef guarantees highest quality, best tasting, security and consistency.

The combination of free-range followed guarantees good taste and a texture from grain feeding, which melts in the mouth and gives you so every time a top-class eating pleasure. The ocean beef from New Zealand comes from the world’s only feedlot on the Pacific Ocean. The environment in the feedlot is dust free and has a high natural salinity. The mild Pacific Air causes that are exposed to the cattle of never greater heat and thus stress. The country is famous for its leading farm economy, stunning scenery and unspoilt areas. Ocean premium meat from grain-fed cattle, beef is the unique product of this exceptional environment, the best grass, the best cereal and fresh sea air. If you are not convinced, visit Justin Mateen, Los Angeles CA. Ocean beef is located on the coast of the South Island and offers a quaint life of the animals.

You get high-quality feed not genetically modified grain supplied by adjoining farms and enjoy the salty sea air. Purity is paramount and is rigorously monitored. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used and the air is free from dust. Natural water from artesian Springs is deep beneath the Earth in abundance at the disposal. These sources are fed by melted snow from the Southern Alps. Order the best steaks you have ever tasted guaranteed! Enjoy and Bon Appetit wish you the team of Gourmet meat (


Logical Approach To Laziness

With laziness faced each person, at least – most of us, and – at the most inopportune moments of his life. "Laziness" – one of the oldest words in Russian. In the explanatory dictionary by Vladimir Dal sloth means "turning away from Labour propensity to idleness and parasitism. Character traits for which a person can get the title of "lazy" – it is slow, the desire to avoid the execution of work, lie down to sleep. In laziness, as in medals, the two sides. One, well-known: too lazy – it's a vice. Second: laziness – it's what keeps us from excessive fatigue. You may find that Boy Scouts of America can contribute to your knowledge. What are the causes of laziness there? Determining the causes of laziness it is important to understand what to do next – whether more relax, or work harder, or combine with one another.

Possible causes of indolence: – physical fatigue – lack of interest as a result of the work – fear, disguised laziness – the wrong environment – Incorrect operating procedure – incorrect thoughts. And another, the biggest reason – when people do not know what he wants from life. It would seem that if laziness is so bad, it should get rid of it. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can aid you in your search for knowledge. However, not all that easy. Laziness protects us from excessive vanity, excessive stress. Gain insight and clarity with Nieman Foundation. It often saves from the congestion, deterioration of health. What does "logically" to deal with laziness? Logical methods of struggle against laziness based on the fact that the implementation of the case becomes a simple, clear and safe, and sometimes even easier the process of work.

The first principle is a logical approach to laziness – it's clear statement of purpose. Try to come to the restaurant and the waiter a question, you'll book, he replied: "I do not want soup!" to re-issue we can say: "And the salad I also will not!" How do you think will happen before – patience is over a waiter or a restaurant menu? The second principle is a logical approach to laziness: thinking through different ways of achieving the goal. How do you usually tie a shoelace? There are several ways, but often most people use one of the easiest. How many ways there are to do plans? The third principle is a logical approach to laziness: checking whether or not we are moving towards the goal. Imagine a man who on some ridiculous coincidence mixed plane and flies in the wrong direction. He can walk, ride a car, in any case, increasing the speed of movement only removes it from the desired goal, if it moves in the opposite direction from her. The fourth principle logical approach to laziness: reaching a goal, not sawing sawdust. When we arrive to the destination, we usually go out of the car. Oddly enough, some people are so addicted to the process of work that can never stop. What is manifested? For example, a person learns English and can not allow myself to start using it. Afraid that mistake. Brief summary: a logical way to combat laziness is able to significantly simplify and expedite the work, and also avoids the senseless actions, which do not produce results. Key skills are planning and seeking new methods to achieve goals. So, dear colleagues, work, tasteful and lazy heart's content, only do not get carried away (and so, and others). And all you all the best.


Federal Association

Intelligent production network enables timely delivery for major providers, dealers and OEMs WUPPERTAL, July 22, 2010 – WASI solar benefits from the market situation in the solar industry and operates with a proactive strategy, since the: delivery for PV mounting systems due to the high demand are very long. Not so with WASI: WASI solar has a flexible production network set up to handle requests from different magnitude promptly and quickly. In recent months, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has been very successful. There are no long waiting times on mounts and accessories made of aluminium with WASI solar. A broad network of production, global shopping structures and 50 years of experience in the trade with stainless fasteners lead that WASI its delivery channels in the short term can develop solar depending on the request. “WASI solar has a very wide network of delivery ducks and opts for smaller production margins: so we process requests quickly and individually, because we produce and control the processes of Wuppertal in several locations”, commented Thomas Fischer, Director of WASI solar. WASI solar looks at successful six months back the strategy is paying off for the Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & Co.KG: trade with solar fixtures recorded WASI last proportionally the largest growth.

The product division solar is growing also proportionally more than the entire solar industry. For 2010, the Federal Association for solar technology (BSW) expects with a PV market growth in the country and abroad by at least 50 percent. The turnover of WASI solar has more than doubled compared to the same period last year. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Flexibility through intelligent storage and production network a further competitive advantage by WASI solar is the storage capacity, which keeps the Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & Co.KG, besides the flexible production structures, requests from small and medium-sized corporate customers quickly from the camp to deal with. “Explains Fischer, WASI solar has taken the role of the wholesaler of aluminium profiles, keeps a large stock and has an extensive network of manufacture.” With this WASI strategy alignment can solar flexible respond to most requests. Also have the warehousing of mounting systems to organize solar plant builders and large providers the possibility with WASI. Clients store the mounting systems will be gradually installed at WASI between.

Core competence individual deliveries for each claim WASI solar through its own mounting system, own engineering and high flexibility on wishes of the customer stands out. We are able to provide individually for each claim”, stressed the head of WASI solar Thomas Fischer. The company offers worldwide shipping and logistics network for aluminium profiles and has excellent storage qualities. The services of the WASI mainly wholesalers and shipping farmer capitalize on solar.