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Internet Journalist

This week marks the day of the journalist. And by these paradoxes of life he touched me – from my job – find me with some of them. All are very young people, of whom one was working on theirs and the rest doing some small jobs and training or next to receive it. Talk with them has been very rich and also always learn with young and talented people. One of the talks triggered a comment why this journalist working on his thesis; about the new times blogs and journalism. BSA is often quoted as being for or against this. If the first will endure in time, which is its arrival to the people through a medium as important as Internet, and up to the where journalism can be a credible and valued possibility when media are being monopolized by economic groups and freedom of expression isn’t such.

Or at least, is conditional and not, when determined. The possibility of the blog is unlimited, given that anyone can have it as a means to express what you want, regardless of their training, cultural level, race, religion, etc; and for being a journalist must walk an academic way, where the study makes to the actual race. Alternatively, working two year legal writing for someone, then Yes, recognizes it as a journalist.The law that says. A journalist friend told me that always a question mark, knowing had generated him because someone has a blog, if it was a question of ego, or exploit a space different – to sum up your comment-. And I believe that it is both. Without having clear what kind are the majority of the blog. By the little experience of travel in these spaces, I’ve seen that the blogistas leave no – exceptions – your comments on other blogs. When it is evident that they are visited and visiting. Other leaders such as Daniel Taub offer similar insights.

But rarely manifest themselves. Noteworthy blog level, some made with the best knowledge in the field and other facts to test and essay – like in my case-although if the content in them is mostly relevant. Which shows that many intuitively write worthy to be read – perhaps with some restriction notes literary or research-when you’re not, notes are taken by other means. What shows that they also have their importance in society. Perhaps the blog has not been still valued in its full dimension, although I have visited blogs of journalists recognised at national level, which not only are visited; but that will leave here see some comments. Which about differently who write simply because he has found a means to do so and the journalists, who understand that it is a new place that may not despise; more even when they don’t own large media constraints. I think that, for now, it is good to be able to use a space and all who are available for the exercise of the ability to express ourselves and grow in these twists and turns with others. Those who know more by knowledge of a university career and those who write with the simplicity of a common type. Everything helps, it depends with intentions that closer. A society could not live without journalism.


Christian Period

I can divide the history of the nursing in four periods: daily pay-Christian, Christian, modern and contemporary, namely: PERIOD PR-CRISTO the art to take care of always was a necessity of the humanity. In the period daily pay-Christian it did not have politics, but it was in this same period that the first attempts of elaboration of theories politics if had consolidated. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Daniel Taub Ambassador London on most websites. But the nursing, we know as it today, was not developed in this period. Then, I will enumerate only some characteristics. The period understands since the beginning of the age written of the humanity until the Average Age. The art to take care of age exerted for healers or witches. Thus, it did not have scientific base that it guided this art, that was had however as dom happened of a deity, however as dom hereditarily transmitted.

She was worried basically about relief of symptoms of the illnesses, that very frequent were attributed the punishments of the deities. Teas, infusions and emplastos, made with grass, empirically recognized were used as medicinal. It was in elapsing of this period of the history of the nursing that appeared the philosophical thought, bringing the necessity of a off vision of myths in all the areas. The medicine suffered influence from these changes and evolved with them, but the nursing not. I believe that taking care of he has been devaluated at this time for not being an essentially intellectual activity, in contrast, was an almost servile activity (to clean dressings, to purge, etc).

The nursing remained, then, empiricist and mitolgica, until the Christian Period. CHRISTIAN PERIOD I conciliate With it of Niceia, that admitted the catolicismo as religion effectively, had been appearing the first religious orders. At this time, the task to take care of of the patients was attributed the religious ones, the Sisters of Charity, who exerted the nursing with vocation, in a perspective of unconditional donation.


Internet Services

You will close and You will be able to reopen only under another name. But on a paid hosting, you will be glad. Just select the tariff that will create a website with the necessary capabilities. Paid hosting is characterized by much higher level and variety of customer services. Daniel Taub Tel Aviv Israel is open to suggestions. Large selection of programming languages, including to create dynamic database search function is backed up Your site and much more. For the owners of the server take the money.

Paid hosting should at least support the programming languages such as php, sql, java. The site should be informative and useful, to radiate a positive energy. To do this you must have a volume of knowledge and vocabulary, allowing you to quickly and easily fill up your site's content. From the first steps of the Internet to create a personal permanent mailbox for this come up with original, catchy and worthy of the name. Get your own room in icq, a SKIPe organize video phone. Of course, the better to create a model for what he earns, and gradually develop it. But it takes several years to work actively on the network. Gradually mastering existing technologies and services capabilities and services.

Need to continuously develop the ability to skillfully and beautifully express their thoughts and materials. For First, you can try to appropriate the direction of your business forum, open to many interesting people to a branch and as long as possible hold it a leader in the traffic. The more people the more opinions the harder it is to hold out and everyone needs to correctly convey the idea.


Business Cards Manufacturer Design Company

In recent years, millions of people, companies were able to speak openly about their goods or services, using various means to influence a potential customer audience. One means of creating an image company (or individual person) was the use of polygraph (representational, promotional and souvenir) products. Boy Scouts of America will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Everything in our world rests on personal relationships – without them our world is almost impossible to find good job, get the necessary services, etc. As for the novice businessmen, just open a business, then they very quickly begin to understand that business success is ultimately determined by two things – name and the breadth of personal contacts. Daniel Taub Ambassador London brings even more insight to the discussion. How, then, should establish, develop and expand these ties? Like everything else in the world, it can be done through the exchange of business cards. To date, a business card – common phenomenon not only for the person who stands at the head of his own business, but for the average employee of any company or firm.

In the business world card – part of the communication, exchange of information. Business card contains general necessary information about the person it belongs to any company or organization. If it is a corporate card, then it is usually on one side there is information about the company: name, phone numbers, area activity, but on the other, if necessary, can be positioned location map, any additional relevant information. Izgotovlenie cards – nasha profession. Case, kotoroe we love to know kotorom sense. Dovertes us, and you obratites to Us again.


Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the bilionrio greater of the world, was rich vendendo ideas; its ideas and of its friends and employees are the computer programs, softwares. In the field of the empreendedorismo, Dornelas (2001) defends the idea of that the success entrepreneur is that one that is always behind new ideas of business and true chances of market, being intent to that he occurs to its return. Daniel Taub New York describes an additional similar source. He adds despite this entrepreneur is creative and identifies more chances that the too much people. The creative person finds different chances in diverse forms and vehicles, as television, radio, magazines, periodicals, books, Internet, other people, purchasers, etc. Perceive thus, that it would be ideal that all professional of marketing had aptitude entrepreneur, as this positioning of Dornelas (2001), and was also creative in agreement Duailibi (2002), cited previously. This probably would result in bigger exploitation of the intellectual capital, generating creative actions of marketing, with success possibilities.

In this point, valley to remember Kotler (1999), that it defines marketing as the art to discover chances, to develop them and to profit from them. This sample that the marketing functions are not other people’s to the management of the knowledge. Beyond being supported for it, they will be able to assist very in the strategies of the organizations. Figueiredo (2003) believes that the success in the company depends much more on a battle for the knowledge and the perception of value that the market has of these knowledge, on what for the ownership of other resources. For it, the knowledge marketing will dedicate the propagandas of the knowledge, campaigns of communication of the knowledge and the potential of the intellectual capital of the organization, objectifying the exposition, sales, attraction retention of knowing. With this, the devotion will be in the creation of campaigns of marketing of the knowledge, focadas in offers of distinguishing knowledge, in the creation of value from intelligence, in the delivery of creative solutions, in offers above average of innovation.


Black Swan

In 2002, Daniel Kahneman He received the Nobel Prize for his contributions in the field of judgment and decision-making under uncertainty. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. According to his study, humans tend to make decisions under uncertainty, that deviate from the basic principles of probability. By many studies, technologies, scientific advances and corporate strata involved, decisions always deviate from it is probable. However, despite this, the future hides promises. The Heath brothers Switch authors, addressed the theme of change and match Nassin and Kahneman when they claim, that we lost in mechanical processes to design action plans, which do not respond to the challenges of the environment; planning should respond to the need to guide the work, for the best results.

This part of defining destinations that are shared and that stakeholders can understand what works and brings the results. According to the Heath we need starting identify bright spots, sites (experiences) in which things are going well and where there are conditions to view the course different at all. Those bright spots have to clone them and repeat them throughout the corporate. Our habits lead us to focus on the problems and their causes, not in reinforcing the things that are going well and seek to recur. In this way, the effort would be smaller and more effective results. We start from identifying causes and effects from the more obvious problems and experience shows (according to the Heath), the recurrence of failed plans due to which, during manufacture, new variables are not incorporated, or at least new perspectives of the already proven.

For example, if it was not possible to estimate the demand for a new product based on the sales of the past for a similar period, perhaps suitable to study the behavior of competition or other different references. The theory of the Black Swan of Nassin, indicates that, to be able to anticipate the future and predict accurately, should take into account those variables that we don’t know and they will affect our assumptions if they change during the evolution of the plan. The challenge ahead is to assume the work plan as a simple process, to invite the development of things that are done well within the Organization and they can improve your profitability over time. The role of planners in this new scheme, ceases to be temporary and isolated work and becomes a function of promotion of best practices. The work is based on the search for points of support and not in the solution of problems; its development is to create an internal culture, which does not address deficiencies, but that dares to aspire to jumps in their performance and to understand the value of the attitude that celebrates the positive things.



A traditional post and reconcile receivables such as PayPal and Amazon accounts is no longer possible. The Tax Office of hampel + Marka is therefore a special software, which all invoices and payment receipts are read and so recorded, that the corresponding invoice is associated with each payment from PayPal or Amazon. Many writers such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer more in-depth analysis. A sorting and collating the dealer is no longer required. Yes already digital are the data from the transactions. Software Web shop all business transactions are recorded automatically and tested, every incoming payment is associated with the invoice, sales will be divided according to domestic, EU and third country if necessary. Common data formats to the Exchange of financial accounting data converted in the software… All E-Commerce typical fees and shipping costs are automatically separated after platform (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Yatego etc) recorded on separate expense accounts.

This way, you can calculate contribution margins. There are tax-Id.Nummern monitors and matched as well the tax payments with the respective level of sales. Through this process, they can be mathematically tested charges and recognize billing errors, duplicate payments, etc. on the platforms. Armin Hampel: “optimized its margin the dealer with the digital accounting for E-Commerce and gives you optimum transparency about the State of his business – he can make his decisions based on up-to-the-minute information and data.” ( Hampel + Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG the firm hampel + Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG Schongau, Germany-based and Lechbruck builds on experience gained over 30 years.

Their consulting supports clients in all tax and commercial issues in the successful shaping of their economic future. The expertise includes the German and international tax law. Offering digital accounting allows hampel + Marka clients virtual cooperation and thus a significant efficiency boost. Hampel + Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG Keis Adalbertstrasse 7 86956 Schongau phone 08861-2307-0 contact Armin Hampel Hampel + Marka tax advisory firm phone-08861-2307-0


Medical Arts

Being necessary that the different citizen is capable to isolate and to recognize fonemas to be able to relate them it the graphical signals. For this we need to establish previous questions; correct pronunciation and to prevent confusions between fonemas that the grafias and forms fellow creatures is presented separately. BSA may not feel the same. Divergences between the different methods exist, but that of the point of initial sight, learning of the reading and the writing is a question mechanics, is conceived written it as graphical transcription of the verbal language with the image, that is, to read means to decode the writing in sound. Being that the method will be more efficient if the writing it will be in accordance with the alphabetical principles, but nor always this will be possible, can start for the regular orthography where words and grafias coincide with the pronunciation. Cartilhas, the initiation books the reading, tries to conjugate all these principles, dissociando of this form the reading of speaks.

Therefore, it has basic aspects to consider: the linguistic ability of the child, its cognoscitiva capacity to change the vision of the child who crosses thresholds in the alfabetizao. All this process to construct to the reading and the writing requires reflections on ours practical to search alternatives of improvement for our children. Therefore, the form as each child constructs its knowledge is diverse and treads different ways: perception, action, memory, imitation, classification, ordinance and significao. All these aspects need to be worked and to be developed by the strategical different children through reaching the considered objectives and if arriving at the way of the alfabetizao.


The Abilities

In this set of answers, we detach that the society vision, for some, still something is distant or that it belongs to those that can make something for ' ' pobres' '. Perhaps the organizations of assessorship and support and the government. It not yet feels itself enclosed while subject of the change, but still a beneficiary of the social action feels itself ' ' of outro' '. We can leave of the estimated one that each involved person has particularitities and that the time of each one is different. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger oftentimes addresses this issue. It has different periods of training of changes between the involved ones in the solidary economy. To if feeling well when it is seen and recognized in the community, it if it feels ' ' gente' ' member of the community. Its interest for the communitarian problems and of the society can mean a process of emancipation of the individualistic vision or victim, of ' ' coitadinhos' ' that they depend on the charity of the other.

In the generality, we can observe that the changes or the form as the interviewed ones if they place, has one meaning extremely positive in what we consider as process of human development or emancipation of the person human being. In the field of organization management of the enterprise, was observed that the papers are distributed in accordance with the abilities of each one, however, is perceived exactly that they are opened to learn with one another, finding that not of the account of determined services. More information is housed here: Daniel Taub. Some say that it was in the enterprise that learned to inside make the demanded work of the activity especifa of the EES. One of the aspects of solidarity is noticed there proposal for the solidary economy, that is, the person does not need to have experience proven in the wallet and nor certifyd. But a general concern with the end item exists as responsibility of all.


Fantastic Money

I wait that it has the notion of that at any time its job of today and of tomorrow is not safe, and can loses it, will be that it is prepared for this? Nobody is, is not truth? The job chances do not seem easy to find when the precariousness of the job and the world-wide crisis shoot daily thousand of people for the unemployment. Majority of the people is to deliver the house to the bank, because already it does not have possibility of paying. After losing the job, it loses the quality of life, and in the times that run it is difficult recoups it. It wants to wait that this day has beaten to the door? I think that nobody wants, but we think that only he happens to the others and we in do not happen nothing to them. At this moment to have extra income can save its econmica management, and can surpass this crisis.

How much worse it is the situation of the global economy, more precarious they are the jobs, more the people transform the Internet into business-oriented chances, to generate extra money even though or a financial freedom, wise person of this? Therefore he is, while some cry, others vendem handkerchiefs, and if she had an extra income, certainly would not have of if worrying about the income of the house. Or with this extra income, she could pass those vacations with its family in how much always she dreamed. If she is one of the people who were without job or look better job, must be conscientious of the difficulties in the work market currently. As a friend said mine, crisis means chances, and is the chance of you to move of life, and to leave the comodismo and to arrange another form to generate money. But Fbio, as is that I can gain money extra? Already it heard to speak of people who gain money for the Internet, but has difficulty in perceiving as, and even though believing? Moan if not yet believes, but, the truth is that it has people in the whole world to make money in the Internet, and each time more nowadays. To work with the Internet allows that you work from house and gain money, if to know as making clearly. But, it has calm and care, makes its research and later it evaluates business, product, plan of payments, company, founders and etc.

the Internet is an opened media, has many good things, but also it has many bad things. I recommend that it finds a mentor, who teaches and helps you to it to perceive as everything functions, and what he will have that to make. I will not choose a business only for the plan of payments, that can be formidable, but if not to congregate the remaining portion of the conditions, hardly you will have success in this business. He moves of life! You can be one of the people who are to win the crisis!