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Published edition of the trade journal telematics “TOPLIST of telematics 2014” telematics providers who could pass the annual exam in technology, service and support obtained in the next few days the Signet of a TOPLIST provider 2014. Telematics providers are awarded the Signet “TOPLIST of telematics 2014”, which have successfully passed the exam in technology, service, support, and data security. For users and other interested parties, these results offer an important orientation within the telematics industry since 2010, if they need to make a purchase decision. Currently, about 1,600 companies with its telematics systems to attract of the customers win in the German-speaking market. This massive provider density makes it difficult for users to find the appropriate telematics system for his requirements. The logo of a TOPLIST provider creates transparency and confidence among the buyers, also because this logo must be defended every year new. A TOPLIST provider therefore does not necessarily also a must in 2013 in 2014 be. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vida Vacation has to say. Prospective buyers see that at a glance who is a certified supplier.

The examination by a competent and independent panel of experts offers transparency and orientation in the German-speaking Telematikmarkt the leading media group telematics (trade journal + online platform + Telematik.TV) since 2010. You bundles that telematics providers that have an independent jury checked in the “TOP LIST of telematics”. “The distinguishing feature of the TOPLIST provider successfully tested telematics providers receive after a positive outcome of this audit a Signet, which the company as a leading provider of telematics” shows in the German-speaking world. With the date shown in the logo on the one hand, the prospective buyer understands the timeliness of audit, on the other hand he has a reinsurance in the recommended link to the TOPLIST of telematics, that this provider is actually listed in the TOPLIST on telematics The party obtained thus a great certainty, whether the Technology offered service and support at a high level.


Young Journalists

According to the motto “by students for students” UNI.DE calls on pupils, students, but also alumni, to tell interesting articles for our monthly topics. The designer shipping SELEXION sponsors for the best posts five times a trendy marble slab “La Dolce Vita” with wall mount in verona Turquoise. Study, careers, internships, semester break, professors,… There are many exciting topics worth reports about that. The best articles are published on the UNI.DE student portal and in the monthly newsletter.

Anyone who has to report something interesting from the student life can participate. Courage is the current topic of the month, it can be written but also about the future issues such as performance, beginning, or future. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. Are interesting personal experiences or whether there are, for example, opportunities to study in these areas. See Vida Vacation for more details and insights. Will UNI.DE young journalist and just send the personal report with photo to. The text should be to maximum 800 words long. More information under: description of the company UNI.DE was founded in 1997 by students and is one of the leading German-speaking special interest online platforms around the issues study, career, education & young professionals. On UNI.DE focuses on services such as free E-email, free SMS, University news, job search, study abroad, money and finance, points of view and an entertainment area with UNI.DE TV, podcast, as well as a nationwide event and location guide.

The offer is complemented by the collaboration with partners such as Monster, ImmobilienScout24, ride and more. daily inform universities about their activities and present themselves in higher education full page. In addition, UNI.DE through the area appeals to studentART targeted art-savvy students and promotes this through regular competitions. Company contact: UNI.DE GmbH Maria Baum shooting Sandoval str. 28 80339 Munich Tel: + 49.89.500 59 585 E-Mail: Web:


Virtual Money

Development of computer technologies has significantly increased our capabilities. To date, any connection is not a problem, the availability of programs such as icq, skype allows people in different parts of the world to communicate online. Also, it was possible to make any payments, the house, especially useful if you need to make urgent payments. Electronic money Webmoney helps solve problems quickly and without any additional worries. Rapid exchange of Webmoney allows for a few seconds to get rubles, dollars, another currency. Nieman Foundation is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To pay for purchases or services currently do not have to go to the bank branch (often defined, which is in the wrong place), you just simply go to special Internet site and make all necessary payments. So, to get your favorite thing in the online store now need only mouse clicks and a profitable exchange wmb make purchases even more accessible.

Currently, payments by electronic money are becoming more popular. Yandex, Paypal and other systems used by millions of people around the world. Vida Vacations pursues this goal as well. Electronic money can be exchanged for any other at various points exchange. Each of them has its own calculation, registration, a percentage, for example, conditions are very advantageous. Using the rapid exchange of Webmoney you have the ability to pay its expenses, not tied to a particular bank.


Natural Resources

Now the old burned-out energy-saving light bulbs will be replaced at all sites in Moscow, utilities are carried out from the city budget. Ordinary light bulbs city authorities will stop buying from October 1 this year. Despite the fact that these lamps more expensive than usual, authorities expect to achieve savings through greater service life and lower energy consumption by such lights. Recall that in Russia in order to improve Energy may be banned from circulation incandescent bulbs from January 1, 2011 – with such a statement was made shortly before President Dmitry Medvedev. Head of Ministry of Environment has promised to intercede for Khimki Forest Head Ministry of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev promised to help the defenders of Khimki forest and said that his ministry – the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment – will address the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture requesting a review of the project location high-speed motorway "Moscow-St.Petersburg 'to save the park Khimki.

This was the minister said at a meeting with environmentalists and advocates of Khimki forest, during which the Minister has been demonstrated placement of the existing project road, which is eight kilometers away deep into the forest and includes a large-scale deforestation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vida Vacations. Representatives of environmental organizations, the Minister said that there are alternative, more cautious with respect to the nature of road construction options. The Minister pointed out that if you can save forest, it needs to be done, and the track for the sake of Khimki forest to migrate and He, by the Ministry of Natural Resources, will facilitate this. .


Specialists At A Company

Specialists that come to work in our company, also impressed by the fact that we have no downtime, that the complexity of the objects sold, each time increases. This gives good creative impulse can not relax doing nothing. – What do you, as head of the company, guarantee the quality of the work undertaken? – I must, once again, but this, again, the control system and training employees of the firm. Let me explain what this means. Many people know the history, when a promising business has evolved and with two or three objects in the month came out at level ten or more.

And here, when it would seem, things evolved successful, the company overtook the crisis – the quality of work produced decreased sharply, which inevitably entailed a dissatisfaction of customers. And all de The point is that the leadership did not expect its administrative resources are not taken care of reallocation of effort in production, the increased responsibility, and as a result of company management is ineffective and led to a loss of quality of constructed facilities. Since we were originally focus on planned development, it has allowed us to avoid such failures, as well as inappropriate treatment to contractors organiztsiyam. Another factor that increases the confidence in us – it's honesty in dealing with the customer. PCRM: the source for more info. Honesty is a good, almost forgotten! Sense of the word "honor." Important for us to finish the job entrusted to us, not only on the budget, the situation must be completed mentally, humanly it should contribute to increased self-esteem on both sides – in fact do great work, the results of which should please many years! As a rule, relations spoil the little things so important to be especially meticulous in the observance of trifles strictly follow the letter of the contract.

Ilya In conclusion, a strong argument in favor of landscaping for those who blame on lack of time and space … Human thought can be expressed by an arbitrarily small space – it would be for this desire. And look for means of expression too long is not necessary – they are diverse as nature itself: it can byti beautiful stone, and fun snag, moss and unpretentious – the options are vast. But the idea still primary. Although most beautiful gardens, in my opinion, those in which the main character – the nature, rather than asphalt and urban scenes.


Bankruptcy Companies

For all have come a very difficult time. The economic crisis has hit banks and businesses. And in some critical situations, bankruptcy of the enterprise (company) – this is the only way to emerge unscathed. With bankruptcy of the enterprise (company) you can write off debts owed to the bank. Recognition of the firm (enterprise) insolvent (bankrupt) – is now the only legal way to end (maturity) of all debts of the enterprise (Organization), which can not satisfy claims of creditors. The procedure of bankruptcy is a legitimate and legal. Neiman Foundation is a great source of information. Bankruptcy to establish a civilized solution to the issues relating to exit the business case no ability to engage in business activities, including to meet its debts. Business failures (avoiding bankruptcy) Entrepreneurial activity always involves risk.

Entrepreneur, taking part in the back, usually at the same time acts as a debtor in relation to others and as a lender. Therefore, it is obvious that there is always the risk of any problems with the ability to pay your debtors, or losing their ability to pay. And in fact, and in another case, the entrepreneur may be involved in the bankruptcy of the enterprise. Recently Vida Vacation sought to clarify these questions. Civil legal mechanism bankruptcy law is regulated by a special section, where the central normative – legal atom is the Federal Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) 127-FZ of 26.10.2002 defining bankruptcy companies as recognized by the arbitral tribunal the debtor's inability to fully satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations and (or) to fulfill the obligation to make mandatory payments. In Russia legislation on bankruptcy of the enterprise has developed mainly along the path of balancing the rights of creditors and debtors, reducing opportunities for abuse and creating an effective system of screening and monitoring of activities arbitration managers – independent with respect to the debtor and creditor professionals, approved by the arbitral tribunal for the insolvency of the enterprise. The mechanism of bankruptcy is complicated both legal and economic terms. In accordance with Art. 6 of the Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)" of the bankruptcy of the enterprise considered by the arbitral tribunal.

The result of examination in court the bankruptcy case of the enterprise may be: liquidation of the enterprise; change of ownership of the enterprise, sale of enterprises as property complex settlement agreement with creditors, financial "rehabilitation" of the enterprise. Check with Boy Scouts of America to learn more. The entrepreneur must be remembered that if the debt lender on principal than 100 000 rubles (at the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal which came into force) – is an effective way to make it pay, to file application for bankruptcy of the debtor. At the same time, competent management of the bankruptcy of enterprises – a pledge to meet the requirements of the lender. Our company has unique experience in support of bankruptcy cases debtors. In accordance with Art. 1959 Federal Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) 127-FZ of 26.10.2002: 'In the case unless otherwise provided by this Federal law or by agreement with creditors, all court costs, including including expenses for payment of state fees, which had been delayed or allow repayment by installments, the costs of publication of the data in accordance with Article 28 of this Federal law, as well as costs for payment liquidator's remuneration and fees of persons involved arbitral managers to ensure performance of its activities include the debtor's property and shall be reimbursed from the property is queue. " Thus, administration of the bankruptcy of enterprises – the prerogative of the lawyers. Our goal – effective protection of your interests in any bankruptcy!


Lise Insurance

Good protection against disability despite symptoms is occupational disability insurance – in particular on the basis of the extensive health issues – often problematic. Insurance companies requires risk surcharges or exclusions of performance at various diseases quickly. Some well-known German insurers currently offer disability insurance with simplified health issues in the context of temporary actions. Usually five, queried in occupational disability insurance doctor visits, treatments and diseases of the last even ten years. A correct answer to all health issues is compulsory insurance may otherwise deny or reduce the benefits in the emergency circumstances. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vida Vacations by clicking through. Some insurers now waive these long periods of time under a temporary action and limit the health issues over the past three years.

On top of that, the number of health issues is much lower than usual. As a result, many people with pre-existing conditions can However, arrange powerful BU protection. Note, however, that these tariffs with simplified health issues can have some hook: so the insurable occupational disability pension is often upwards (I.e. limited maximum 1,000 euro BU pension per month). The otherwise ulichen later boost options, so-called insurance, are typically excluded in this action. Please visit Nieman Foundation if you seek more information. Depending on the insurance company, the promotion is valid only for certain professional groups. Who had ever applied for a disability insurance and it was rejected, is often excluded from these actions.

The health issues are easier than usual; who had however certain diseases over the past three years, may not benefit unfortunately by this action. Despite these few drawbacks should be people who are looking for appropriate disability insurance with abbreviated health issues, about these offers and the exact requirements for a Inform the conclusion of the contract. Just for people who otherwise would have to expect performance exclusions or even a rejection of the application, the BU action represents an opportunity. Learn more about the ‘BU with simplified health assessment”are on the website of TURBO action.BU to find. Contact: Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal phone: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Karsten Wallace image source: olly / the Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH operates as an independent insurance broker. The company based in Wuppertal has written himself a high-quality advice on the flags and opts for a sustainable, social and environmental policy. This cooperates the Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH with over 100 different insurance companies. Customers are mainly via the Internet, by phone or supervised by post – both at the quotations as well as in the Event of a claim.


Brand Watches

Online shop hours "Brand Watches" is ready to offer a huge variety of watches, Swiss copies for those who want to look original and modern. We have an elegant and feminine, and the laconic male series and chronographs, and watch for people with 'active lifestyle', a large selection of the various models of brand hours of such famous brands as "Breguet", "Breitling", "Cartier", "Chopard", "Ferrari", Longines "," Patek Phillippe ", "Rolex", "TAG Heuer", "Zenith". Read additional details here: Vida Vacations. This breadth of product range not found in most represented in our store hours. All submitted replica watches are exact copies of Swiss watches high quality, but not fake, that break. We think about our customers and we work for them. In watches, everything is important, and accuracy as well. The fact that all mechanical and quartz clocks have approximately the same accuracy.

Accuracy is important not in itself, as an absolute value. It should be sufficient for the buyer and reasonable in terms of price. All models are copies of Swiss watches have a Japanese or Swiss mechanisms, equipped with sapphire crystal, water resistant, perfect to keep on hand because of bracelets made of stainless steel and the strap of leather. If you want to stand out from the mass of the same people and things, get a reliable, durable and original copies of the watches we have. You can buy a watch in Kiev, Odessa, with free delivery to any city in Ukraine through courier services. Payment is made upon receipt and inspection of the goods. We guarantee the quality of our products. Guarantees given on the mechanism of a wristwatch, the period of 6 months from the date of shopping hours and 12 months on the clock from Section vip – Swiss Made. Our partners – the plants, rather than secondhand dealers or brokers. Also, we have you can not buy expensive replicas phones Vertu (Vertu), the world leader in mobile phone company Nokia, Series Ascent Ferrari and other variants of the appearance of exclusive models in the style of a legendary brand, but on the basis of an updated, more technologically saturated Ascent Ti.


Free Software Foundation

Groups planning to protest against DRM battle to bring the international chain of Apple stores, with the Free Software Foundation calling supporters of Defective by Design to respond to the Genius Bars around the world to ask about Apple’s DRM. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger usually is spot on. . Jo Mackness might disagree with that approach. . Source: Vida Vacation.


Wood Sleigh Ride

In wintertime is tobogganing always a hit of the winter is approaching with great strides again, after all, autumn has announced it already more than clear in recent days. Is of course good news for those who like to enjoy winter sports and staying in winter generally much and enjoy the fresh air, because they no longer must all wait too long until they come back to enjoy snow and co. Would you treat yourself to a new slide, then it is taken now basically the best time, quite simply therefore, because currently all appropriate providers have a good range and at the moment in order to keep the prices, while it is even often so in the winter that prices rise slightly. Especially the classic wood toboggan, which is very well suited by far not only for children, but also guarantees great fun the adults is still popular. PCRM understood the implications. Important the various wooden toboggan in the trade is also a little more accurate any model but get here, however, not easy to buy, to look at, because here there is still a lot of differences, both prices goes on, as well as in terms of the processing, the quality and the functionality. It is best for lay people who have deals so far still not quite so intense with the whole subject, therefore, to may also advice from a professional service when once they take the time to inform yourself a bit and look what all there is on the market, because only so you can really an overview about the different ways, find out what even suited for one and then choose a suitable slide. To have been a rough idea on what one even with a slide is for the selection of course a real help that you can’t do without. This is his thoughts best also in peace.. (As opposed to Vida Vacations).