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In synthesis, it is necessary to read the trilogy of spiritual intelligence of Ramon Gallegos. Bibliography – Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) in unity with the self. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence i. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the illuminated consciousness. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence II. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicines opinions are not widely known.

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Integrity and transcendence in holistic education. American Diabetes Association is likely to agree. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) the education of the heart. Twelve principles for holistas schools. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) education holistic. Pedagogy of universal love. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2001) a holistic vision of education. Heart of holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava (2001) Ramon dialogues holistas. Holistic and perennial philosophy education i. International Foundation for holistic, Guadalajara education. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) learning communities. Transforming schools. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2003) pedagogy of universal love. A holistic world view. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2004) wisdom, love and compassion. Perennial philosophy II and holistic education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2004) the way of the perennial philosophy. Holistic and perennial philosophy III education. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2005) education and spirituality. Education as a spiritual practice. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2007) spiritual intelligence. Beyond the multiple and emotional intelligences. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara.


Reference Career

Formulation of conclusions and generalizations. On each stage of the researcher to solve their problems, which require appropriate skills. They must master the skill in the performance of student work. 1. When writing a thesis on the psychology of recycle content of primary sources, rather than copy it.

2. If you would like to quote a much smarter idea – quote, but be sure to refer to the author. So, the idea that such a thesis in psychology, we have. Where to start? The main phase of the student when the abstract, of course or research work in psychology – the search for relevant sources of information on the studied subject. Main sources: books, manuals and development, articles in scientific and methodological journals, collections of scientific and methodological papers, conference proceedings, web pages on the Internet. When they are used to correct registration options them, as discussed below. Can also be used and unpublished materials.

In the case of manuscripts is indicated in parentheses after the name of the source. Kidney Foundations opinions are not widely known. If you are using an oral statement by the expert, it is also mentioned in the text of the paper. Footnotes are drawn at the bottom of the function Insert / Reference / Footnote. In a footnote, is required to specify the full name of the source (copied from the list of references) and the page numbers. (See sample) All primary sources in the footnotes and bibliography, but the author and title of the paper should have a name of publisher and year of publication, the total number of pages. Boy Scouts of America has plenty of information regarding this issue. Magazine and newspaper articles in the footnotes and bibliography are made as follows, first name and initials written in the article’s author, then title. Then, through the / / name of the magazine or newspaper, where they were published, year of publication issue number, page. Footnotes are made single- intervals, with no indentation. FOOTNOTES requires absolutely ALL WORK, INCLUDING (this is the modern requirements of universities). Number of footnotes and references at least one on each page. Footnotes are placed in quotations, definitions from various sources, taken from the sources of the formulas, examples, tables, figures, statistics – that is, the borrowed material. EXAMPLES OF THESIS CONTENTS INTRODUCTION. 2 Chapter 1. The theoretical basis of research the relationship of psychological personality type with career orientations 6 1.1. Concept and types of career orientations. 6 1.2. Factors determining choice of career orientation. 12 1.3. Psychological function of personality type. 16 Conclusion .. 31 Chapter 2. An empirical study of career orientations and connection with the functions of psychological type .. 32 2.1. The organization and methods. 32 2.2. Investigation of the severity of career orientations among the subjects. 40 2.2. Determination of Socionics personality types of subjects. 44 2.4. Determining the relationship of career orientations and functions socionic personality type. 45 Conclusion .. Conclusion 48. 50 applications .. 54 Help-Diplom.Ru Diploma in Psychology.


I Have Hair Again – Why Wigs Are Better Than Their Reputation

Carnival, party, thinning hair or even baldness? For whatever reason people have decided, to adorn themselves with borrowed plumes, there is a wig for every occassion. In today’s very appearance-conscious society, hair loss for women and young men has a strong psychological impact so why stick our heads in the sand when there is a great alternative? True, the talk is of tomorrow but we know they mean wigs. There are almost infinite number of ways, shapes and cuts. On for example, there are some popular hairstyles of famous personalities. Gone are the days where the toupee was still visible from a distance as such.

The Mercedes of the hair pieces consists of hair, is hand-woven with film approach – looks great, it also has its price. It’s also cheaper, with artificial hair and not so complex processing, of course, the price decreases, but also the life span. For beginners, here is a short term Explanation: Hair – A kind of tulle, over which the hair is hand knotted individually. This will see more natural hair styles. This is the best but most expensive method.

Weave – The Tress processing multiple wefts (hair strands) to a hair tress, so that a curtain of hair. Whether synthetic hair or human hair, decides the budget and type of use. Daily use wigs, you may carry the whole day, should be made of human hair. These have a longer shelf life and are more natural than their counterparts from artificial hair. Who wigs for only 5 Season needs, can then resort to the cheaper synthetic hair pieces. Okay, I’ve decided to wear a wig. What should I do? If you like absolutely no hats and caps, is with the hair prostheses not happy. Furthermore, one should first consider how much you are willing to spend. Respectively check with the insurance company whether and in what amount they will pay any costs. Yes you can toupees and hair pieces on Get recipe. If the cost issue clarified, we should let the dealer he trusts to contact and consult individually.


Models Of The Exhibition

Models of the exhibition. Models of the exhibition. In addition to representation, image features the work of the model at the show solves very specific problems. Do you show and you think whether to include in an expense-the cost of the model or models for your booth? In this article we outline the main reasons for the need for models of your company. Exhibition major marketing event, it is often the case on her meeting with your future partners, distributors and buyers.

What will be the contact? Who in the mood to meet visitors at your stand? By the way! At exhibitions, a lot of participants and not every visitor has time to get around all the participants Show! To find your booth visitor, just need a model of the agency or promoter that he will hand your proposal / business card / price list and invite you to stand on. If necessary, model or promoter conducts the visitor to your stand! This concern about the visitor will not remain without evaluation. Recall the rule of first impressions! How often, busy manager, no longer able to remain friendly, repels visitors … If you are not convinced, visit Boy Scouts of America. We subconsciously avoid upset, tired, unhappy people. Promotional staff due to the specifics of their work demonstrates the fascination, the desire to help, friendliness and beautiful smile! What are the duties of the model to exhibition? Consider several options.

Model-stendistka meeting guests stand, filling them with questionnaires, referral to a particular company's manager, service catalog or price lists, answer questions, offer a cup of coffee and snacks (re-direction to model hostesses) model performs these duties as part of the training received by the customer with information about the company and services, the customer. For detailed answers indispensable specialists customer! The model is an assistant to determine visitors' interests and help them through their business interests and needs. Model hostess or hostess stand. Model which prepares the lungs Snacks, drinks and spreads them on the tables at the stand of the customer. If you want more complex dishes and drinks, you may want to include in the work of our bartenders! Or maybe you want to donate their guests barman show! Model. Model That poses, drawing attention to a booth visitor. Nice to stand and smile is also an art! You can verify this by visiting our advertising agency to audition! Models of body art. Colorful show of body art sure to impress your visitors! Promo model. Staff on professional and external qualities between a promoter and a model. Budget option. On a small stand of optimally use 1-2 models stendistki, a model hostesses and 2 promoters, working outside the booth to attract customers to your booth. How can we strengthen the effect of the model on the stand? For more effective submission models information about your company and services, recommend make promotional form with your company logo in your corporate colors! Model to look like a model on the cover, make-up services are needed to model the most beautiful way. Exhibition costly event and to extract from it the maximum benefit, you can not miss this live view advertising as a model for the exhibition! Models of the exhibition is a guarantee of successful work with visitors at the exhibition! In one article it is impossible cover all the nuances of the models at the show. To be continued! Your advertising agency Worldpromo! When using articles link to our site is obligatory


Gases End

Gases end If you want to refine or if you want to measure the performance of any gas that escapes from ideal behavior will have to resort to the equations of real gases are varied and more complicated the more accurate. Real gases do not expand infinitely, but there would come a time that would not occupy more volume. This is because between the atoms / molecules forces are set fairly small, random changes due to their electrostatic charges, which is called Van der Waals forces. The behavior of a gas generally agree more with the ideal behavior as simple as its chemical formula, the lower its reactivity, a tendency to form bonds. For example, noble gases to be monatomic and have very low reactivity, especially helium, will behave quite close to ideal. We follow the diatomic gases, particularly the lighter hydrogen.Triatomic will be less than ideal as carbon dioxide, the case of water vapor is even worse because the molecule tends to be polar hydrogen bonds to establish what further reduce the ideality. Within the organic gases that have more ideal behavior will be lost idealism methane thickens as the carbon chain. This butane is expected to have a behavior and quite far from the ideal. This is because the larger the main component of the gas particle, the greater the likelihood of collision and interaction between them, a factor that decreases the ideality. Some of these gases can be approximated quite well by ideals equations while in other cases you will need to use real equations often empirically deduced from the adjustment of parameters. Ideality is also lost in extreme conditions, high pressures or low temperatures. Moreover, the mote may increase if we work at low pressures or high temperatures.Also for their chemical stability.


The Power Of Inner Strength

Surely there is a more positive way to meet that need that leads them to seek care so painful. Our body care for our well-being depends largely on how we feel in our body. If we eat properly, do not exercise etc will be very difficult for us to feel good. Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. The acceptance and respect for ourselves necessarily involves the care of our body. Very few people really know what is the best way to eat for them: what kind of food for them, when, as must be cooked … Processed foods, refined sugar, milk, food etc are should avoid in our diets. We think, “but I did not notice anything” really is like pouring a drop of mud in a glass of mud, do not notice anything.

Yet if we take a drop of water in a glass of clean water the effect is overwhelming. Similarly, the human body is made to be in motion and not to spend eight or 10 hours sitting in a chair. Add to your understanding with Nieman Foundation. Let Positive affirmations such claims vigorously looking in a mirror are very positive. As we know our beliefs create our experiences. We choose what to think. Positive affirmations are ways to reprogram our thoughts to more positive and beneficial.

The those with inner strength claims have a powerful impact in our unconscious, are creating new experiences and thinking patterns. The record here is very important. Aceptemonos and at this very moment not wait to have fixed things or change the others to accept you and respect you as you are. The moment of power is always in the present, now. From the moment that we want to ourselves, we attract people who also want and that we want. The goal is unconditional love, and for that we need to start love and accept ourselves. We are not here to please others or to live according to its guidelines. We can only live in our own way and walk our own path.



Immediately like bold red and bold in a warning – "Do not buy expensive gifts." Gift should be assessed differently Decide to begin with, what at this stage of maturity preferences of the child, to what he seeks, that it is the fact that he does not notice, but that he may come in handy like. For example, the girl is very nice dolls drawing on paper, although the lesson of the fine arts are not considered important. But you see, with what pleasure she takes imaginary line dresses for dolls, paints the them. Yes, now there are all sorts of computer game, you can use to "nafantazirovat" any outfit. Only it's not a flight of fancy the girl herself. For more information see this site: Dale Atkins, Ph.D.. Therefore, the best gift in this direction might be the ticket to the fashion show, which will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the famous designer. Looking at the work of creative people, the girl may have arisen own dream to give his talent the world. Another option is a gift – a set painter with beautiful colors and different brushes, a palette and, of course, the easel.

Standing with a brush and paint in front of an easel, a young soul, perhaps, Feel like a true artist and creator. You have to make a gift to the boy? A gift for a teenager of 13-16 years should affect him personally, to indicate that his life interest giver. This means do not give "a decent and appropriate "gift, and choose" on ".



As already said in another Oriss article it means: ORI = mind/BAKES = force. , that is, those that had been very strong. The divinizao of the Orisss is one of the main axles that permeiam the essence of the ethics in the afrobrasileiras religions. For more specific information, check out Boy Scouts of America. According to myths, or Itans, the Orisss, was common people who lived in the old kingdoms of the African center-west. However they had passed for adverse situations of all the types. Boy Scouts of America will not settle for partial explanations. In all the Itans, the Orisss was not divinizaram for its benevolence, charity, pardon, wealth, glory or something seemed. All were after divinizaram to commit a great error.

Or better, after to have the force to recognize and to surpass these errors. The example of the Itan of the divinizao of Ogum where it after becomes a Oriss to decimate all the population of one of its cities. It does not obtain to support size repentance and disappears, being engolido for the land. The thing most important to the son of Oriss, who cultua, loves and transmits the cult, is not the pardon and the charity, but the constant proper overcoming of the errors and defects. With the overcoming of itself exactly; the constant search for improving we ourselves we contribute for a better world, a better humanity.


Concrete Evidence

But progress does not stand still and at the end of the 20th century in many countries around the world, mechanical, electronic taximeters were replaced, thus avoiding the extra noise in the cabin, associated with the mechanical click of a meter. Whenever Kidney Foundation listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The term "taxi" has several theories of origin. One of them says that the "taxi" is derived from the Greek taxein – pay, or from the Greek taxidi – travel, or from the Latin taxare – to consider. Another theory says that the "taxi" is derived from the surname of an Italian family Tassi, who first created an international service in Europe for cargo and passengers. A third theory suggests that "Taxi" was formed from taximetre (count rates).

But each of the theories has no concrete evidence. Once in London in 1907 appeared the first taxi, they appeared in New York. An American businessman Harry N. Allen imported French cars with a taximeter, and then painted them in yellow, in his opinion it is allocated a taxi from the mass transport, and it was easier to see from a distance. According to the Americans, the term "taxi" was invented by this businessman. The story of a taxi can be traced to the 17th century, when the first horse-drawn carriages appeared on the streets of London. In 1625, in London there were only 20, in Paris, they appeared at all in 1637. But it has not prevented the French from the very appearance of the taxi cab and 1932 have a leading position on the use of the streets of London. In the early 19th century, most taxi drivers prefer to use the lighter French Two-wheeled gigs, but since the early 20th century, the most popular brand was a car "CEB YNIK French production, with the private carters rented cars from people who have a fleet of vehicles. In 1958, the British company LTI managed to produce a car that ousted French taxis with leading positions, they became the Austin FX4.


Flight Delays – Claims For Compensation

It comes to a long flight delay, it is entitled to compensation. Hear from experts in the field like Children’s Defense Fund for a more varied view. The journey into the holidays bring above all rest and relaxation from everyday life. But even if the trip is carefully planned and organized, it has no real influence on some things. So, staying at the airport can bring already more stress than it has wished for the entire vacation. How should you respond for example if you get problems with the continuation of the journey by the flight delay? Flight delays are piling up enforce rights especially when traveling to distant destinations, it is normal that you put a stop at another airport in the world. In some cases, postings are designed to have only an hour, or even less time, before the next flight in the direction of the destination. The first flight at the airport is now delayed, could the problem get, that you can’t get connection to the stopover. The consequences can be quite different.

If the tourists are lucky,. will he get another flight and arrive a little later at the finish. With luck it will happen but, you must stay at the stopover to get the flight until the next day. Ken Cron is the source for more interesting facts. This brings not only the cost for an overnight stay at the stopover itself, but also the ultimate goal. It could be for example that the hotel newly gives the room or other costs for transit on the vacationers come to. Now, it is important that you know about its own passenger rights know and they can also impose the airline. Here, the right contact partner for enforcing the rights can be mainly a travel law attorney. With a travel law, law on compensation insist the airline has a duty for it to ensure that all flights departing on time or at least compensation for the case will be paid out.

The practice and experience of many passengers have however proved that the companies are showing here, not always so cooperative, as it it is would want. It is therefore important to enforce the own right with the help of a lawyer, to end all costs refunded and one to get compensation. A travel law attorney can help travellers, to enforce such rights against the airlines. After a short consultation on the own case, all necessary steps will be initiated so that the airline must deal with the rights and demands of tourists. This leads at the end to compensate for the stress caused by the delay, at least with a little money. You can use this then hopefully for a relaxing holiday.