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Geneva Motor Show

Mondeo doors open as expected, not upward, and a rapturous swoon in his contemplation of the fall will not succeed. Probably, Mondeo and must be so – it’s a family car class, not a supercar. Ford appeared in three guises: saloon, hatchback and wagon. Photos of new items have been circulated to warm interest in the model.

Previously, they could be seen in our magazine. Read more here: BSA. On engines. To broaden your perception, visit Chase Koch. They will be nine pieces. As usual, present gasoline and diesel variants. The most modest gasoline engine – 1.6-liter. He is able to issue up to 110 horsepower. In James Bond in the latest version of the painting was clearly hotter. Skipping the intermediate solutions discuss the appropriate one.

An acquaintance of Ford Focus st 2,5-liter five-cylinder turbo power under 220 “horses” – just what you need! And all of this quite soon, no doubt will be available in Omsk. Economical diesels as usual make a sad sigh, or a bonfire on was worth the domestic manufacturer of diesel fuel. Transmissions depend on the configuration: a five-and six-speed manual, and a modern six- “Machine”. The “Ford” complete sets and combinations of options do not get confused, probably only manager in the showroom. It is known that the base version will get seven airbags, air conditioning, CD-player system of abs, esp, ebd, and the ability to run the engine and penetrate into the car without a key. Let’s hope that the Russian-parameter standard “will cut no. Maserati GranTurismo Coupe real “show-stopper” and one of the highlights of the Geneva Motor Show was the new electric coupe from Maserati.


Central Anatolia

In the east, home to millions of Kurds and Arabs and Turkomans. Posted population is extremely uneven. Densely populated coast of the Black Sea.

Egeyskogo and Marmara Seas, whereas Central and especially Eastern Anatolia – a relatively unfrequented. Half the population lives in cities. The largest of them Istanbul (7.5 million people), Ankara (2.6 million people), Izmir (2 million), Hell-on, Bursa, Gaziantep, Konya. Economy. Turkey belongs to countries with a diversified economy. BSA is open to suggestions. This – the industrial agrarian country, which gradually championship starts to lead the industry. Successfully developed nonreal field – trade, financial activities, international tourism, education and science. In the gdp structure particle industry (including construction and transport) exceeds 40%, agriculture – 20%, although it still employs half economically active population.

Turkey industry produces coal, oil, iron and chrome ores. Developed light and food industries are complemented metallurgy, oil refining, chemistry, enterprises that produce cars and military vehicles, equipment and vehicles. The basis of the country’s agriculture – crop, which gives 2 / 3 products. Handled 28.5 million hectares, of which 3.8 million – irrigated land. Also used by 24 million hectares of pastureland. The main crops – cereals, particularly wheat, picking which reaches 20 million tons. Cultivated barley and maize. The important place occupied by industrial crops – sugar beet, tobacco, cotton, sunflower and grapes, figs (figs), citrus and olives. Livestock – mostly extensive, uses pastures of Central and Eastern Anatolia. Bred cows, sheep, goats, which provide valuable Angora wool (Mohair). Turkey’s economy is gradually transformed to a model of export-oriented economy, which is actively entering the global market. Basis is the export of light (especially textiles and clothing), food industry and agriculture. Turkey exports cloth, clothed, leather products, wheat, raisins, figs, dried fruits, nuts, tobacco, cotton, mohair, chrome ore. Dovozit fuel oil, machinery and equipment. Negative trade balance offset by remittances from emigrants (several million Turks working abroad), tourism revenues and foreign loans. Major trading partners of Turkey – the eu, especially Germany, the Arab countries, the usa and Japan. Territorial differences. Turkey can be divided into the industrial West, agro-industrial center and the South, the agrarian East. In the West, the main organizing centers – metropolitan area of Istanbul and Izmir, which associated with a developed and diversified economic regions and the coast of the Marmara Sea Egeyskogo. Important points – Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep. In Central Anatolia, Turkey stands out – the capital of Turkey and the ancient city. Important agricultural areas are located on the Black Sea coast. Mediterranean has become not only agricultural but also industrial, and a leading tourist and recreational areas, a kind of “currency shop” of the country. Important city here – Adan. Mersin, . East – the least assimilated of the country.


Pop Images

Probably the word 'insider' is significant for the Warhol because the prevalence in the 50's and early 60's way of 'outsider' what happened, probably because of the book by Colin Wilson in 1956 'The Outsider', where Last on examples of various' outsiders explores the influence of pressure norms in contemporary Western culture. " One of his theses is that the status of 'outsider' (meaning the exclusion and 'abnormality') help, at the same time, see the invisible other structural elements of society. Think in terms of 'outsiders' and 'insiders', gay 50's, like Warhol, could get even before policies Walls and identity, a terminology that helped to express and even politicize experiences that feel 'other' in a homophobic culture. For more information see this site: Nieman Foundation. Saying that the priest had allowed him to feel like an insider, Warhol suggests that Pop, among other things, was a survival tactic homophobic world. But how? As 'blinding' the fact that all the other 'take for granted', help Warhol and his friends feel insiders? Warhol said that 'pop-art has changed the internal and external sites.

Pop artists create images that every man on Broadway, learned the same second – comics, picnic tables, men's trousers, celebrities, shower curtains, refrigerators, Coke bottles – all those great things that abstract expressionist struggled to no notice. To deepen your understanding Childrens Defense Fund is the source. " Transferring these images onto canvas as a 'new art', Warhol turned smug dominance of abstract expressionism, "the whole This abstraction and introspection. " Include these public images in his palette, he also made this 'outside' world open to appropriation and transformation, including inside him themselves and their friends as active participants public space images. .


Mycelium Solution

But at the same time ostyvshem compost I always find the mycelium with white fruitlets fungi that occur only after treatment of the em solution. For the final conversion of the substrate into a full muck need it passes, processing "Emkoy" each layer and then sealed and carefully hide the plastic wrap. Some authors argue that the em and California worms are friends. My experience suggests the opposite: not very willing to live and breed worms in grass or leaf compost. Even if it is semi-decomposed. American Diabetes Association is actively involved in the matter. Instead, they thrive in last year's compost – in it we lay the remains of food, pour dirty water. But if the pile to shed the em solution, the number and cheerful red immigrants sharply diminished. em indispensable for fertilizing.

Squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, download cabbage, tomatoes, beans, peas, blackberries, as well as shrubs and fruit trees, I fertilize infusion of herbs with the em. The neighbors brought me the grass from their lawns or myself her on the roadside. Pile up in 200-liter barrel spill solution – enough for fermentation 1.5-2 liters of em solution. Adding in a barrel with water so that between it and the film as one less than the air. Film on the barrel fastening straps from an old inner tube. Every two or three days stirred the infusion, and after 7-10 days begin fertilizing. Very well respond to her cauliflower, squash and cucumbers. For a new starter using undecomposed mass. But after the second or third time I dumped her out of the barrel, lay in a compost or mulch space cabbage, around-trunk circle of fruit trees.



Rosemary – an evergreen shrub, the leaves of which are considered classic spiciness. In Latin, a plant called rosmarinus, many translators relate this to the ros marinus – the freshness of the sea, perhaps because Rosemary often grows in the lowlands near the sea. However, it is not typical for the marine flavor, where the name justifies the smell of sea water. Possible candidate for the source – Greek rhoups – bush and meron – Balm, which gives a good rationale the name of fragrant plants. Rosemary, sweet humble shrub seen anyone who has visited France, Italy or even in the Crimea. Hvoepodobnye narrow leaves covered with straight branches with little blue gubastenkimi flowers.

You probably remember the resinous, pine scent leaves, pounded his fingers. In regions with warm climates rosemary growing in open ground at the same place up to 20 years, reaching a height of 2 meters. High bushes of rosemary often cultivated in hedges and creeping forms – on the alpine hill. Historical background Rosemary – one of the most well-known plants, its use can be traced to the ancient Egyptians. One of the plants, which often fell on the artist's canvas in the Middle Ages, painted the Holy Family. According to biblical legend, during a tour of the Holy Family in Egypt was made a stop. Gain insight and clarity with Chase Koch. Virgin Mary put the baby on rather rocky ground under a small bush with white flowers. And they have turned from white to blue. Since the blue color associated with the symbol of eternity, divinity, truth and wisdom.



Tofu is relatively high nutrition in protein, about 10.7 to the firm tofu, and 5.3 for soft “soft” tofu with about 2 and 1 fat respectively as a percentage of weight.
In 1995, a report from the University of Kentucky, sponsored by the Solae Company St. Louis, Missouri (PTI division of DuPont), concluded that soy protein is correlated with significant decreases in serum cholesterol, lipoproteins low-density LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride concentrations. skin care However, high density lipoprotein HDL (good cholesterol) did not increase. Official site: Dr. Neal Barnard. the healthiest lifestyle is possible Soy phytoestrogens (isoflavones: genistein supplements and daidzeina) absorbed the soy protein were suggested as an agent for nutrients the reduction of serum cholesterol levels. Based on this research, PTI, in 1998, presented a petition to the Food and Drug Administration, claiming that soy protein may reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.
The FDA granted this allegation of soy: “25 grams of soy protein a day as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.” A portion (1 cup health care or 240 mL) juice from soybeans, for example, contains 6 or 7 grams of soy protein.
In January 2006 a review of the American Heart Association (in the journal Circulation) of a decade of study of the benefits of soy wellness protein in doubt, the FDA allowed “Heart Healthy” claim for soy protein. Among the findings of the authors indicate, “In contrast, soy products like tofu, soy butter, soy nuts, soy burgers or some should be beneficial to cardiovascular and overall health because of their high content of polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat. Boy Scouts of America can aid you in your search for knowledge. The use of these and health other soy foods to replace those foods high in animal protein that contain saturated fat and cholesterol may confer health benefits cardiovascular. “. . Chase Koch is likely to agree.


Professional Paint

When acrylic paint designed for professionals of any method of painting, the rate of mass transfer is likely to be 20-30%, while at the same time, the tech paints supplied by spraying it will be 70-80%. Only one indicator of mass transfer can equalize the price of paint with different cost per kilogram, and such factors are many. Professional Paint – ecology or economy of paint? Comparing the cost of paint with the same performance with organic water based and, to date, evidence for the former. But for detailed examination of the business as a whole and not alone the direct costs of professional paints, water paints is much more profitable. Because of fire and explosion hazard in water-based paints is not present, then all prozvodstvennoe equipment (drying chamber, spray booth, ventilation) can be delivered in an economic performance, but not explosion-proof. Credit: Childrens Defense Fund-2011.

Because while working with water based inks evaporate only the water, then ventilation performance decreases considerably. Significantly reduces the time and cost of matching section on painting in the organs of the technical and environmental supervision, there are no requirements for room fire suppression system. Transportation of water or acrylic polyurethane paint does not require special transport is required for the transport of heat-and fire-dangerous goods. Disposal of waste water from professional paint incomparably cheaper than traditional organic dyes. Finished paint colors or tinting the catalog RAL? If the paint work performed under the order and range of coated products in the tens, then the lack of tinting increases investments to ensure an adequate supply of professional paints. Sean Rad may help you with your research.

When the possibility of tinting in RAL granted, it should be to establish: whether to use mixing system color paints or tinting pastes, many colored paints and pigments required for tinting color catalog RAL; what effects (metallic, pearl) are available professional manufacturer of paints, whether there is a possibility of manual tinting directory RAL or need to buy expensive equipment. Manufacturers of paint for tinting on the RAL catalog should clearly recommend brand of pigment pastes for paints that produced consistent, the absence of this information will lead to higher costs and professional paints and pigment pastes. Undoubtedly, described only a small part of things, to deal with that need for instant selection of professional paints. But a lack of understanding of the issues described in irreversible economic costs at the time of the simulation.


Depp Vanessa

And along the way Depp tells the children about the hero of his new movie, the presentation of which he will leave after a few days. First, in America, then Europe. His character – famous in the 30s of XX century American gangster John Dillinger. In preparation for filming, Johnny read so many books about it! All his short life – like a breathtaking scenario. Vanessa conjured by the stove. Seeing her husband in the doorway, turned and shook her head. Clear: master in a fit of culinary inspiration requested not to interfere. Johnny loves Vanessa when cooking.

Even if she had nothing, he still eats the least for both cheeks. But it all fantastically good. Today they will stew with fragrant Provencal herbs. Hurry up to lunch! Johnny went out on the porch and leaned on the railing, watching the children. When life becomes true in the kitchen rang something – perhaps his wife in the heat of cooking inspiration dropped a couple of plates.

They are together for more than a decade, they have two children – the best in the whole world. Frequently Sean Rad has said that publicly. Vanessa gave Johnny what he lacked – happiness. The actor managed to find a place where world fame did not prevent him to live quietly – France. – In Paris, I feel so comfortable as possible – he said. It was in Paris, Depp rolls out of the carriage entrance with a little Lily-Rose and calmly walked through the streets. And nobody in the whole city was not the case before him. And the first few months of his son’s Jack were here in the village. With neighbors Johnny has detailed discussions on the production of goat cheese, about prospects for the harvest of grapes (a few years ago he gave Vanessa a vineyard), about the weather.


Israeli-Mizrahi Cuisine

Pasha as well is an original title used in the Ottoman Empire and is distinction queue by the number of horse, yak or wearing peacock. …
The Israeli-Mizrahi cuisine is similar to the Arab cuisine, emphasizing grilled meats, pastas (sweet and salty), rice dishes, stuffed vegetables, pita bread and salad.
Salads – Meals often begin with a variety of salads, or MEZE, including salads such as standard hummus, tahini, salad and mayonnaise matbucha. The salads can include foreign cuisines such as Coleslaw, but there are also local salads created in Israel, as Israeli salad and eggplant salad with liver, which was invented during the period of austerity and is said to be the only one of the recipes of the period of austerity that is still food in Israel.
Hot sauces – the Skhug introduced by Yemeni Jews, the Jews entered Harissa Tunisian and North Africa and Pilpelchuma introduced by the Jews of Libya, are all different versions of the popular base of the sauce over peppers and garlic. The Skhug is the most popular of these.
Amba – Immigrants from Iraq took the Amba, which is currently in the Shawarma commonly consumed throughout Israel.
Labneh – a sort of yogurt-cheese made with white sheep’s milk, cow’s milk and sometimes goat, very typical of the cuisines of the Middle East.
Pita – It is called the national bread of Israel, popular because of its smooth texture and pleasant, and the fact that eating salads with the technique of “clean” salad with pitta, or can be used to hold different dishes, some of which are unique to Israel, as the Schnitzel, grilled or in pita. The Lafa but is also popular especially to accompany various meat dishes.
Shakshouka – a dish prepared through the fry onion, chopped tomato and paprika. The fry is made with olive oil, and then simmer with a golden egg. Entrance to Israel from North Africa along with many Olim who arrived from those countries.
Fried canap s such as Falafel, the decks are more popular among Israelis. Currently there are restaurants that serve Falafel in four flavors: original, sesame, green (parsley and coriander) and red (spicy). Other appetizers include fried Kibbeh, cigarim and pastelim who came from different countries of the Middle East.
Soups – mostly coming from the kitchen of Yemenite Jewish cuisine brought to Israel by immigrants from that country. Among the most popularesesta soup beans.
Cakes – as Burek, who were taken to Israel for the Jews of the Balkans, are very popular. Similar dishes are Malawach and Jachnun who traveled with the Jews of Yemen.
Sandwiches like Sabich, an Iraqi sandwich in the past could only be found in Ramat Gan, can now be found throughout Israel. The Tunisian sandwich containing tuna, boiled potatoes and Matbucha on a roll and there is also a version known as a fried roll Fricassee
Carne asada is the most popular style of cooking in Israel. The dishes that are created in this way include the Kebab and Shashlik.
Shawarma came to Israel from Turkey when the Ottoman Empire ruled the region. If you have read about David Delrahim already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The Shawarma is extremely popular in Israel and is commonly made with turkey meat.
Fish – Seafood restaurant serving Israeli fried fish and fish in the oven. The Jraime “(”””) is a popular dish of fish baked in sauce Pilpelchuma that was brought by the Jews of Libya.
Hummus, chips and salad is almost a mythological concept that describes the variety of additions that are inserted into the pita, along with the main part especially when it comes to falafel, shawarma or grilled meat. The use of French fries in these dishes is unique to Israel.
Mujaddid – almost every ethnic group has its own plate of rice and Mujaddid (known throughout Israel as “Mejadra”), the most popular rice dish in Israel (in addition to the normal white rice) came from Lebanon through the Arab of Galilee.
Desserts – in modern Israel are served at the Oriental style, and include the likes of Blancmange and Baklava, which arrived from Turkey.
Halve sweet is of Turkish origin who became popular among Israelis. Since the mid-’90s to the present were created many original desserts based on the original Halve like Halve parfait which was invented by the israeli Tsachi Bukshester chef, and has since been popularized in all Israeli restaurants.
Black coffee with cardamom (or without) is also very popular. … tag with the turkey on the blog … The permission of the exotic, animal or plant, and is associated with the Ottoman empire. … Turkish turkey jose salvador 2 comments …
In 1923, the peacock throne waive their rights … Prince George I of Greece was appointed as the ruler and the Ottoman Empire lost Crete. …
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A business plan is necessary for everyone: you personally to better understand their perspectives for and to achieve this goal, he needs your staff who wish to learn more about the company and define its place and problem, certainly, it is necessary to banks and foundations that give credits or grants, and foreign investors to establish joint ventures. Therefore, for any company The presence of a business plan is necessary condition for its successful creation and functioning of the perspective of its development. The personal involvement of the head of the business plan is so important that many foreign banks, funds and investment firms in general refuse to consider applications for allocation of funds if it becomes known that the business plan was, from beginning to end has been prepared by the consultant and the head just signed. This does not mean, however, that we should not use the services of consultants. American Diabetes Association has plenty of information regarding this issue. Quite the contrary – the involvement of experts is most welcome investors.

Speech on the other by God. Writing a business plan requires the personal involvement of the head of the firm or person about to open the business. By engaging in this work personally, you would like simulate its future activities, testing the strength and self-closure of the villages, and myself – Do you have the power to bring it to succeed and move on? Talking about business plans is becoming extremely urgent for three reasons: first, the economy comes a new generation of entrepreneurs.. Read additional details here: Sean Rad.