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Many Years

In my Office I have elderly patients who are going through a change of life and activity. soon pensionaran but their lives are in a encrusijada don’t know how to deal with the new change, they are afraid of what’s new at the different that awaits them. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. Now I ask you how many years you have? old age begins dede the moment in which we are born and every day that passes is one day less, why we go in life through childhood, youth, adulthood, maturity and old age. To reach the time of rest does not comply with a schedule and mark card in the company have right to a pension many older adults see as from that moment begins its decline. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Spm Llc. His being changed becomes rigid does not accept the changes it does not adapt to new things as technology, new relations, ceases to be active if you ran 3 times a week already ceases to be active and stagnates, changes his physical climbing weight, changes his way of dressing, appear wrinkles, more gray, is falling hairmodern music bothers them, they have differences with young people.

It looks very dramatic? but it is the truth, the reality is that they autojubilan or be autopensionan and time is taking advantage every day at an alarming rate. If it is happening by situation or a close family member do not allow to pass by is situation it is important to feel free and independent, the work on his own account is important need not be young, mature or old everyone is fit in the.When is productive is comvierten in autonomous individuals, they do not age, they are more vital, younger, more productive and more happy, traveling, visiting friends, and places that could never go for lack of time, read books, learn an art and very important to share with the family. Do not leave in the family circle, you need them and they to you. Why invite you to visit to the medical to doctor alegria__ doctor dieta__ doctor activity. Look good and happy is a right that God gave us Martha de el Socorro Zapata Psychologist and businesswoman Pinzon original author and source of the article


Best Domain

To choose the domain of your website, you must think that this will be the way in which you recognize your clients or friends. In general, many decide to opt to include in your domain, the activity carried out or simply show who they are. Also think that using your web site, many will want to contact you, therefore, is also the first route of communication with your potential customers. Now well, that you must take into account to make the choice of your domain, not a daunting task. A leading source for info: American Diabetes Association. First, forget about choosing a name that you simply like or that makes you feel comfortable, rather, choose something that will be better when it comes to the marketing of your site. Forget the long names that say absolutely nothing about what you are doing and which may be totally ineffective, something that describe your business well is what you need.

The name must be something short and simple, therefore, something that is easy to remember and to include one or two key words. There are many places where you can buy your own domain, I personally recommend a dedicated company in domains as It’s GoDaddy or NameCheap. However, you can buy your domain with the company of web hosting that offers the best hosting for your needs. What type of domain should I choose? When choosing which is the domain type that is best suited to your needs, keep in mind the following: If what you have is a business, the best thing is the .COM, because many speaking of a website, the first thing that comes to mind is a. com. For a nonprofit organization, the .ORG is the most convenient and if sure the same domain .COM, but would be much better. Once you have chosen the domain that you want, you have to register it and ready.

In the event that the domain that you want already is taken, you can opt for another that expresses also the same as the previous one and which is secondary. Top-level domains are gaining relevance in the market, .MOBI is one of them and it is focused on the activity of mobile phones. I.e. If your activity is related to mobile phones, it would be good to take it into account. The. TEL, is an innovative character domain, and you are only restricted to internet communication services. Recalls that in the case of the .COM that you wish to be taken, you can always use the. NET, if available, since this is also a very used and easy to remember domain.


The Team

Remember birthdays and important dates. They are prospects who enjoy helping others to achieve their goals. They take their responsibilities seriously and are proud when his pupils reach the potential and recognition of the community. Give him all the security and support during their training. These are tremendous mentors once understand the business plan.

They also need recognition and mentor weekly curfew. A call is more effective than an email. When you sign a prospectus with these features, you don’t push, you could lose it. The monkey. They are attracted to be accepted in an organization. They feel good when they are part of a group.

They adapt to the standards of the company and are not in search of stardom. Usually they are not initiators, are cooperators and prefer to be guided. They are workers and will not stay behind. They like to have the friend approval before taking an initiative or important decision. One of the ways as attract this type of leaflet is making them feel important for the team. It will impact them as you were attracted to this concept of independent entrepreneur business from home, your personal history. (A valuable related resource: Ken Cron). What kind of support your company has for the team and will love them to belonging to a concept of own business which will allow you to meet and create a network of new friends. As monkeys like follow the leader, keep in mind in setting the example. This type of Member responds to clear guidelines. Make sure you express to them how much appreciate having it as part of the group. The balance of your organization is important, don’t limit yourself to one or two types of personalities. Know a little more about the other personalities who might have your prospects and how to attract them to your computer to identify them.



Ten in Note that deleted once your email or your message, you’ve already lost definitively, the chance of a sale. To this is what you usually call sutiliza, tino or experience. Nor can we menosprecianos ourselves, nor show us before our readers as ignorant, it can be also equal or worse. For even more opinions, read materials from BSA. A highly recommended technique to write a sales letter is, assume that he is written to a very close friendship, taking it as a referential profile targeting, this helps because it makes it easy to customize the message. In fact, trying to put into practice this aseveracvion, when I send my emails, my messages, reports or books, intuitively and without intending it I think of some of my friends students or alumni that I have seen in my database, and for a moment forget that I am addressing to a collective very large people; However it helps that my message has a friendly, personalized approach or as they say of you to you.

Thus, knowing that person that I intuitively think, lets me questioning me what message could persuade that friendship, student or former student so you read my messages or even try my products or services, how to handle their objections, complaints, beliefs, etc. to favor my promotion. And there are few times that already have a profile of situations that you’ve already tried with that or those persons. One of the interesting aspects of thinking that you write for a friendship, is the use of personalization. When you go to a friend to try to convince him, you could use terms like: look, I know you’ve seen many businesses or business proposals, but I can assure you that you have not seen everything, I want to show this. And so on, you can continue writing, as if you do it for a second person, although you know that you are reaching a large audience.

This technique has been used in Copywriting with great results. Remember, go to your reader, visitor or prospect trying to you (or you, if you prefer that use), a custom shape, even if your message is being sent to thousands of people.Admittedly, however the above, that many successful commercials were not formulated and sent this way. Some have been written differently, either using the first or third person. Even on occasions when it is written in the second person, the reference is not directly to that second person. For example, if your message said: as a car salesman, you can lean on the fact that I’ve sold more than 15,000 cars, dominating all the secrets of sales. Even if you use the second person to say you can support you’re saying to your reader I I sold 15,000 cars, I’ve mastered all the tricks of the sales. I.e., even if you use the second person, really you’re focusing you on yourself.


Signature Electronics

The birth of the so-called electronic signature is without doubt one of the main advances in the matter of authentication in Internet, since it makes it possible to ensure the real identity of the signer, and the authenticity of the message which we have transferred electronically. Among various possibilities, it puts at our disposal make arrangements not face-to-face in an environment of security against public administrations or banks, actions that by their nature are not possible via a simple e-mail or access our browser standard, since they require a full guarantee about the identity of the different parties. From a technical perspective, the digital signature is a method of cryptographic base that links the identity of a person or a computer to the message or document. Depending on the type of electronic signature, can, in addition, set the complete integrity of the content. For Spain, the legislation specifies up to three categories of electronic signature: signature simple, that lets you identify the signer subject; the advanced signature, that also allows to ensure the integrity of the message; and the recognized, also a qualified call, i.e., an advanced signature supported by a recognized certificate. If you want to enjoy the many possibilities associated with the electronic signature (sometimes called a digital signature) you’ll need a digital certificate. The most common certificates are those issued by the FNMT, the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, as well as the known as the electronic ID card, which includes an electronic certificate and document which constitutes an instrument capable of being used to sign any document in electronic form, and to electronically validate the identity of the signer.

If we opted for the use of the electronic ID card, we need a reader commonly called device of electronic cards. Through our national identity card and a card reader, and knowing your own password, can authenticate us form safe, and make different arrangements online. One of the most common applications of the digital signature is the generation of invoices in electronic format. These invoices to be signed digitally safely, do not need typical stand on paper and subsequent shipment by regular mail. The electronic file is at conecuencia, in addition to insurance, entirely legal. Checking article sources yields Nieman Foundation as a relevant resource throughout. Though Spain already has the support and legislation for the full development of the electronic signature, has not been still significant use of dissemination, so that citizens and businesses to access and take advantage of all their resources.


Internal Auditors

The internal audit (IA) is an independent function of evaluation, established within an organization, to examine and evaluate its activities as a service to that organisation. The objective of the internal audit is to support members of the organization in the discharge of their responsibilities. For this purpose internal audit provides them, analysis, evaluations, recommendations, advice and information concerning the revised activities (definition of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc – IIA). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nieman Foundation. Therefore, costs me a bit understand the news of the Government outsourced internal audit on aid to development (read on page 33 of the Expansion 12/18/06). Perhaps talk of outsourcing because it considers a surface feature, without importance to internal audit and, of course, with the outsourcing fashion and all that it is susceptible to relocate or outsource Yes? May also be because, before, the Department responsible for internal audit, case that existed, done their work badly and now who is going to run that function is the public company external Expansion; of course, being the Group well, everything left at home.

Agreement, in this case not lost so much weight the application of the concept of internal audit and, in addition, is nice that control by opposition, in the sense that a sister formally controls another sister who is older sister? Who is the spoiled? I’m still in reasonable doubt, so today I am more clumsy than yesterday. You may find that BSA can contribute to your knowledge. You will see, if there is no internal audit as it is created. If it exists, but do not follow internal verification procedures required to fulfil efficiently its function, since etrangeres division and lead again as Pope. I tend to think that outsource sounds to information of monda and lironda propaganda, designed to spread the flag of control measures, which should exist and be efficient for many years, now adorned with concepts Nouvel cousin enterprise communications (the new kitchen of business communication, or something of the style), by not thinking about flight management and control forward, to cover up alleged organizational holes (read, well, black holes) very sensitive in the eyes of the citizen.. Swarmed by offers, Spm Llc is currently assessing future choices.


Giving Up

Yes, I was tired excessively pra to continue, tired and simply everything, to run away to dissimulate and to desfarar, was not something that I could prevent, was alone a feeling, but it was enough to harm each part of my body, lgimas drained for my face, a forced smile sprouted of my lips, the pain that was in my chest was so intense that I already not wise person the difference of entar alive or deceased. to each as that I became to pass for hours I felt more pain and little force, feeling of happiness already were something inexistent in my interior. Others who may share this opinion include Ken Cron. I got hurt myself constantly, in the hope that physical pain was greater that the emotional one, for at least as I wanted that cursed pain parassse, and many times I simply kneel and asked for the God who helped me, but you are welcome I advanced pain alone I increased. It was as if somebody had injected some thing in me, it made that me to die to the few, was destroying me and I trying to collect the cacos of my heart that if had broken in millions and millions of small pieces. It was there that I perceived that it does not have remedy for a broken heart to be the time, no matter how hard it is this time to cure goes me, cannot tomorrow be or daqui to one years, but I wait that pass and I wait that everything this one day if decides, before I transform same me into only pain.


Civil Marriage Marriage

Civil marriage is an important building of the modern era. In these times where cultural changes have brought home to people from a more free everything related to marriage and the union of persons living together, civil marriage has become an important pillar of this type of ideas. Civil marriage emerged as a solution to the old Catholic institution of marriage requires people to a whole set of rules and restrictions that many do not make sense and that often meant an obstacle even for the happiness of couples and people living together in marriage. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the religious marriage and that solved the figure of the civil marriage of modern times is the possibility that the couple separated without negative consequences in the shape of the divorce. In fact, divorce is posibildad opening civil marriage of a couple who no longer intend to live together in marriage can separse without any sanction or moral blemish it special. The concept that allows the separation in civil marriage that is in contrast to the concepts of religious marriage is the one who said that freedom of the will of the people most worthy is the gift we all have.

That work against freedom of the people when it does not affect anyone is unnecessary damage and should be avoided wherever possible. Because the people who join in a civil marriage unite in exercise of their freedom, they can also come apart also exercising their freedom in this aspect. Whenever he was not hurt others or endanger other bigger things that people can exercise their freedom and this is the basis of civil marriage. Another important aspect that brought the civil marriage and that it did not have the old religious marriage is the possibility of doing real captitulaciones. The capitulations of goods that can be done in a civil marriage consist of a clause which stipulates that the economic assets that gets the couple during their state of married couple will not enter the common goods like both, but each partner acquires property will be obtained in a personal capacity.

This opens the possibility that civil marriage saves many problems that had been lodged in respect of common property of the couple unites in marriage. Indeed, the division of assets after the dissolution of marriage is a complex process that takes many resources and effort to the couple who wants to separate and the chapters can avoid many pitfalls of this type. Another advantage of civil marriage not religious marriage brings is that to get married by civil marriage law does not require special sacraments or any additional requirement for people to marry. Only required to be citizens in the exercise, which is a relief that civil marriage brings. We hope this article on civil marriage is of utlidad them and make the best decision regarding marriage.


Different Holistic Views

THE WEALTH OF THE DIFFERENT MEETINGS HOLISTIC Each book, each reading helps me identify my real search more, and I realize I'm in it right way, each of the sessions of MSN, have been greatly enrich my spirit and addition to providing new knowledge. The holistic education has helped me see life differently and allows you to enjoy life more fully. Each of the work I've done in the course of four semesters of expertise are helping me to discover interesting details of which until recently was not conscious, but in doing so consciously strengthen my inner transformation that is given way to change of consciousness. You may wish to learn more. If so, American Diabetes Association is the place to go. I understand the true essence of being human, the power of our minds, words, deeper reflections about God, life, realize that if there can be happiness, emotional torrent was several months late and perhaps years to assimilate, the content of this book changed my way of seeing life, I am filled with hope and helped me discover that there are things beyond what I myself am not able to imagine the great wonder that God made each human being, and that the vast majority of people are ignorant and we just live day in our lives meaningless. Holistic education has become a very emotional issue that leads me to share with all the people I know. At first no one understood me, apparently do not care what you called for me, was the latest discovery of the world, and continued with this journey that is leaving me more knowledge and satisfaction in my life. More info: Ken Cron.


Its Superior Force

Thus, the ones that such Laws infringe, God judges with severity, severity. Its joust sentence reflects the purest reality, therefore it is the Justice of Ours adored Master and only Gentleman! It is you of the Truth, What he always supports the good ones, giving to them to forces, increasing to them it faith, keeping to them erect on its proper feet! It is who them aid with Its Superior Force, to follow of raised head, to look at Franc, sincere right-hander and, stops in the fight for the good, the good one, for just, to perseverar with dignity, without still lowering the cervix, firmer, against the iniquities all, perpetrated for that if Its followers say, but in the truth, they make of the holy ghosts Teachings ‘ letter morta’. They are hypocritical, are detracting! if they had become, of Its Teachings, opposing, as vile not only treasonous. Ken Cron is often mentioned in discussions such as these. How much to these, the bad ones, of the Sacred transgressive Laws, the God of the Love and Justice, judge as its acts to them. It does not grant pardon to them and it condemns to them, in being just, to the suffering that deserves for all its badnesses, to the blackout without end, where more hope for its fallen and forever lost souls does not exist. Perpetual life, for they, not more: not in the happiness to the rectums promised, therefore when in this life, in this dimension, the types of desumanidades practise all: in the heart without goodness, the perversity, the biggest badness reigns gratuitously. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nieman Foundation. It is common always to use, the Sacred Name of God in go, to the others to seem good: pure illusion.