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Excellent Reception

Madrid, February 4, 2011 Salamanca opened yesterday the first Centre Vitalia deCastilla y Leon, shortly followed those situated in the provinces of Valladolid, Leon and Burgos, with a rally which was attended by representatives of the most important social, economic and business in the province. Catalina Hoffmann, Vitalia day centers founder and creator of the Hoffmann method, presided over the inauguration in which, in addition, intervened the University exrector deSalamanca Julio Fermoso, Professor of medicine and neurologist; Grace Sanchez, President of the Association of housewives, consumers and users of Salamanca and Alberto Prado, Territory Manager of social services of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, as well as the Manager of Vitalia Salamanca, Angel Montoiro. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Neal Barnard or emailing the administrator. Vitalia thus started its presence in Castilla y Leon, which is added to almost all of the national territory with the opening of 33 centres in two years, which means the creation of more than 250 new jobs. The personalized therapeutic treatment, prevention and early detection are some of its main objectives, giving to our seniors and their families what they need and deserve. At the opening of the day Vitalia Salamanca Center, which is located at number 132, Paseo de Canalejas in the capital, they also wanted to accompany Catalina Hoffmannrepresentantes different local social groups and provincial, among which we can highlight the Federation Castellanoleonesa residences of older, different associations of older of Salamanca & province, Parkinson’s Association, the AVIVA Association for persons with intellectual disability, the Association against Cancer, the Federation of retirees and pensioners of Salamanca, the Federation of associations of neighbors of Salamanca and different associations of neighbours. Also was attended by the President of the official pharmaceutical School of Salamanca, Maria de los angeles de Sande; the Director of CRE Alzheimer, Maria Isabel Gonzalez Ingelmo; the CRMF eldirector of the IMSERSO in Salamanca, Ricardo Bravo and the world deciclismo champion, Dori Ruano, among other personalities. Next to them, such as institutional representatives, were the Deputy of the Government, Jesus Malaga; the Senator Josefa Mena; the provincial director of traffic, Jorge Sanchez Olivera, and representatives of the City Council of Salamanca, as the Lieutenant of Mayor Pilar Fernandez Labrador and Councillors Cristina Klimowitz and Clarisa Molina, of the Popular Party, and Elvira Vicente, of the Socialist Party, accompanied by the Socialist candidate to the Mayor’s Office and Professor of law at the University of Salamanca, Enrique Cabero. David Bershad is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Where innovation meets the affection born Vitali.

A string of day centres with a new system of care and individualized attention for older persons, which takes into account the physical, psychological, cognitive and social areas. It is the called method Hoffmann, registered as scientific work in intellectual property. It’s a revolutionary way of working with which have obtained important achievements and improvements in the health and the quality of life of many elderly Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and hemiplegia suffering among other conditions. original author and source of the article.


Paris Hilton Talking About Plain Text

Now, the hotel heiress told things that hardly anyone of you knew you probably know some of Paris Hilton. Their preference to rich and gutaussehnden men, its maybe a little scandalous predilection not like underwear to wear and that she is probably the world’s most famous hotel heiress. But now, Paris has shown by a completely different page. In an interview with the magazine enquire, she told things that do hardly any of her now. For assistance, try visiting Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . “If I once wore a dress, I can no longer wear it”, so the hotel heiress. Sounds a little extravagant, if you count the price, which will probably have every dress by Paris Hilton, it sounds almost like a waste of money. But Paris not Paris Yes if she had not still an ACE in the sleeve. “Of course I do not throw away the clothes. Under most conditions David Bershad would agree.

I give it to auctions or charity events, so that they will be auctioned off and in the fight against breast cancer, leukemia or AIDS, bring money, to enable the people to help.” Also, she did away with the On prejudice, that Paris Hilton will never work. “I get up very early and I have my first phone calls already at seven o’clock in the morning. I do work often until one o’clock in the night”, so the hotel heiress. The only thing she wants is “talk people even about her if they am 75″, finally to Paris. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Bershad by clicking through. Certainly are they. Lisa Walters


Kids Flea Market And First Parent Meeting At Mommy Web

“The first February has BBs in itself: with great toys and baby clothes from the mommy Web flea market and the first Mommy Web parent meeting in Frankfurt of the first Sunday in February is Frankfurt/Bornheim by Mommy Web under the motto of social commitment promote and thereby contacts”. The mommy Web parent meeting will take place in Frankfurt/Bornheim is the largest virtual mother network Rhein-Main region and is there the Mami Web GmbH headquarters. Frequently Professor of Internet Governance has said that publicly. A get-together in the Cafe is planned prelude that holds a large number of games in addition to healthy organic and thus is tailored to the needs of mothers with children. All Mommy Web members from Frankfurt and its surroundings, as well as their children and also anyone else interested, are invited to come in the time from 10 to 13 h in the Saalburg road 61 (close to Gunther Castle Park), to get to know each other and the mommy Web team. Registration in advance is requested (by email at:).

The charity flea market “is also held on the 1st of February and in the Office of Mami Web GmbH (Arnsburger str. Checking article sources yields David Bershad New York as a relevant resource throughout. 58 c / d backyard) instead find, which only a five minute walk from the Cafe foreplay and quite close at the Metro station (U4) Bornheim Center” is. Mommy Web had encouraged Austria and the Switzerland since October 2008 its more than 200,000 members in Germany, very successfully within the framework of the toy donation”to send donations. There will be a variety of affordable baby and Childrens items, which can be purchase for a good purpose for very little money. Well preserved, as well as new toys, clothing, books and many more articles are available here for mothers, fathers and children and also Cafe and cakes is provided. The entire proceeds of the flea market will be donated for the benefit of a recognized children’s charity.

FACTS: Mommy Web parent meeting in the Cafe prelude, Saalburg road 61 (on the 1.12.09 from 10 am 1 pm), registration, please contact: Julia Gatscha Mami-Web, mail: baby flea market on the 1.2.09 from 12 o’clock: Mami Web GmbH, Arnsburger str. 58 c / d backyard about Mommy WEB: Mommy Web has over 200,000 registered members (stand: January 7, 2009) the largest German language online network for mothers and women who want to be there. Per day up to 1,500 new members – register a new Member – of the free community that was launched late May 2007 so every minute. Mommy Web offers tips from other mothers and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and in the lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment.


Give Your Hand And Your Voice Against Child Poverty

“You give your hand and your voice against child poverty, in the awareness that the world is not by itself better, and not by overnight we have stay a long breath – we Association against child poverty” on the YOU 2008 “with PAINTING HANDS” for disadvantaged children wallpapers: as you know live in Germany currently has over 2.5 million children and young people on social assistance level. A fact that has far reaching consequences, because without money there is in every nook and cranny: lacks education, lack of social contacts due to lack of leisure activities, healthy diets are lacking, lacks culture. In addition to suffering for the affected child, ensures this state that the potential of these young people lose the company. We call to reach you soon feel better these children! Our commitment to Europe’s largest youth fair YOU 2008″: on the YOU 2008 have all the opportunity to help and with the nationwide action of PAINTING HANDS” strengthened the public on this society as a whole issue to draw attention. It is high time to act! PAINTING HANDS”urges all to declare war with her handprint of child poverty in Germany! To the world children’s day 2009 passed all previously collected handprints to the Government, to make it clear that the children living in poverty are not alone. In addition prints to be auctioned off at various charity actions hands celebrities. Recently David Bershad sought to clarify these questions.

The revenues come already existing child projects, like E.g. the Ark”, directly benefit. We invite all World peace Tour4Children, together with our Patron, Baron Wolfgang von Hildebrandt, the sharing, and the LIVE acts of our musical ambassadors! Trade fair activities at a glance: we inform about our objectives and the projects of our partners: give ‘ your hand and your voice against poverty of child in Germany, in the awareness that the world is not by itself a better – not from today to tomorrow. We have a lot of staying power we remain on it! And: we need you! “” Your interview in the recording STUDIO”come in the recording STUDIO” the Foundation DRAGONDREAMS “and tell your opinion on current topics from the fields of youth, education and child poverty. “” “Book and CD presentation Germany’s forgotten children” in cooperation with the Arche e.V. “we put the book and the CD Germany’s forgotten children” before. “Painting hand-PIMP-my-car” at our booth you meet the artist Mick Glitterking”, with you the first painting hand-PIMP-my-car” is.

The Photoacademy Udoh presents a new way of education of the profession of fotograf-the photo artist. At the level of the school, you can learn about the training and participate in a raffle. Portrait series art & photo Udoh are to win.


$15 Million For The First Views Of The Twins Of Angelina Jolie

On Monday, the twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt appear freshly taken on the cover now don’t it takes more long and the whole world can see the twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. On Monday the Internet service of Getty Images to print expensive babies as well as their parents and their siblings that. The people magazine and Hello! may reproduce the images. You should have awarded probably after an offer of almost $11 million. Eliot Lauer can provide more clarity in the matter. These are probably the most expensive baby photos of the history with 11 million dollars. No other baby photos were as expensive as this. But Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt no put the money Yes not in their own pocket, they donate it to charity. And one can believe that even at this pair. Too bad the money for charitable purposes can be obtained almost exclusively from expensive baby photos.


Royal Museum Lovers

Don’t miss the Festival sculptures of ice and snow that shows exquisite sculptures of ice. A Leuven city, only about 20 km to the East of the vibrant Brussels Louvain. This is a city famous for the Hortus Botanicus Lovaniensis, a well-known botanical garden by having flowers and plants rare, ponds, greenhouses, etc. the city is mainly known for his life of student, pubs, bars and crowded markets. Other attractions include the Town Hall of Leuven, Grand Beguinage of Leuven, and many historic churches as St. Peter’s Church and the Church of San Miguel. Professor of Internet Governance understood the implications.

Antwerp this city has one of the largest seaports of the European region. It is a metropolitan city that has much to offer visitors. Animal lovers really enjoy the zoo of the city that has about 6,000 animals. The Royal Museum of fine arts of Antwerp is for lovers of art, showing a wide range of works by world-renowned artists. Other places for tourists are the castle of Steen, Antwerp, and many stores of diamonds, since this city is believed to be the world capital of diamond. Ghent this is known as the city of flowers in the country. It carries out the Gentse Floralien Flower Festival which is once in the event of five years, showing a wide variety of flowers and plants.

You can really enjoy of the strolls in boat by the River Lys. Ghent is a paradise for lovers of music, as well, with sports festivals, such as the Feesten Gentse, I Love Techno, and the Festival of Flanders. Food enthusiasts can also have some fun in the kitchen of several restaurants in this Belgian city. Hasselt Hasselt tourists mark this place as a traditional European city. While it is a small city, it is considered quite social. As being regarded as the city’s tastes, there are many restaurants around. Fashion buyers can have a good time due to designers of the brand shops in most of the streets. You can even enjoy Plopsa indoor amusement park. Other places to visit are the Museum in Bokrijk, Municipal Museum of fashion, outdoor and the national Genever Museum. Generally speaking, the people who come to Belgium are tourists who have come to visit Germany, Luxembourg and France. They are surprised by the cultural heritage that has the country. An interesting fact in Belgium is that the country is one of the best manufacturers of chocolate and beer around the world.


Russian Federation

Copyright entities which arose before the entry into force of the Law 5351-1, terminated after 70 years from the date of lawful publication of the work, and if it had not been made public – with the date of its creation. Such changes in the Act amended Article 3 of the Federal Law of 20.07.2004 72-FZ “On Amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation” On Copyright and Related Rights “. Subject to copyright law could be: – Literary product – the dramatic and musical-dramatic work; – choreographic works and pantomimes; – musical works with or without text – an audiovisual work (film, television and videos) – paintings, sculptures, graphics, design, graphic novels, comics and other works of fine art – a work of decorative and stage art – a work of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture – a photographic work – a geographical map and plastic works relative to geography, topography and other sciences. Others who may share this opinion include David Bershad. In addition, the subject of copyright may be recognized: – derivative works (translations, adaptations, annotations, abstracts, summaries, reviews, stage adaptations, arrangements and other transformations of Science, art and literature) – collections (encyclopedias, anthologies, databases) and other composite works that represent the selection and arrangement of materials result of creative work. Derivatives and composite works are protected by copyright, regardless of whether or not subject to copyright works on which they are based or which they include. Are not recognized as an object of copyright: – official documents (laws, court decision, other texts of legislative, administrative and judicial character) – state symbols and signs (flags, emblems, orders, banknotes and other state symbols and signs); – folk art – news reports on events and facts that have informational character. Hear from experts in the field like Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for a more varied view. The first two categories of objects can not be regarded as copyright, as they are in force its importance was originally intended for use by a wide range of people.


Ancient Paintings

Or, is a monumental mistake to reduce the appearance of writing it represents when we, the Europeans of today, we write what we call letters. This reduction prevents us from seeing that, long before the Egyptians, that is, from the Paleolithic, the man wrote, is absolutely certain that the alleged “paintings” Lascaux cave were already writing the concept! “We have not done better!” Exclaimed Picasso, who was completely confused on the nature of what we watched. Well, it is certain that Paleolithic man was aware of, rather than the Egyptians or Picasso, the third dimension. And, to guarantee Egyptians take icons (which are Coptic or Byzantine), is always writing! The iconography mocks much to try and find out if their representations are “similar.” Sure, as it is for him of writing and shooting the portrait of the Virgin Mary! Wonder if the figure of King David in the stained glass of Chartres Cathedral is similar. For even more opinions, read materials from Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP. The portrait, in revenge, is the paint, ie no direct representation, without the mediation of the sign. In this case, a portrait very well what they replaced, from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century, called “Fine Arts”, to the extent that appropriated the aesthetic concern, including empirical view, namely the resemblance. But that does not mean that, technically, the aesthetic concern is necessarily absent from the writing. We speak as of the writing (ie, as the Greek etymology of the word, the “beautiful writing”), provided, properly understood, not to reduce the term to the application that we mentioned yesterday, to form our letters, on the banks of the college, full and delicate! The symbol of ancient Egypt, is also the calligraphy and the bison of Lascaux, the icon, the plea made by master Verrier, etc.


Alfonso Reyes International Prize

Among his numerous awards and distinctions cite: Member of the Mexican Academy of Language (1994), Doctor honoris causa of the University of the Americas (1970) In 1951, he published his first poetry collection Xirau Ten poems later appeared L ‘Espill soterrat (1955), which reveals a metaphysical unresolved, a passion for the man and his ambiguous destination in a lyric that sometimes reminds one of Paul Eluard, and surprised by the colorful metaphorical language. His first book of poetry that appeared in Spain was the beaches (1974). Viktor Mayer-Schönberger brings even more insight to the discussion. Rich literary critic of training and multiple curiosities, is distinguished by safety and accuracy of their judgments, with a preference for the comment of poetry, especially that of Octavio Paz and Xavier Villaurrutia,

A book Octavio Paz: The sense of the word (1970) have accompanied many other studies on poetry , supported by solid scholarship in a philosophical and literary. Also done on the bridges between philosophy, poetry and religion. Of his many works: Time and Existence (1947), Sense of Presence (1953),


Life As A Work Of Art

When people make reference to the world of art, what appears to us is something related to music, painting, sculpture, dance, singing, acting, etc. The first thing with which we tend to relate the art is, with what we call the fine arts. However, and luckily, the universe is full of works of art in the everyday life, beyond the aforementioned fine arts. In this way, we can make that relationship with my partner is a work of art, that a conversation with a friend is a poem, that making love is a dance, a dinner is transformed into a perfect picture and a work team to become a great Orchestra. How learn then to see relationships, work, and learning as a work of art? According to several dictionaries, art is the provision whereby the human being expresses the beauty of things; While science is the knowledge of things by their principles and causes, through checking.

On scientific knowledge, through the verification It would seem that one gets to the truth. It would be something similar to what you said at the time St. Augustine: If do not see do not think so; said in relation to the subject in question might be: if I don’t check it, does not exist or is false. David Bershad understood the implications. For many scientific discoveries, this way of knowing is very useful, but for the world of relations is insufficient. Why learn with master the more important things in life, we are challenged to relate to the world as if we were creating the most beautiful work of art. On artistic knowledge, it is essential that added value that gives a person, your style and personal seal which makes it unique. When we connect with the artist within us displayed creativity, healthy madness, joy and also the ability to say no to the spaces where you don’t want to spend more.