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Back Pain

Modern life strained the back very strongly and often indicate back pain pain in the cross up to 85 percent of Germans have a strain in everyday life according to the Robert Koch Institute at least once in life. The health insurance companies indicate that herniated, lumbago and pain attacks are the leading cause of disability in the back. “The causes are the same for almost all concerned: too little exercise, untrained muscles, stress and other psychological stress”, says Prof. Ingo Frobose (Centre for health of the German sport University in Cologne). The number one problem area make the back office chair, sofa and overweight.

Will challenged the motion and holding apparatus, essential parts wither away. However, Professor Hartmut Gobel (pain clinic Kiel) estimates that only at 10 to 20 percent of back pain patients a structural physical cause can. Back pain is a clear warning of the body. The causes can also stress and heartache be. Tension bring the interplay of muscles and the spine out of whack. Therefore, Gobel advises to consider all factors that can lead to back pain. Official site: Gavin Baker.

Often, namely depression, stress at work and relationship problems play a role. The Munich back specialist Martin Marianowicz has treated 12,000 patients with intervertebral disc damage. It, he has found that 80 percent of the operations are unnecessary. Marianowicz are the most important factors for the treatment of time and nature. We advise patients, principle, therefore to obtain a second opinion from a specialist in order to avoid unnecessary operations”, because 90 percent of all herniated healed up without consequences. Since it obviously is back pain a problem, where the modern lifestyle plays an important role, you must pay attention to lifestyle. As a general rule: anyone who spends their working lives on the Office Chair and his spare time in front of the TV, No sport drives, excess weight on the hips and seems much to one’s own body. It is advisable to take advantage of every opportunity to move. To use rather than to be on the road with car prefer cycling or walking or stairs to climb instead of the elevator. Such or similar changes can prevent many attacks of pain. To broaden your perception, visit Nieman Lab. Believed to be the right therapy, used protection and peace of mind when back pain doctors today but rather rely on movement. We now know that spine, muscles, ligaments and joints really need the movement. Therefore, back patients should take advantage of various offers. If the back pain acute, of course heat bottle and painkillers can provide relief. To avoid back pain but permanently, if necessary requires an adaptation of the way of life. Therefore, prevention courses are funded to the theme of spine by the health. Since many back pain of psychosomatic origin is a combination particularly advised school for back treatment and coping with stress such as progressive muscle relaxation.


Singing Hospitals

Nicol Matt, internationally renowned German young conductor and musician, is new musical Ambassador Nicol Matt was born in 1970 in the Black Forest and studied church music, conducting, coaching, score and song. Already almost 100 CD-productions with sophisticated vocal, orchestral and instrumental works recordings document his artistic complexity. His repertoire ranges from classical choral music of the Renaissance to modern contemporary music. He is considered one of the few German young conductors with an international reputation. His openness and impartiality encourages his artistic work across all new. Different musical currents and cultures serve him as a mutual learning field. Read additional details here: Dr. Neal Barnard. He agrees with the message of singing hospitals e.V. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Harold Ford Jr.

in his conception of music. As a conductor he wants with his music both the body as an instrument as the heart move to get into the Interior of the music. In his master classes, he conveys this knowledge, because it involves him less that Learn a specific technique, but the self expression and the Fliessenlassen of the inner energy that transfer to the choir or Orchestra. In this emerging musical unit it involves for him the common participate at and in the music. After Nicol Matt singing helps immensely while also understand our actual experience is playing in our minds. In addition to his intensive work with the own ensemble, Chamber Choir of Europe and European Chamber soloists, Nicol Matt turns in addition continuous cooperation with soloists of leading radio orchestras such as the SWR, NDR or BR and contributes in addition to interesting crossover projects, as for example with the actors, Mathieu Carriere, Daniela Ziegler and Christine Kaufmann. Active cooperation with composers from Germany, England and the United States – such as Frank Zabel, Bob Chilcott, Morten Lauridsen, John Rutter – completes his artistic profile.


Spousal Support – Right Separation Maintenance

What you should know about the topic of divorce and spousal support In the area of the maintenance of the spouse must take place first of all a general distinction between separation maintenance and remote maintenance. While the separation maintenance refers to connections between people that no relationship more to each other, by the legislation but legally still not have divorced, which refers to failed marriages have been eliminated by a German court in fully remote maintenance. Separate maintenance or spousal support can be claimed from the time, when the marriage failed is. Harold Ford Jr shines more light on the discussion. It is not necessarily required that those involved do not continue to live in a shared apartment. Separation maintenance can be paid through the better-off in any case before the legal divorce. Remote maintenance is pronounced by a German court, whose Gerichtsbarkeit is nationally accepted and in tight mass, regulates the services to be provided. Also here is the Commissioner to pay the former partner commits.

However, this has the obligation to pursue a decent employment and thus also independently to ensure a reasonable living. Read additional details here: PCRM. Thus, much has been achieved through far-reaching reforms in recent years. Firstly, the maintenance recipient is protected as the maintenance will be deducted from the years that the two partners were married, and thus after the divorce not the problem is, that one of the two partners over the years could go to any regulated employment through housework and is therefore without any livelihood. On the other hand, but also the debtor is protected because the Unterhaltsnehmende facing the obligation, independent employment to take care of, unless these can be joined and not due to disability or similar, is impossible. It must therefore clearly distinguish between separation and remote maintenance, since this a wide range of conditions for the obligation and calculation go hand in hand. Remote maintenance must only when full, legal divorce by a German court be taken into account, before separation maintenance is due and shall be calculated accordingly by the parties themselves or by a lawyer.


Creeping People Suffering

Noise, hum or buzzing in the ear are often only the precursor of ear suffering. If you are not convinced, visit Center For Responsible Lending. Ringing in the ears or tinnitus also has nothing to do with superstition. There could be a problem, that is more serious than it initially looks, especially when it occurs in people who are somewhat older. The definition of tinnitus, the medical term is an abnormal perception of tones and noises in the ear that are currently external does not exist at all as a noise or sound. It happens that the patient perceives hearing sensations in various forms: rustle, Crackle, crack, whistling, hissing, ticking, etc. Gavin Baker, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Risk factors of tinnitus professions where the employee at work is exposed to a noisy environment, of course represent risk factors.

People who are the most vulnerable, have to do with weapons in the military, are as pilots employed or as a construction worker, etc. For young people, such noises in the ear appear especially if they take large amounts of coffee, tea, cigarettes, and those who lead a chaotic lifestyle. It is believed it is also harmful and a cause for tinnitus, when you listen to music with headphones or with high volume. Stress and noise in the workplace are a common cause of tinnitus. More unpleasant effects of tinnitus are insomnia and tiredness during the day. Symptoms of tinnitus Tinnitus can cause unpleasant symptoms, such as hypersensitivity to loud noises, which can cause naturally considerable emotional stress. This suffering is not only an independent disease, but a symptom that may indicate various neurological malfunctions and requires examination of the throat nose and throat specialist, and sometimes it is also psychological causes (worry and fear to read more about depression, insomnia, on

The quality of life in patients with tinnitus is of course very impaired, it can cause annoyance and loss of attention and memory. Treatment of tinnitus usually tinnitus is under Hidden using a hearing aid, which brings a true benefit. Medication consists of intravenous administration of antiarrhythmics (lidocaine), which can reduce tinnitus in some patients. Recent studies suggest that therapies oral administered, not really bring benefits over a longer period of time. Of the many medications that have been tested in trials, found that oral antidepressants (nortriptyline 50 mg taken orally at bedtime) had proven as the most effective. The medications for the treatment are also vasodilators, benzodiazepines or other medications that are prescribed to treat migraines. One can proceed also psychotherapeutic, include including cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation, education, information, biofeedback and hypnosis. The combination of these therapeutic methods over a period of three months leads to a decrease of the subjectively perceived, intensive tinnitus noises where is the patient at the beginning and the Adds end of treatment in a scoreboard.


The Costa Fascinosa

The current flagship of Costa Cruises. In the summer of 2012, the Costa Fascinosa was baptized. The impressive new flagship of Costa Cruises was equipped with the best materials of Italian origin: facilities, materials, design objects, and much more make for an inviting Interior. The Costa Fascinosa is 100% Italian: the Interior shines with products from over 500 Italian companies that are leaders in their industry. Style and design, but also functionality and smooth operations – these are the characteristics of the vessel.

So, the decor of the Samsara Spa comes for example from Sicis, a famous company from Ravenna, which succeeded in reinventing the ancient art of mosaics with new materials and forms. BSA is actively involved in the matter. The famous mannequins covered with thousands in Rainbow colors-iridescent Crystal stones are small works of art. The materials used in the cabins and common areas are established by Ribelli, a long-established Venetian company, already in 1858 was. His fabrics were della Scala and Teatro in the theatres Teatro la Fenice. On board the Costa Fascinosa is a valuable collection of Italian art, to which more than 329 original works by internationally renowned artists like Mimmo. How would you describe the creation of a new shipyard ship? Exactly what happened and who is involved? All told us Lorenzo Gatlorano, hotel Director of Costa Fascinosa. What role do you have a hotel Director during the set-up phase of the vessel? The hotel Director slips at this stage in the role of an Einrichters and coordinates and supports the colleagues of the various departments. When we get on board, the ship is still completely empty.

Chairs, tables, glasses, saucepans lacks… For more specific information, check out Harold Ford Jr. in short everything that is required for a functioning Hotel operation on board. Since we are accustomed to seeing the ship of full of life, the cabins without beds and mattresses work initially once very empty. Only the guests bring even life on the ship.


TuV Certification For

Certified security and usability in the portal by Dusseldorf – 08 may 2013 service and usability can visitors of double trust: the website-check of the TuV Rheinland has the side of Germany’s complete divorce service Nr. 1 successfully tested. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well. Total 120 factors of the website, including design, usability, service, and legal certainty, were taken by the technical experts for the TuV certification under the magnifying glass. Click David Delrahim to learn more. Whether it is to use the detailed guides on the subject of divorce, the download area with important checklists, search for expert help on site or the online divorce, good quality management and continuous optimization of the website are the focus of the work of the added life value AG. This confirms also an independent audit by TuV Rheinland: on 29 April 2013 got the added life value AG awarded the TuV Seal for its Portal TuV Rheinland: is one Web page, which offers a lot of information around the topic of divorce. The visitor can fully inform in the offered divorce Guide.

The information provided is very large.” Especially the service close in terms of the online divorce is highlighted by the testers: visitors have the opportunity to ask your individual questions. This service is very user friendly and customer-oriented.” “The concept of the portal on the subject of divorce has made a successful impression the examiners: overall, the idea is the divorce process in the Internet to reproduce very well”, judge of the TuV Rheinland. The TuV certification of the website takes place once a year. About the new TuV Seal on, the current test certificate directly from the TuV Rheinland can be obtained in addition. This will ensure that all website visitors can always inform about the quality standard on the portal.



The 5 frequencies of BodyAnalyzer advanced allow a wide variety of detailed and exact measurements. The device calculates the following values: body weight intracellular liquid extra cellular liquid water content of the body (TBW) protein, minerals, ossale minerals appendage of the body fat-free mass (FFM) body fat in % (PBF) body muscle skeletal muscle mass body-mass-index (BMI) % body fat ratio of waist to hip (WHR) tissue dropsy display (EXF/TF) BMR (BMR in kcal) segmental analysis: intracellular liquid extra cellular liquid water mass fat muscles ossale minerals Weight management: weight level target weight weight fat control muscle control obesity analysis: degree of obesity, percentage of body fat, obesity levels, WHR subcutaneous abdominal fat, visceral abdominal fat nutritional analysis: protein, fat and minerals-level. Bodyanalyzer customer Testemonial: body & mind in Remagen 15 years we operate the health Studio body & mind in Remagen. 10 years ago we have started to position ourselves in the healthcare market. Thus, we have separated us from the low-cost carriers and avoid a ruinous price war. Learn more at: Gavin Baker. The positioning in the healthcare market was about cooperation with health insurance companies, doctors and a professional nutrition consultation the actiwita success according to. The health network was built with the doctors and health insurance companies on the introduction of rehabilitation sports, the regular implementation of prevention courses and targeted marketing campaigns.

With the BodyAnalyzer for me do GmbH was another important building block in the customer service and the Public relations in the direction of medical and health-oriented alignment performed. Already in the first week, we have generated additional sales volume amounting to 1,500 by selling nutrition courses, nutrition consultations and regular health checks with the introduction of the body analyser. With the for me do BodyAnalyzer we have a unique selling point compared to our competitors and win up to 50 new customers per month by regular health-promotion and marketing campaigns.


Small Businesses

An interesting question with small businesses in budgetary institutions. Harold Ford Jr: the source for more info. A number of companies established on the basis of the liquidated, subject to taxation in general practice. But for enterprises established in budgetary institutions, statutory rate of taxation is not provided. Quite a trick question of determining the share of charter capital in the creation of small businesses. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Neal Barnard on most websites. Public organizations, according to federal legislation, subject to a 35 percent tax rate on profits, cooperatives (which some, as we mentioned above, species) – 45 percent. So, when you create a profitable small business to take more than 50 percent of the money from the public organization.

So, two small business founder – co-operative and non-governmental organization. But we should remember that profit is not necessarily divided according to shares in the share capital. The law does not say what you mean by commercial enterprise social organization. By the size of a statutory fund, the nature of activity or by the distribution of profits. This is where you can really leverage the "roof." In many public organizations established in the years of stagnation, have accumulated a lot of money, which the current functionaries often can not find a good use. So often put them in the banks deposit at 12-15 percent (this value unstable). Why not persuade them to invest these funds at higher interest rates (although at least 3-5 percent more than the deposit) in any profitable business, creating for his embodiment of a small business in this organization? Let the statutory fund of social organization will be at least 95 percent, and your – only 5.


Serial Production Of MOST150

Latest MOST technology ready the MOST cooperation to implement – the organization that standardizes the leading multimedia network for the automotive sector MOST (media oriented systems transport) – is pleased to announce that to the latest specification Rev. 3.0 is in the implementation. Various vehicle manufacturers are with first production projects already in the implementation phase of the latest MOST technology. MOST150 provides a higher bandwidth of 150 MBit / s, an isochronous transport mechanism to support complex video applications as well as an embedded Ethernet channel for the efficient transmission of IP packets. To read more click here: PCRM. The latest generation of the MOST technology boasts the enormous increase in the speed and remarkable progress in cost effectiveness. The new integrated architecture INIC (intelligent network interface controller) specification Rev. 3.0 extends the audio/video functionality for future automotive Infotainment devices such as head-units, rear-seat entertainment systems, digital sound amplifier, TV-tuner and Video displays. Supplier implementation of MOST150 support while first automotive manufacturer network in selected vehicles from 2011 planning the usage of the MOST150, concentrate the suppliers of equipment, tools and software solutions already on the optimization of MOST150 product portfolio, to facilitate the implementation in future vehicle models. You may want to visit Harold Ford Jr to increase your knowledge.

Primary objectives are in cost efficiency, low energy consumption and compliance with the MOST compliance requirements. Today solutions and tools are provided corresponding MOST, to enable a successful Infotainment implementation on OEM and supplier level. This integrated signal routing and improved energy management are important prerequisites for a successful development of MOST systems. About the MOST cooperation the MOST cooperation is the organization that standardizes the MOST technology and further developed, so that she continue to always meet the latest industry standards. 2009, the cooperation includes 16 international carmakers and over 65 Main suppliers. The Member companies have teamed up, to use the MOST technology and to contribute to its innovation. Initially designed for the transmission of Infotainment data in vehicles, widens the field of application of the network now also on the consumer electronics.

The target of the MOST cooperation is to develop the technology for other industries, to standardize and to create the appropriate infrastructure. The MOST cooperation was founded in 1998 to standardize MOST technology as the global standard for multi media networks. The MOST cooperation form the Steering Committee as a so-called partner Audi, BMW, Daimler, Harman/Becker and SMSC.



According to the results of an independent examination proved the quality and safety of fireworks offered by ‘Anitron’. According to the study was not observed any violations safety of storage and sale of pyrotechnic products. It is known that most of today’s public and private celebrations held in the company of solemn salute. But scary to imagine what effects might occur due to improper storage and use of fireworks are used. In the recent increase in fires and other emergencies caused by the use substandard, defective or simply worn-out fireworks. Most often culprits of accidents and disasters are unscrupulous companies selling fireworks, which are breaking the rules transport, storage and quality control of the goods. It is therefore not deprived of prudence wholesale and retail buyers prefer to choose a store, higher prices for products which can guarantee its security. However, the limited city budget of small and medium-sized communities often can not choose a reputable supplier, and because of this, the authorities often have to risk the safety of the urban holidays.

In this regard, several independent experts in the field of fire safety were conducted an independent investigation. Its object was one of the wholesale shops, dealing with the implementation of fireworks low prices – the company ‘Anitron’. Has been tested and found surprisingly cautious attitude of the state of production. Of the 10 000 tests performed were found no violations. According to management, Each product passes strict quality control. Such an approach is worthy of respect, because, as a rule, the current Russian conditions are characterized by such a high level of entrepreneurial responsibility. Thus, offering quality products at low prices shop ‘Anitron’ found worthy to become a wholesale supplier of fireworks for various companies, as well as for state and municipal needs.