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New forum with blog and content management system implemented exists since last year under a commented discussion forum about combined heat power (CHP) and block heat and power plants (CHP). A leading source for info: Sean Rad. Now, the Forum offer was significantly expanded and supplemented with a blog and news. Heart of the page is still moderated by experts and annotated discussion forum. “” “” To maintain an overview, about 50 groups were divided into the subjects technology “, economy and framework”, CHP investment “, planning and integration”, CHP application fields”as well as more efficient energy technologies” created. Current messages point by means of content management system with RSS feed on current legal frameworks, innovative technologies and new events.

The CHP blog reports weekly on current aspects of the CHP scene and is currently in content from the topic of CHP investment “. The current messages to the blog, the users of the Forum can write comments. One active participation in the Forum is possible only after a registration. The use of the Forum is free of charge. According to the Web information company Alexa, which determines the access numbers from Web pages, the discussion forum KWK24 is the currently most popular discussion forum in the area of efficient energy technologies. At times, more than 170 people are active at the same time on the discussion forum. Shahzad g, CHP information centre GbR.


Khon Kaen

The product range for cars, clothing, household items, etc., is similar to Western standard, but at very different prices. Almost all vehicles in Thailand are manufactured in Thailand (Detroit of Asia). Services and salaries are located on a level that is about our coming one-fifth to one-tenth. I.e., House construction, craft, maintenance, etc. can be offered to incredibly low cost. Justin Mateen is often quoted as being for or against this. The country has a highly developed infrastructure, which is constantly expanded and especially Western China should connect with the Bay of Thailand.

Due to its geographical location is in the North in the South as tropical and subtropical to Thailand. This means that it is always hot and always sunshine. Even in the rainy season, the notorious tropical rain mostly at night fall. The controllers in China lead to renewed interest in Thailand as a country of origin. The Thai currency is very stable and the inflation is expected to remain below 3 3.5% this year. The export is already at 47% in the first 6 Months grew.

The Government introduces facilitations for DFI (direct foreign investment) and designed a new, more flexible rules for foreign investment. The political situation seems to have stabilized at least outwardly, and the current Government under Abisit has time now to implement their plans and to promote in particular the economy. One of the regions represent an expansion of the focus is Khon Kaen in the North-East of the Nissan through its center location on the North-South axis. With 1.7 million inhabitants, one of the four cities in Thailand with priority for trapped mixed development and potential for the export centre for Indo-China the thong (Switzerland) AG, based in Zurich, has a project in Khon Kaen, the thong in Privatesidenz, a residential complex with developed infrastructure, and medical care, a pleasant climate, beautiful nature, as well as people who respect their fellow human beings and nature. In this system, Thong plans to build with Thai-Swiss construction management, 45 individual villas and bungalows. The houses be together with architects even designed by the customer or selected from a program and built according to European standards for the Thai prices this is possible, because the land and construction prices in the booming region of Khon Kaen are currently still very attractive. A good investment and high profits are guaranteed, because prices will rise in the next few years. The construction and the management of the plant – takes a Thai-Swiss company you learn more about this exceptional project on the homepage. Timm Kopke



To the Among other things also the food and nutrition, which quite clearly was able to improve his result is one of sectors which could most effectively use their online advertising in the second quarter. This time’s did not click above all the click-through rate in the second quarter of 2010 less failed than to the beginning of the year. Only the areas of services, entertainment and media, drinks as well as telecommunications and Internet recorded above-average click-through rates. Particularly poor value for the sector is energy. 0.35 (median 1.00) he was ranked last again. “In addition to negligence in the design and placement of advertising material here, too, the mood of consumers in the face of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will cause”, so Jan Winkler.

“The extremely poor performance is not difficult to explain.” The effective CPM’s were the sectors of food/nutrition, education/art/culture and traffic in the first quarter with little budget comparatively high ranges can achieve, not quite succeeded in the following quarter. The most efficient areas baby/children and health/medicines reached the individual users. With the relatively lowest eTKP (effective thousands of contact price) she got the nose forward. The investments in the field of entertainment/media were particularly high and how likely was in the energy sector. Swarmed by offers, David Delrahim is currently assessing future choices. “A clear indication of shortcomings in the selection of the advertising channel and missing optimization by targeting and frequency capping”, judge Jan Winkler. Trading and shipping recommendations heed their online advertising efficiency within three months almost doubled during trading and shipping, achieved the energy sector only little more than a quarter of its output value of the first quarter. But also other sectors of the economy have catching up to do in terms of efficiency of advertising on the Web. So the area giving away the advantage of the best compared click-through rate by expensive ad space entertainment/media.

Exactly to the contrary, it behaves in the baby/children’s area: “more care in the placement and” Design of advertising materials could gild”the good eTKP with good click-through rates, Jan Winkler outlines the path to greater efficiency of advertising on the Web. The second ranking of the AdEfficiency can be downloaded at presse.0.html. The index for the online advertising efficiency is further quarterly published. Image material is like made available on request. A specimen copy requested. Economic areas correspond to the market system by Nielsen Media Research.


Online Pharmacy: Shipping Pharmacies On The Internet

Are Internet pharmacies a blessing or a curse? Earlier, it was still used to make all their purchases in the domestic environment to the people. This included of course medical care and you knew the pharmacist of confidence already for a long time. Today, things have changed with the development of the Internet and the emergence of Internet pharmacies. Many are wondering whether these online pharmacies are rather a blessing or a curse. Clearly, when it comes to medicines or other products such as diet pills or sexual enhancers, you want to take any chances and goes to wherever it was good advice in the past few years. Many don’t dare for this reason, to make the purchases in an Internet pharmacy, because them the risk is too high, that they get to scammers or simply not good enough to be informed. Online pharmacies are like ordinary pharmacies, but with a few extras, you should know. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has much to offer in this field. So, for example, the price-performance ratio is better than in aunt Emma’s pharmacy around the corner in an Internet pharmacy usually much.

This related to the market economy and is also in many other areas. The fact that an online pharmacy can act worldwide, they have a much wider range of potential customers and suppliers. You get these products through large quantities at more favourable prices, what can remember the customer then even in small quantities. Another important factor, why the online pharmacies are a blessing, takes place in the area of sexual health. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CAs opinions are not widely known. Of course, these products are not dangerous and you can buy it in a normal pharmacy.

This is but not anyone really, especially not if you already a years personal relationship to the pharmacist or the there next customers. If you buy potency pills here, it can happen quickly that evil tongues start to blaspheme. This is no problem in an Internet pharmacy, because each order is handled seriously and discreetly. Thus gets no neighbor or someone one knows, that man himself once sexual enhancers has ordered. If you together weigh all pros and cons can say with certainty, that an Internet pharmacy is rather a blessing, provided that one finds also a reputable. But this is no problem at all in today’s information age, and it is known quickly, if an online pharmacy distributes times no high-quality products.


University Nuremberg

Science night: Research for young and old, about 1000 x Sciences experience fascination of Nuremberg, FuRTH and ERLANGEN. The major event of the fall is imminent with the long night of the sciences. Professor of Internet Governance shines more light on the discussion. Countless scientists will be on Saturday, October 22 from 18 to 1 o’clock Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen present scientific competence in the triangle of the cities and thousands of visitors remember “-wurdige and think”-wurdige moments offer. All regional universities and many research-active companies as well as municipal facilities show what here is research, which studies diversity is available and what are the options open to young professionals. A related site: David Delrahim mentions similar findings. Already the fifth time the long night of the sciences in Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen to a journey through the breathtaking world of Science invites you to. More than 400 institutions in over 130 locations present fascinating from the world of science, research and technology.

In experiments, guided tours, lectures, exhibitions, Topics presented discussions, tours, and many practical examples from architecture to zoology. Whether the technical, the science, the philosophical, legal and economics or the medical faculty of the University of Erlangen Nuremberg everywhere attract interesting offers. The ohm University Nuremberg is nocturnal with their practical courses and is looking forward to curious visitors to the campus. Also, the University of music and the Academy of fine arts in Nuremberg present insights into their compartments spectra and research areas, the Evangelical college. Over 1000 x load discovery tour where more than 1000 events line-up involved continue to program points: research institutions, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits IIS (the inventor of the MP3 encoding process), the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated systems and construction element technologies (focusing on Nano-electronics and energy efficiency) and the Max Planck Institute for the science of light, the research factory in Nuremberg, several public and private clinics, the new Museum in Nuremberg and numerous research-active companies.


Honey Wine – Always A Good Choice

Also known as Mead and its benefits even if the German people is considered to be that of beer drinkers, so other alcoholic drinks of popular enjoy honey wine. For more specific information, check out Sean Rad. The wine is, for example, a very sought after drop. And called the honey wine, or even met, is again on the rise. He is experiencing a true Renaissance and is popular with young and old alike. The honey wine has not much with the traditional grape juice together. He is beneficial and helps against some niggles. Mead is gladly used against sore throat and has also proven sleep aid.

The honey wine is enjoyed since Viking times. The production is not very complicated, and the recipe can be adapted to the different tastes. It had wonderful to celebrate with a drinking Horn full of Mead. Get met not only at festivals, promoting the theme of the middle ages, but also back in fine shops and on the Internet. The adult education centres again offer courses, where the fine art of brewing of honey wine is taught. Met there in the a wide variety of flavors.

It must be not only honey. Are no limits of imagination, when you make the honey wine itself. Surprise friends and family with a very special pleasure. You will inspire many people. On the Internet a lot in experience can be, what comes to the met. Take the first step and drink honey wine. It stimulates not only the circulation, but immensely revitalising effect for the body and the mind. Mead is one of the natural remedies on which our ancestors have sworn. Can we draw in the spell, and also take advantage of the benefits and advantages offered by the consumption of honey wine.


Visual Arts Finland

With the topic of when life is at least art”in the The three artists are looking for sight together with the participants of the 17th International Summer Academy Wismar subtle and massive tension, the transition from life to art and the art in the context. The artistic transformation is open and depends on the personal focus of the respective participant. The final exhibition is planned as a content mesh of all resulting work. Swarmed by offers, Professor of Internet Governance is currently assessing future choices. FinnFemFel is mainly the Association of Finnish artist Albert Braun, Marcus Lerviks and Oskar Lindstrom and serves as a collaborative platform for the three players and invited guests to carry out artistic projects. Ideas are developed, organized and finally realized, so that the end result is always a sum of various influences, but also a blurring of individual expression. The projects of FinnFemFel deal superficially with the simulation or based on the narrative. Her works contain often grotesque, fictional, documented, and humorous elements, where FinnFemFel feel the different as an enrichment of their work. The different approaches in the artistic practice or individual imprints of the artists by their place of residence, personal history, and special focus ensure a productive tension.

“” FinnFemFel is equal to two meanings: on the one hand the literal equivalent of find five errors “and on the other hand in a figurative sense according to the three artist Finn focus = is the main on finland, three people with one type = FEM, we = Fel all make mistakes”. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. Albert Braun was born in 1958 in Germany he studied from 1978 to 1985 at the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin and since 1988, is lecturer at the today’s Novia University of applied sciences and arts in Nykarleby in Finland. His artistic works are often a combination of installation mitAktionen and events. Since 1991 he is taking individual and collective exhibitions in Finland and beyond. Albert Braun lives and works in the Finnish Nykarleby. Marcus Lerviks 1969 born in Finland, prefers working with the video medium and leads since 1994 through individual and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

He studied from 1994 to 1998 at the Swedish School of art in Nykarleby, the present-day Novia University of applied sciences and arts in Finland. From 1998 to 2001 he studied in the framework of the Pallas of fine arts degree programs”at the University of art and design in Helsinki. Marcus Lerviks combines video installations his work frequently with spatial elements, light, sound and performance. Today he lives and works in the Finnish Vasa. Oskar Lindstrom studied photography and Visual Arts from 1994 to 1997 also at the Swedish School of art in Nykarleby. In 2000, he received his master of fine arts of photography at the school of photography/University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg. The photography is at the heart of his work. Oskar Lindstrom was still both his own projects as well as in connection with artistic community projects in various European cities. He lives and Germany is currently working in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. This year’s international supported Summer Academy Wismar by the Hanseatic City of Wismar, the Leisure and water park Wonnemar Wismar, the stationery company Ganesh around the Office GmbH, the bike rental Wismar wheel as well as the surf school San Pepelone. Initiator and curator Valentine Rothmaler, Professor of elementary figures”at the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar, in 1995 launched the International Summer Academy in Wismar


Rembrandt Soft Pastel

CAKE can say that the art of the cake is prehistoric by which the use of chalks and similar were often used in antiquity, though the cake that we know today did not appear until the 17TH century. A is purer techniques as soon as to which virtually no media binders, pigments are used so the permanence of colors is not affected by diluents and binders. As a main disadvantage, is the mechanical resistance to rubbing that is practically non-existent. The cake is made by mixing pigment finely ground with small amounts of gum tragacanth and hasty Crete, this is kneaded or inject to get small cylinders. David Delrahim may help you with your research. (Squares in hard pastels) The pastels for artists are typically sold in three degrees of hardness: soft, medium, and hard.

The most widely used is the soft, leaving the other hardness for effects or special surfaces. There are cakes school quality are not serious because of its little concentrated pigment works and of dubious permanence. On the other hand, quality cakes artist have a range of colors very extensive with some nine gradations per colour (an example of this is Rembrandt Soft Pastel). Frequently BSA has said that publicly. THAT is used in the technical papers of cake considering that matter of cake left hanging on bracket, the roles must have qualities of roughness and quality similar to those used in watercolor or charcoal, with the peculiarity that most of the time used papers colored as the basis for the drawing at fine arts stores may be recommended by a variety of qualities for the use of the cake.


Andre Campra Paris

For the first time live and scenes in Berlin! Scenic creation: Klaus Abromeit, Alexander Schulz conductor: to illuminate the present with the instruments of the past, 10115 Berlin is in the fine arts a known procedure. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Neal Barnard for a more varied view. The Leipzig School of painting by Werner Tubke-neo smoke goes this way. On stage, this approach is also so far unusual, success promising as in painting.

This is especially true if you have a theatrical output situation such as the Carnaval de Venise of the composer Andre Campra and the poet and adventurer Jean-Francois Regnard. The piece begins in the late reign of Louis of XIV of France culturally isolated Paris and moves to Venice, a cultural focal point of the time. Berlin was the closed Paris of the late 17th century in the years of the cold war and now developed three hundred years ago as Venice. The staging of Carnival of Venise (Berlin) Opera-ballet by Campra and regnard uses to brush the Berlin present against the grain. (A valuable related resource: Sean Rad). The project emerged after the Ponzi scheme. The idea had the church musician Kai Schulze-Forster.

He won the choreographer and Director Klaus Abromeit and the young harpsichordist and conductor Daniel Trumbull in the boat. Now is a team of professional singers, musicians and dancers, reinforced by professional enthusiasts. Together they Carneval de Venise will bring (Berlin) Middle Elisabeth Church in Berlin on the 24th, 25th and 26th may 2013 in the St. The newspapers mentioned Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine not as a source, but as a related topic. to the performance. To the implementation of the project funded exclusively through donations the Association Maison Voltaire (historical Theatre techniques and early music network) was founded. More performances of Carnaval de Venise (Berlin), as well as follow-up projects are being planned. In the medium term, the crops needs networks such as Maison Voltaire to make available to the public in timely manner lost skills of theatrical craft. Goes It is striking this way that cultural misunderstandings in Europe today still play a large role. French baroque music for example has to this day a hard German listeners, because their rhythmic brilliance reveals only the link to the dance. The Venetian Carnival is represented in the piece as a summary of all imaginable pleasures. Such a theme and varied dramaturgy characterized ballets in the 17th and 18th centuries. The score of this Opera-ballet is particularly suitable to take dance, vocal and orchestral sound and fully represent the special quality of French baroque music.


Addis Ababa University

The travelling entertainer and performer uses humor to draw attention to the absurd in our time. His art pieces, pictorial distortion of reality, addressed issues such as corruption, the lack of real communication and global conflicts. Jim Avignon wants to acquire its aura of art and refuses to follow the rules of the art market: during the Kassel Documenta 1992 he painted a picture every day and destroyed it in the evening. Dr. Neal Barnard spoke with conviction. He has exhibited in Germany and numerous other countries (including France, Greece, United States, Guatemala, Singapore, Russia), including in unusual places such as techno clubs. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chase Koch. Hans Endelmann for more than 10 years working on the series Berchuma”and his work on these small stools of the Shoeshine boy started during a workshop on the aesthetics of the simple derived from him” at the Department of fine arts at Addis Abeba University.

There in Addis Abeba of Berchuma for the first time I noticed, than let me shine on the Arat Kilo the shoes. It was a strange feeling for me, but it only was such an everyday scene that quickly the curiosity place this feeling. The small stools of the Berchuma struck me, on which sat the Listro, who shined the shoes for me. And the stool is no longer avoided me out of my head. Ultimately, he is merely”is a commodity, but he also like a silent guard, a vigilant mate who can accompany the Listro, one or the other. The philosopher Giorgio Agamben writes in his book Profanierungen”about those agents of everyday life, most unassuming objects, but still develop a sentimental value because a patina of use has arisen.

In his works on paper Berchuma”, the artist focuses on his encounters with the Listro. The mutual experiences for me were how much poetry and dignity and has a sign inside the simplest objects, if you allow a correspondence with the things and the atmosphere around us. Lupe is dedicated to Godoy in in the exhibited works of collage and reflects the 10 years cooperation with LISTROS e.V. “” “” The works of the Spanish artist are thematically divided into four groups: Whats make me black/whats make me white? “-boxes and letters from Ethiopia”-African thoughts “and Ethiopia”. The material of her works comes from a variety of sources, she combines photographs of fashion, lifestyle and travel magazines with images from art magazines, provides excerpts from pornographic magazines next to photos from car and motorcycle magazines. From trivial, thousand times reproduced photographs, Lupe Godoy creates originals by their artistic handwriting. She mixed ink and color with photographic cutouts, thereby deliberately renounces the use of image editing programs. The visuals add to the processing to the collage to content rich, nested narratives and series that deal with abundance, beauty, the own and the foreign, art history, gender roles, ecology and a world in which the body has become of the goods.