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Monthly Archives: July 2012


Business Communications

Today, everyone who enters the international market, regardless of its scope, is essential knowledge of business English. According to various language courses, purchase orders, Business English courses language constitute 17-20% of the total number of applicants for study programs abroad. In the arsenal of Russian language schools there are also templates of business language courses for staff at all levels. Courses on business English language courses for office managers and secretaries are taught how to talkread more…


Business Strategies

I started my business on February 11, 2006 with just $ 39.90 and without a penny to promote myself. We flew to this and now enjoy an aggressive exposure in the best ways (to the tune of $ 300,000 in direct exposure without paying for it), thousands and thousands of beloved readers and hundreds of beloved customers (all love. Buy or not buy) . What to do if I then had no money to grow myread more…