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Web Information

The disadvantages are normally a little more taken to develop than those of content managers, it will require of the programmer I create who it to be able to modify it. Development with predesigned groups: they are vestibules that already estan elaborated by some person, and is only necessary to modify its content. The advantages that like those of content managers they are fast to use and its design already this elaborated. The disadvantages by anotherread more…


Central American Forum

All this, in order to advance the implementation of objectives established in the Hemispheric Agenda 2006-2015 (adopted at the Sixteenth American Regional Meeting of the ILO, held in Brasilia in May 2006), namely: to eliminate the worst forms of child labor within 10 years (2015) and eliminate child labor in full within 15 years (2020). To achieve this goal, it was considered essential to raise public policies to combat child labor, that is, insert the preventionread more…