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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Joo Enrique

The Greed of the constructors and the lack of commitment of the manager with the city and the majority of the population reflect a model of based urban development in offer real estate of condominiums closed for the middle classes and medium-high, and the suspicious interests of the public managers, while poor people, as the majority of the population, survive in an informal way, to the edge the comfort, inhabiting in local with precarious structural more…


Agricultural Society

However, when the processes of expropriation of the peasants start to happen, mainly in the proper Device of the Galilia, the Agricultural Society, it passes to abide a more radical character and initiates a great conflict mainly politician for the devolution of expropriated lands and for the proper agrarian reform. In this direction the fights peasants north-eastern gain a new denotation, and is not summarized only to an isolated fight. At last, ' ' proletariat campons'read more…