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Monthly Archives: January 2013


Pablo Freire

Such concept assists in them to understand that what a pupil not yet knows he will be able to learn, thinks that this guides ours practical not to make daily pay? judgments and not to construct esteretipos of that some pupils do not know, are failed and they will not learn. In contrast, it is function of the professor to provoke advances in the pupils who would not occur spontaneously, advancing its potential development. Vygotsky constructedread more…



In this context, these mechanisms come to assist it in the production and organization of the ideas, of harmonic form, keeping the communication and the good interpretabilidade. In view of the analysis of the collected data, the question of the cohesion for substitution was worked, where if it argued that when has the repetition of the same lexicons, the context is embarrassed, therefore the substitution for words is necessary sinnimas, which recoup the meaning of theread more…



introduction for a moment invites the community to a moment of reflection entoado for music, involving a climate of mercy and followed of dither and louvor to the creative God of the world, a glad and expressive way as well as the choir them angels in louvor to the boy Jesus in the manger (Lucas 2:13,14). The corresponding part the liturgy of the composed word for conjuncts and the reading of the epistles of the day,read more…