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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Home WiFi Networks

In today's age of high technology is very important to have secure and reliable wireless connection in order to ensure the protection of your personal data. Many people often neglect some of the basic measures security that can prevent hacking wifi networks. Secure wireless connectivity is very important when working with a computer through the Internet as we often share information on bank cards or communication of a personal nature that should not fall into theread more…



A true formative evaluation is only possible in the scope of pedagogias strong differentiated. In the majority of the groups, in particular in basic education and at the beginning of average education, the formative evaluation that it regulates adjustment of the real resume to the level and the rhythm of the work of the group, is folloied of individualizadas interventions more: the professor takes care of particularly some pupils, attends them more than close, assists themread more…


Pretty Rock

Comparing the facts that if have knowledge on the tragic fact of the Pretty Rock and the romances of I water, perceives that the author almost transposes the total fact that for its workmanships, moving only details and the focus. Through the look of determined personages the author counts the history of what it was the fact for the people of the time and region, exploring the repercussion that the tragedy exerted on the life ofread more…