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Monthly Archives: May 2013


The Word

Each one can invent every word because invent is to discover; but each one can invent, in the silly sense of invention from the age of Pericles rescued and regenerated by the creationist notion, and not only to recreate each word but create it; We are creators and cocreadores and there are manors of the word and not all have the same word even though it may seem so and some turn them beasts and muchread more…


Registry Office

Currently in Guatemala and the rest of the world there are civil associations, which can be defined as follows: are foundations and associations organizations established non-profit that have affected lasting way by the will of its creators, its heritage to the attainment of objectives of general interest. These associations include the following: foundations NGO S Association of neighbours associations of taxi drivers associations of artists associations solidarist churches etc. Among the main features that distinguish suchread more…


City Council

Until now, the deterioration that suffers the maritime facade of Porto do are due to the Organization of weddings in it – without much searching, jump to view the washouts on the road or sidewalk shattered – only had provoked a war. Too many dresses of bride on their foundations. A dialectical scuffle between the Executive, claiming to be remodel this area and Portos, which actually just spoke and acted much less. However, things start toread more…



Colonia del Sacramento, founded by the Portuguese, under the command of D. Manuel Lobo, in January of 1680, is located in the southwest corner of Uruguay, on the coast of the Rio de la Plata and is known worldwide for the unique characteristics of his historic neighborhood, declared by the UNESCO historic Cultural Heritage in 1995. In the course of the past few years the city has developed to the influx of tourism, which became oneread more…


Current Legislation

Pawn shops are currently institutions of private assistance or AP. Like any institution, its activities must be controlled by the a law regulating its functions. In the case of PA institutions, there is a federal law that governs from the year 1943, undergoing changes by abrogation, i.e. by revocation of some norms, in 1998. It is for this reason that in recent days has been updated legislation for such institutions. According to the law that governsread more…


Every Five Days A Person Dies Without A Home In Spain

EFE the median age of the deceased is 47 years. 27% Died to be the victim of aggression. The director of the Center for host Assis has decided to advance the first results of the study before the grave situation that we are living in Spain. A total of 473 homeless people have died in Spain since 2006, one every five days. Of them, 27% died to be victim of assaults, 8% by hypothermia and 14%read more…


Christianity Population

Our illusion, and that of all our customers, who are actively involved in the Mauritania project (from AMV spend 1 euro on the FNR, by each new contract policy) allows that we can turn into reality what started as a simple idea. We are very excited with the development of the Mauritania project since from Nani Roma Foundation is doing a magnificent job, both data collection and general management of the project. Nani and his Foundation,read more…