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Monthly Archives: June 2013


Nobel Prize

Believe me, they want the best for you, and beside mine you will not have, love is not living, poverty ends with love. ough. After having said this, she went into reason and he understood that the spoke you the truth because he loved her. Then she hugged him and said you let’s make a Pact, if you get the media production I looked? With a smile he said: no doubt it heart, always pensare enread more…


Coaching Goals

As part of my current training as a professional coach to accompany individuals and companies in achieving extraordinary goals, and after documenting me and learn about various methodologies for successful coaching processes in these areas, is that now as a concerned parent on how best to train my child with solid foundations that help fully develop their abilities and talents to successfully face the moments that touch you liveI started to investigate on how how coachingread more…



On the other hand, with regard to pride comments the proud in the worst sense despises those who live outside charity (material, spiritual or emotional). Because the proud nothing needs no one, he is simply himself, banking it is. Thus, the other side of pride is the difficulty to accept help when not, the very negation of the difficulties. Pride is a degradation of self-love said some character in a successful telenovela paraphrase who knowread more…


Ronald Duran Chuquimia

The oeneges which manage the enormous resources donated to Bolivia for several years, not accountable to the Bolivian people, only to their funders for which operetta performances, are organized whenever donors visit to their beneficiaries on the occasion of the visit of the donors of the Netherlands to the projects carried out in the village cooperative altena organized lunches of luxurychildren smiling and happy, works built expressly for the visit were displayed, parents and neighbors thankfulread more…


Agustin Gomez-Arcos

AGUSTiN GoMEZ arches (1933-1998) on all sides, the rich were poor from left-wing and right-wing. The latter were given the generic name of red, Word as pronounced by a rich, it is stamped on the face of the poor as a spit, as for that mark on it the signs of a new disease as contagious as the plague, cholera, leprosy. Red, relentless Word, without the minor charity. It was a Word, stunted, disqualified, a Wordread more…


El Centro Real Estate

Would you also like to invest in an additional clause (or special feature) called own occupation. This allows you to receive disability income if you cannot work within the profession for which you have been educated and trained, against any occupation which means that you cannot work at any job. There are other features and benefits that you should consider: as a residual benefit is a feature which supplements the difference in your income if youread more…



An afternoon in which dying sun, since already many evenings, lying on the floor of our old mansion from Chulucanas, it looked engrossed, as a strongman man wielding its strength with a hard metal, I didn’t know if it was Tarzan or Tawa – heroes of old comic book – but looking at it well I discovered with amazement that it was my father! It was don Miguelito palaces (was well known in my land –read more…