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Monthly Archives: July 2013


Complutense University

When you give a hug is triggered a revolution says Jose, social volunteer in a Spanish jail. Let us play with your hands and the words, is then when it sensed the shared sense, compassion. Good start to initiate an action voluntarily but insufficient if we talk about serious and responsible volunteering. For this, we need to cross the bridge of the commitment. The phenomenon of social volunteering, as one of the best ways to exerciseread more…


Elcano Literary

My projects, usually always gestate on the fly and will always be, complementing until it fits like a puzzle. -Is it possible a change in humanity through letters? That it is. That through the word we can – but change to humanity – Yes at least improve the world in which we live. Poets have always written against wars, injustices; they are the troubadours that carry the glaring voice of peoples claiming more humanity and lessread more…