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Mathematics, as any another breakthrough in the history of humanity, things surrounding him is part of the needs of the human being count, measure and determine everything. But the reality is that, determine a specific source for the appearance of each of the concepts that laid the foundations of mathematics is quite more complex which establish the origin of the wheel, or the origin of cartography. To start, should take into account recent studies on theread more…


Correction Language

Improprieties in the use of the gerund when the gerund accompanies another verb in verbal forms composed, presents no difficulties: he was eating, they came running, he was walking. But when used only, it presents many difficulties. They are incorrect the following uses of the gerund: 1. the gerund which expresses permanent action i.e.: an old man being fortune-teller told Me. Is incorrect the gerund which expresses permanent action, because it must express action transient, momentaryread more…



The little information that handle some people about what are ovarian cysts or difference must have a single Cyst on the right ovary; either in one or another of these are given by the menstrual cycle disorders, do not come to study at least as pathologies that proves that they are not benign source as almost little seems to happen. To be diagnosed with an ovarian cyst treatment with contraceptives tends to correct the alterations thatread more…