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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Mariano Moreno

Patriotic week followed 20 with a meeting where Cisneros and the leaders agreed as he was going to develop the open cabildo demanded by citizens. On May 22 the Assembly defines the viceroy should be deposed. Here is where one of the biggest curiosities, on 23 May, Cisneros manages to remain as the head of the Junta that would handle the wires of the power of the new homeland. 24 An important popular mobilization indignant withread more…


August Nh

Already I made penance these years all, and I cannot have damage of them! If I wanted to esperdiar this made penance, I was without a thing and another one. 4 The existencial conflict of the hero is so explicit that the permeia narrator onisciente its thoughts between the moralizadora conscience and the insistent dammed desires: Was alone bulir with mouth that its Joozinho Bem-Bem (…) and all broke with Major Consilva, with Ovdio, with womanread more…