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Monthly Archives: April 2015



Onagrup, already is a small big family. Small because all partners feel as at home, cared for as if they were unique. Our complexes are their homes. And large because increasingly more people who enjoy the club. Currently more than 25,000 families around the world have been uploaded to the Onagrup train. It is for us a great satisfaction having opportunity to present ONAGRUP, an organization that works daily to exceed your expectations in every oneread more…



Particularly effective when classes help audiobooks when are utilized not only auditory but also visual channel. How does this happen? You listen to a speech of native speakers, while viewing it by the book. In this case, you begin to work intensively to both your hemisphere. One hemisphere you visually memorize spelling words, and others of their pronunciation. Despite its simplicity, this method is very effective. If you engage in it only for an hour aread more…


Amorim Family

On this contextualizao, it she only serves to approach a subject not yet duly discoursed as she would have to have been, that it is the standard of consumption and expenses, especially for organizations and people. To understand the true importance of if saving and being more timely efficient with budgets, we need to define> word Standard of Consumption. Standard of Consumo (PDC), must be understood before everything with, not only an administrative pilgrim’s staff, toread more…


Launching Of The Book Bipolar Upheaval

The book brings important information on situations as: Recognizing the First Signals of Craze or Depression. Contacting the Doctor To find the Medication and the Adequate Therapy. Understanding High and the Low ones, and when the Symptoms Are speaking. Preventing that Oscillations of Mood Govern its Life, and Acompanhem in House and the Work. It knows as to surpass these obstacles caused for the bipolar upheaval, and more: As to distinguish> first signals of high andread more…


Rio De Janeiro

After this it is not excessively to show the interdependence of the cities and the people. To show that the people do not live isolated. To make possible that the student perceives the interdependence of the people. together, people create culture and make history. That is, it is the interdependence between the people whom the birth of history propitiates while interpretation of the facts of the memory. Culture and Local History the culture can be anread more…