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Monthly Archives: November 2015


One Heart

In one only heart: Experiences and you live deeply with friends special Jose Luis Hunter of the Conceio In the soft music of Aline Barros, ' ' I want to live something novo' ' That I describe plus a page of my joy in coexisting so special people, significant and reasonable in Via Del Mar and Reaca – Chile. All lived in one alone heart in inigualvel, fenomenal, pleasant, charming a land. All brought its historiesread more…


A New Heart A New Life

In an operation that lasted several hours. Several specialists conducted it in the immense Pavilion of surgery in a U.S. hospital in which doctors impeccable suits, mingled the penetrating smell of alcohol and drugs, and the incessant call made by the speaker to patients and physicians. It was a Thursday gray, populated with dense clouds that threatened rain. For this Mexican teenager began a new existence. It was the first transplant in his genre in more…


The Beatles

1. Justification "That the singer's going to sing a song And I wants you all to sing along So let me introduce to you The one and only Billy Shears And Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles, 1967 This is a very funny introduced The Beatles to their alter egos, invented by the members themselves who formed the Club Band Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts. We are in 1967read more…


The Heart

They are they, and have its concepts and values, you you are. Each human being is different and sees the life with its exclusive evolution and agreement. The truths are singular. In the difficulties the people move. The people give what they can give. We are that we have different expectations in relation they and always want more. At this moment I am certain that you are if remembering and analyzing its life remembering again theread more…


Guidant Corporation

A worldwide recall was announced by Guidant Corporation for nearly 50,000 of their heart defibrillators due to potential failures in these devices. Although the Food and Drug Administration U.S. not require Guidant to take this step, the FDA has stated that fully supports the decision because of the severity of potential defects. In particular, cardiac defibrillators, Guidant Corporation have demonstrated a trend toward short. This means that the device may not provide a shock to theread more…



Installation of landmarks in the city of Moscow – is by and large stake out land boundaries in accordance with the state real estate cadastre. As a rule, carved signs shall be placed on a temporary scheme: clogged dowels, rods, fittings or made otkraska on the wall. Landmarks, you must have all the tenants of land in Moscow – are terms of the lease with DZR. Types of landmarks are regulated Ministry of Economic Order Nread more…



Now in our market children's shops are actively developing branch. Young parents can choose for their child everything they need by visiting the mall or to make an order in one of the network children's stores. It is important that the goods in these stores are of high quality, safe for children, so that manufacturers have been reliable and well known. When the light appears a child comes to the fore the important problem, like buyingread more…


Diamond Cutter Path

Did you know that this man is successful lives her life in "the final result format"? He knows what he wants, knows how to set priorities, determine the shortest path to the goal and with confidence and ease going forward. This arrangement applies to absolutely all areas of life: work, career, finances, health, relationships. This is called – a behavioral strategy of Champions! But what about those who have a great deal of cases, not enoughread more…