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Monthly Archives: July 2016


The Inherent

But if this source of collection was alone (immoral for signal) everything would be inside of a tolerable platform. Let us analyze then the facts. The fumicultores pay taxes when they buy the seeds, the seasonings (NPK) the calcreo, fungicides, herbicidas and insecticides. Paid taxes and interests to the Bank of Brazil, when it requests financing for expenditure and in the same way to construct the large cabin, the greenhouse, machines and equipment. The industry thatread more…


Ralph Emerson

The secret is the replaced one to everything what was, to everything what is and to everything what will be. Ralph Emerson Everything is possible to commercialize in this World Earth, nothing is wasted, for example, an extremely interesting topic that has activated is the concerning thing with diamonds done of human hair. There is a company us it indicates, that it turns the human hair into diamonds. It is not a metaphor. The process ofread more…


Zombie Billy Show

There is a common point of view of the psychology of genres that all online games where you have to find the differences are for women because only players who belong to the female gender have the ability to concentrate on the small details and above are more attentive and rigorous than men. However, at those heights already we can talk about the falsidad of this opinion. They now produce many games of difference with certainread more…


Harald Neidhardt

The selection of decision makers large media houses in Germany up to innovative Start-Ups from the European countries give the right mix of the Congress and the exhibition centre. Harald Neidhardt, co-founder & CMO at decides Inc. confirmed the best startup in mobile in 2010 in Northern Europe!” With 1,400 expected participants from all over Europe, the M-days are the largest central European Convention for mobile communications, sales and content solutions. On over 6,000 square metersread more…