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Monthly Archives: December 2016


GWS Recordbreaking

Sixth year in a row sales Munster GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH remains on track for success. The Group turnover of IT specialists for trade to more about nine per cent rose 2011 38.1 million euros. The GWS Group thus achieved its sixth record in a row. And also the result is extremely satisfied with the daughter of the Bankendienstleisters GAD: similar to such as when the sales record results achieved. Result of theread more…


Markus Majowski

Fischer man Mojo and his son Cap Rocco – the Dragon of HEBV on Friday, April 3, 2009 released Markus Majowski, and others known from the TV-series of the audacious three on all major download stores, the first part of his new children’s audiobook series fishing Mojo & his son cap of Rocco – the Dragon of HEBV. As Ambassador of the German children’s charity, donates Markus Majowski per download each 50 cents to the Deutscheread more…


Animal Insurance

So the faithful four-legged friend is completely protected if we oh-so sweet us a puppy in the House pick up, then the least it think that the little bundle of joy will also even older and thus might be hard ill. Some of the problems start even unexpectedly early. Just larger breeds tend sometimes to problems on the hindquarters, the so called hip dysplasia, which entail lengthy treatment or even surgery. Also acute danger situations, suchread more…


Christel Ruckgaber

Wake up memories of the life story. Family members relive for brief moments the mother, the father as they were before the Care case entered. Depending on the temperament: Agile, powerful, funny, grumpy, grumpy, helpful, as the support the family and person assigned as the always hilfloser pregnant and on foreign aid. The Tubingen clowns in the service are trained and out since 1999 by the project leader Christel Ruckgaber in Tubingen to the clown. Trainedread more…


Nissan Production

For example, in Russia, to certify the organization under the quality standard iso 9000 to approximately five hundred thousand rubles, to bring organization of the standard and constant maintenance of an annual sum of a little less. For example, AvtoVAZ is trying to catch up with global standards of quality, if all developed countries is the number of defects per unit output of about 50 defects per million, the AvtoVAZ is at the level of underread more…



After one week of very work, with a pile of things to be prepared in little time, I have that to say: I tired, necessary to relax! Thus, without car, without money, woman and disposal, in search of a leisure moment, I set to sail it for the Internet. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. I finished entering in a chat room, pra to only give one olhadinha. In little time, here it isread more…


Literary Commentary

THE appearances of the Virgin of LUCUMA the vacuum packed everything, the vigil feeds on that lodoy are lost in dreams the joy.CL LA PROVOCATION of the word in the appearances of the Virgin of LUCUMA, Cristian Lagos takes us back to Arthur Rimbaud, who wrote: I encanallo everything I can because I want to be a poet (1). Scoundrel, for Rimbaud, means not due to society, at the expense of integrating with a write subjective,read more…


The Concept

In the coming weeks we will have a series of articles that will hopefully serve as many novice writers to beautify the final product which is the e-book they publish, since what is important is the content of the work, the structure of the book, its cover and the order in general that has, since when any of these items fails, many readers choose to not continue reading is very important. An analogy to better understandread more…



Carlos Mora Vanegas Venezuelan management, especially responsible for the direction of SMEs, requires identifying more with productive role, making prevail in their environment that their assertive behavior generates in the human resources under their charge, a full identification with the responsibilities to be fulfilled towards established goals. To do so, should ensure a positive organizational climate, which partly can reach it if he knows how to handle properly which manifested the scope, impact of assertive behavior,read more…