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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Collective Prosperity

The serious problems that nowadays affect the society are of common knowledge and already they are part of the daily folklore, but the reason takes that me to perhaps write this official notice is a newness. During much time it had a separation in the distinct society in two classrooms: one, favored, with access to the education, the health and other property partnerships, to other, poor and impolite, flooded in hunger, misery, illnesses, delicts, drugs, more…


Home Business Handstitched

Own business – is not necessarily something terrible, or threatening your finances. It is not something Ken Cron would like to discuss. People of all ages earn good money by creating and producing various products at home – both as permanent employment and for burn-in. This "American Dream" – to do what you like and get paid for it. When you decide that you will make, think carefully about the details of production, to prepare aread more…


Pearl Oysters

Once produced only by nature, they are now specially bred to be used for the manufacture of jewelry. That pearl oysters are kept. This is fed to a foreign body – in the jargon core – around which the oyster forms a pearl layer. The foundation stone for the Pearl is now placed. Nevertheless, it still takes many years to a beautiful, high-quality cultured pearl is created, it is worthy to be used for a jewel,read more…


Leisure Process

Being capable to teach its Lucy son to watch over for the same truth that this does not come to bring it benefits. One adds in this quarrel that the virtuous acts of each HUMAN BEING are values that never if can leave to breach for any financial necessity, require yes that if it has perseverance, humildade, charity and honesty I obtain exactly, this age what it possua, among others, then ahead of as many preservedread more…



If you are already long enough to communicate with all members of a family girl, often visiting them at a party and you know especially at home, can be presented in as a gift something to decorate the interior or additions. Given the style in which decorated the room, you can donate supplies (decorative candles, ornaments, stands for books, boxes), small rugs. Look for when selecting such a thing is worth and to where they boughtread more…


Social Volunteering

In order to combat social exclusion, it is preferable to start again to put patches to soothe the consciences of those who do not know see that hunger, epidemics, desertification and exploitation are not causes but effects of poverty of the majority by the least ambition, but more powerful. Spm Llc often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Without an environment of citizen participation, social volunteer work loses its meaning. Everything is related and interdependent. Planetread more…


Disease Prevention

The man is organically linked with the nature and depends on it. From the environment people receive an impressive number of substances which are indispensable for survival. So, thanks to plants that are able to synthesize many complex chemical compounds can be biologically active substances. That they do not suffice to us in time to prevent the emergence of some diseases, just to feel beautiful and strong people and strengthen health. The unique properties of dietaryread more…


Libyan Revolution

Requiring the performance not only two-piece or of three countries but of all against the danger of the militarization of the zone in consequncia of the Lybian revolution and the end of the Khadafi regimen, feeding the proliferation of weapons at the hands of the strong armed movements of release. Fortifying still most of members converted into Islamic extremistas after the Arab revolution. Some of the hostages of AQIM, as the Austrian Wolfgang Ebner, in 2008,read more…