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Monthly Archives: December 2017


Exagon Comparison Study: Hardly Increased Interest In The Benchmarking Of Processes

Kerpen: Few companies are able to carry out a systematic benchmarking of quality and cost of their IT processes. A comparison survey from 2006 and 2007 Exagon consulting according to currently only 14 percent of companies can carry out a comprehensive comparison of quality and cost. 27 percent to limit on individual IT processes, all other (59 percent) refrain from according to own statements completely. Compared to the previous year the State has improved so more…


United States

The valuation of the companies was carried out in accordance with the following criteria: innovation. The company’s technology must be truly innovative and the company should invest significantly in research & development. Action potential. The company’s technology must be potentially able to influence the economic and social development in a sustainable manner. Growth and sustainability. The company should bring the requirements for long-term market leadership to submit detailed plans for the further development and expansion. Proofread more…


Gerhard Oellinger

So Mami Web GmbH has surpassed the investor side infected year end goals in November – early – already and is now probably the largest online mother network in the German-speaking countries. The enormous increase in new members exceeds our highest expectations, as the enthusiasm with which the mothers at Mommy Web in our community are active”, so Dr. Gerhard Oellinger, CEO of mommy Web GmbH. also in the next few months is the further expansionread more…


The Jewelry Channel Presents High-quality Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is one of the most valuable precious metals with silver and gold and is used by jewelry preference for elaborate creations designers. Platinum jewelry – already becoming popular is popular for jewelry lovers Platinum since time immemorial, therefore of the jewellery channel Platinum jewelry in her new jewelry collection on titled Rhapsody “offers. The Platinum jewelry is offered to usual reasonable prices while, refers to Dusseldorf shopping channel the goods directly from the mineread more…


Understand Warranties

Understand the various definitions of downtime (phased out) when a web hosting provider undertakes to verify the server to see if it is stopped every couple of minutes, what do what they promise exactly?. This can be a difficult question to answer because each web hosting provider uses a different method to check if the server is down. Some web hosting providers simply used the method to ping to the server to see if it responds,read more…


The Key

Then, what is the key to success? Before you decide to mount a project on the Internet, the best thing you can do is wondering if that is going to do really, love it. When I find an issue that I am passionate about and achieving profitable that passion, psychologically not assume it as a job, but that will be the development of a passion which, Furthermore, means me an income. You can do that allread more…


The Team

Remember birthdays and important dates. They are prospects who enjoy helping others to achieve their goals. They take their responsibilities seriously and are proud when his pupils reach the potential and recognition of the community. Give him all the security and support during their training. These are tremendous mentors once understand the business plan. They also need recognition and mentor weekly curfew. A call is more effective than an email. When you sign a prospectus withread more…


Giving Up

Yes, I was tired excessively pra to continue, tired and simply everything, to run away to dissimulate and to desfarar, was not something that I could prevent, was alone a feeling, but it was enough to harm each part of my body, lgimas drained for my face, a forced smile sprouted of my lips, the pain that was in my chest was so intense that I already not wise person the difference of entar alive orread more…


Civil Marriage Marriage

Civil marriage is an important building of the modern era. In these times where cultural changes have brought home to people from a more free everything related to marriage and the union of persons living together, civil marriage has become an important pillar of this type of ideas. Civil marriage emerged as a solution to the old Catholic institution of marriage requires people to a whole set of rules and restrictions that many do not makeread more…