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Monthly Archives: March 2018


Audea – Crack In Apple Security

The last attack to a large company, Apple has occurred. Antisec (short for anti-seguridad) is the organization that has hung the document showing the data and passwords of users of one of Apple’s servers. This group of cybercriminals is composed of hackers belonging to two organizations: Anonymous and Lulz Securiry (now dissolved) hackers have stated on Twitter, which has been a failure in the enterprise security system which has allowed them to steal such personal more…


International Foundation

In synthesis, it is necessary to read the trilogy of spiritual intelligence of Ramon Gallegos. Bibliography – Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) in unity with the self. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence i. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the illuminated consciousness. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence II. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicines opinions are not widely known. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the Nectar of happiness. Spiritual intelligence trilogyread more…


Reference Career

Formulation of conclusions and generalizations. On each stage of the researcher to solve their problems, which require appropriate skills. They must master the skill in the performance of student work. 1. When writing a thesis on the psychology of recycle content of primary sources, rather than copy it. 2. If you would like to quote a much smarter idea – quote, but be sure to refer to the author. So, the idea that such a thesisread more…


I Have Hair Again – Why Wigs Are Better Than Their Reputation

Carnival, party, thinning hair or even baldness? For whatever reason people have decided, to adorn themselves with borrowed plumes, there is a wig for every occassion. In today’s very appearance-conscious society, hair loss for women and young men has a strong psychological impact so why stick our heads in the sand when there is a great alternative? True, the talk is of tomorrow but we know they mean wigs. There are almost infinite number of ways,read more…


Models Of The Exhibition

Models of the exhibition. Models of the exhibition. In addition to representation, image features the work of the model at the show solves very specific problems. Do you show and you think whether to include in an expense-the cost of the model or models for your booth? In this article we outline the main reasons for the need for models of your company. Exhibition major marketing event, it is often the case on her meeting withread more…


Gases End

Gases end If you want to refine or if you want to measure the performance of any gas that escapes from ideal behavior will have to resort to the equations of real gases are varied and more complicated the more accurate. Real gases do not expand infinitely, but there would come a time that would not occupy more volume. This is because between the atoms / molecules forces are set fairly small, random changes due toread more…


The Power Of Inner Strength

Surely there is a more positive way to meet that need that leads them to seek care so painful. Our body care for our well-being depends largely on how we feel in our body. If we eat properly, do not exercise etc will be very difficult for us to feel good. Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. The acceptance and respect for ourselves necessarily involves the care of our body. Very few peopleread more…