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Monthly Archives: July 2018


Gift Giving

‘I want to give an original gift, and not just a banal souvenir! ” – So many say and think. Choose a gift is a science! Let us define, for a start, to whom, and for what reason you want something to give. We must not forget about fact that the gifts is always a pleasure to receive, from small gifts to luxury prezentovany. But to give a gift, we do not think how often itread more…


Ministry Justice

Force majeure, the Unlike force majeure, under certain circumstances, ad hoc basis is the release from liability for failure (improper fulfillment) of contractual obligations. Therefore, they are one of the mandatory (essential) conditions of certain contracts. Consequently, for the recognition of the circumstances “force majeure”, the presence of certain conditions. First, the imposition of those circumstances contract. Parties to a contract must coordinate force majeure by the direct instructions of their list. At the same time,read more…


Motorists Speed Racer

Hello! That's decided to share their not even know how to say bitter, but there is no better experience in the dark! Behind the wheel is not the first year, head-toning respectively the same, it all started with a 35%-ki, then it was light, replace 20% stuck-ka, so too, I have not traveled a long and a short time knit 15%-ka, traveled not , used briefly became almost native, but it's time to change the windshieldread more…


Parish Council

The day came to decide who would lead the choir, and had not yet been appointed from among us who would be. Parish Council met with the attendance of course each representative or director of each chorus. As we had not yet reached a decision, it was suggested we move on to an adjoining sitting room to take once the decision. The meeting at the a saloncito contiguoa was as follows: 1 .- Angel, representing theread more…


Robert Mainz

Tell me, Captain, are those all the documents? I ask because the notes are incomplete, and I thought that maybe … No, no more documents, not to my knowledge. 'It's strange, really. – Strange? "Maybe it's just my impression of this man Ungeheuera " I understand. "I can offer something to drink? We have coffee, or tea, if you prefer. "No thanks, just water. "As you guste.a Unfortunately, the refrigerator broke down, upon the offer itread more…


Psychotherapy Help

Schematically, we can define psychotherapy as a make the unconscious conscious or associate. In generic form, we define psychotherapy as a process of communication between a psychotherapist and a person applying for assistance (patient), with the aim of improving the quality of life of the latter, through a change in thought, in their feelings or actions. Let’s take this definition as a starting point for describing and analyzing each of the terms mentioned therein. Let’s startread more…