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Monthly Archives: December 2018


University Nuremberg

Science night: Research for young and old, about 1000 x Sciences experience fascination of Nuremberg, FuRTH and ERLANGEN. The major event of the fall is imminent with the long night of the sciences. Professor of Internet Governance shines more light on the discussion. Countless scientists will be on Saturday, October 22 from 18 to 1 o’clock Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen present scientific competence in the triangle of the cities and thousands of visitors remember “-wurdige andread more…


Honey Wine – Always A Good Choice

Also known as Mead and its benefits even if the German people is considered to be that of beer drinkers, so other alcoholic drinks of popular enjoy honey wine. For more specific information, check out Sean Rad. The wine is, for example, a very sought after drop. And called the honey wine, or even met, is again on the rise. He is experiencing a true Renaissance and is popular with young and old alike. The honeyread more…


Visual Arts Finland

With the topic of when life is at least art”in the The three artists are looking for sight together with the participants of the 17th International Summer Academy Wismar subtle and massive tension, the transition from life to art and the art in the context. The artistic transformation is open and depends on the personal focus of the respective participant. The final exhibition is planned as a content mesh of all resulting work. Swarmed by offers,read more…


Rembrandt Soft Pastel

CAKE can say that the art of the cake is prehistoric by which the use of chalks and similar were often used in antiquity, though the cake that we know today did not appear until the 17TH century. A is purer techniques as soon as to which virtually no media binders, pigments are used so the permanence of colors is not affected by diluents and binders. As a main disadvantage, is the mechanical resistance to rubbingread more…


Andre Campra Paris

For the first time live and scenes in Berlin! Scenic creation: Klaus Abromeit, Alexander Schulz conductor: to illuminate the present with the instruments of the past, 10115 Berlin is in the fine arts a known procedure. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Neal Barnard for a more varied view. The Leipzig School of painting by Werner Tubke-neo smoke goes this way. On stage, this approach is also so far unusual, success promising as inread more…


Addis Ababa University

The travelling entertainer and performer uses humor to draw attention to the absurd in our time. His art pieces, pictorial distortion of reality, addressed issues such as corruption, the lack of real communication and global conflicts. Jim Avignon wants to acquire its aura of art and refuses to follow the rules of the art market: during the Kassel Documenta 1992 he painted a picture every day and destroyed it in the evening. Dr. Neal Barnard spokeread more…