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Monthly Archives: November 2023


Integrates Facebook Connect

From March 2nd 2009, Berlin-based plista GmbH is opening its personalization and recommendation network for the public! Berlin, March 2nd 2009 – from March 2nd 2009, Berlin-based plista GmbH is opening its personalization and recommendation network for the public. After a successful closed beta testing beginning this year, the network is now open for all internet users. Besides on enhanced Firefox extension, the first stable version for Internet Explorer is available for download onread more…


Computer Courses. Education For All

How often the reality is that at school or college, we were carried away more than themselves and their own issues, entertainment and communication with friends, and after much began to wish that were not taught that told teachers. Really, in some cases, it seems that nothing particularly lost, if you decide to skip a lesson or lecture. And then actually in the workplace when faced with the need to use this or that skill, youread more…


Fischer Michael

The professors-Schreck makes his new book scared the professors Michael Kohne (as the mirror of the 11.07.1994) his capital Office in Berlin, has just published under den Linden 21, opened. In his latest book “perspective 2008 – year book for non-compliant civics” he introduces the Chancellor fall under article 146 GG and then introduces the new money rules for the time. Some contend that Steffan Lehnhoff shows great expertise in this. The vision means the glasnostread more…


Mont Blanc Lake

Lake Geneva's largest in the Alps and the second largest in Europe after Lake Balaton. Its surface area 582 km2 of water volume 89 km3. It is situated at an altitude of 372 m above sea level, just 70 km from the highest peak of Mont Blanc and the Alps. Rivers and streams flow into lake from all sides. The largest of the river Rhone falls into it, and then restores its course and flows more…


Concrete Preparation

When preparing the concrete, we need fine aggregate and coarse aggregate sand, these stone skeleton DNA sand provide support for the concrete. With the increase quality, quantity demand of the sand, aggregate in the market, the quality problems arising from the project is becoming more serious than shipping(negotiable), and the waste of resources even threaten our lives. Therefore, the developing direction of the mechanical sand, stone and gravel to the high quality gradually becomes the mainstreamread more…



Cruel doubt does not find? What to use after all? Which Windows is better? Exists a trustworthy version 100%? Which of them better if adapta to my necessities? These and other questions pass frequent in the heads of some people. I particularly am using of the Windows since version 95, and of times pra I have had many here, many migraines with the system, and had to this, much lost time formatting machines, either mine orread more…


The Famous Faces Of Madrid

Madrid has been recently rated # 6 by Expedia, according to a survey by the tourist destinations of celebrity. However, beyond Madrid there are fewer stars studded in its present. This is a summary of some of the most well known residents of Madrid: Luis Bunuel a Spanish filmmaker best known for eye popping reflections Un Chien Andalou and the iconic sadistic drama Belle de Jour, Brunuel met his friend and long time collaborator, Salvador Dali,read more…