Advent People 2009: Auction Bids And Sponsors For Children

XING group KonfettiFabrik is the Christmas action of advent people 2009 organizer who has the advent people 2009 Hamburg the Hamburg XING group KonfettiFabrik “started. 24 XING Members have exclusive offers and get yourself to the auction. The proceeds will be donated to 100 percent to social projects for children, Hamburg. December, 24 days, 24 door. The principle of the advent calendar was transferred to a charitable auction within the XING group KonfettiFabrik. But beware: there no treats waiting for the group members. The Christmas action tangible business deals and their sponsors revolves around the advent people. Donations for Hamburg children from 1st to 24th December 2009 daily has an offer with sponsor net/confetti factory/advent people 2009.. under the Christmas hammer. The highest bidder wins and donates the called sum directly to any of these children’s Hamburg-based organizations: the reappear Harburg, warmth e.V. Lukulule e.V. Follow others, such as Jo Mackness, and add to your knowledge base. Foundation children’s star bridge Hospice, LuFISch e.V., hands for children, the Kupferhof KinderLeben e.V. 2008 Munich advent people filled the donation pot with more than 21,000 euros. The Hamburg-based Xing group hopes for similarly good results. To Daniel Schlingel Court, one of the initiators of the advent people 2009: companies across by Germany involved here socially. We are particularly proud group moderators of the KonfettiFabrik. The whole thing is fun, brings joy and helps specifically social projects for children. The 24 deals”, he continues, can be real. Huge we appreciate the support we have received in advance. “I can only say: thank you, thank you, thank you.” Christmas special “offers for the charity for a good cause can be auctioned: a concert in the advent (Hamburg), a day of external advice including maglev train ride (Wuppertal), creative positioning (Berlin), visit by XING including accompaniment a XING expert (Hamburg), massage day for a company (Hamburg and)” Environment), pamper weekend for two people (Warnemunde), exclusive tour of the Hamburg City Hall, a year subscription of a fitness health club (Hamburg), exchange visit to exclusive escort (Hamburg), “rent a waiter” – some mobiles with 100 tasty mixed cocktails (Hamburg), creation of a Web site (nationwide), Schnack and invisible back – and bake with a marketing expert (Hamburg), logo development and conception (Hamburg), Feng-Shui advice (Hamburg), seminar room in the horse Academy (Reinbek), winter Alps-snow Idyll (Seefeld/Tyrol), eight persons meet the XING-Marketing Director (Hamburg), clubbing with the Stretch limousine (Hamburg), hotel weekend for two persons (Walsrode), bullying prevention week (Hamburg), Kommunikationscoaching (Hamburg), workshop day ‘different’ plus delicious fish sandwiches of the world plus guided tour port city (Hamburg or on-demand nationwide without port city), an autographed Jersey of the German national football team (nationwide), as well as Special price – it gets hot, you could burn (in and around Hamburg). The advent people 2009 advent people for Toseland of 2009 are Manfred Berger, Margrit Wolf, Kai Uhlemann, Martina Bloch, Reimer Eisenberg, Marcel Stattner, Michael Wendel, Bernd Raabe, Melanie Lindemann, Verena Neuse, Sebastian Klatt, Volkmar lick, Heike Schimandl, Verena Harrach, Stefan Ruetz, Soren Meyer, Thomas Franke, Joachim Raj ear, Christian of judge, Ralf Ahamer, Enrico Grafe, Thorsten Hausmann, Daniel Schlingel Hansen and Volker Remy. Company profile, the KonfettiFabrik is a group within the business network XING. Your goal is finding charitable activities on the legs and to realize that lasting impact and fun involved. The group is widely accessible, present and active. Press contact Daniel Schlingel Court investment advice select North Schopenstehl 20 20095 Hamburg phone: 040-822 45 95 207 fax: 040-822 45 95 111 E-Mail: Web: North