As already said in another Oriss article it means: ORI = mind/BAKES = force. , that is, those that had been very strong. The divinizao of the Orisss is one of the main axles that permeiam the essence of the ethics in the afrobrasileiras religions. For more specific information, check out Boy Scouts of America. According to myths, or Itans, the Orisss, was common people who lived in the old kingdoms of the African center-west. However they had passed for adverse situations of all the types. Boy Scouts of America will not settle for partial explanations. In all the Itans, the Orisss was not divinizaram for its benevolence, charity, pardon, wealth, glory or something seemed. All were after divinizaram to commit a great error.

Or better, after to have the force to recognize and to surpass these errors. The example of the Itan of the divinizao of Ogum where it after becomes a Oriss to decimate all the population of one of its cities. It does not obtain to support size repentance and disappears, being engolido for the land. The thing most important to the son of Oriss, who cultua, loves and transmits the cult, is not the pardon and the charity, but the constant proper overcoming of the errors and defects. With the overcoming of itself exactly; the constant search for improving we ourselves we contribute for a better world, a better humanity.