Alimeleque Force

(Sl 28,8) You it is the force of its people; also it is the saving force of its ungido one. The force this in the house of God. (Sl 96,6) Glory and Majesty are before its face, force and formosura in its sanctuary. The believer goes of force in force: (Sl 84,7) They go going of force in force; each one of them in Sio appears before God. 4.Pessoas resilentes is raised of the dust: (Sl 117,7, 8) It raises the poor person of the dust, and of monturo it raises the needed one, to make to seat it with the princes. Dust is the maximum expression of misery, poverty, necessity here. III? TYPES OF PEOPLE RESILENTES 1.A Resilncia de Jose: Hated, rejected, threatened of death, vendido as enslaved. (Gn 37,19) It lives in Egypt 15 years as enslaved.

Assediado for the woman of Potifar, escapes unharmed, but it passes 2 years in the arrest. (Gn 39.12-20) It leaves being there the governor of Egypt. 2.A Resilncia de Sanso: (Jz 15,15) Then God cleaved a socket that was in the jaw; left it water, and drank; recovered its spirit and was started again; therefore it called that place: The source of what clama that it is in Law until today. 3.A Resilncia de Rute: Rute had 3 people deceased in its family, its Alimeleque father-in-law, its Malom brother-in-law and its proper Quiliom husband. Parents foreign because of the hunger live almost per 10 years. Israel comes back, lives with its mother-in-law and of the charity collecting surplus of wheat in the fields of Boaz. 4.A Resilncia de Peter: After denying three times the Jesus, praguejando and swearing that such man did not know. He arises yourself restored in the day of the Pentecoste and gains three a thousand souls the Mr. (TM 26,60-75) 5.A Resilience of Pablo: (2 Co 11,23-29) They are ministers of Christ? (I speak as it are of me) I still more: in works, much more; in whips in risk of death, many times.