Amorim Family

On this contextualizao, it she only serves to approach a subject not yet duly discoursed as she would have to have been, that it is the standard of consumption and expenses, especially for organizations and people. To understand the true importance of if saving and being more timely efficient with budgets, we need to define> word Standard of Consumption. Standard of Consumo (PDC), must be understood before everything with, not only an administrative pilgrim’s staff, to touch itself in the subject that some manager of high of its bir thought, to make a presentation on evolution of the expenditure that exists in managemental reports. PDC must also be understood as a mental standard, social drawing in which the human beings and corporations project its necessities to exist. I relate some points here all to reflect in the personal scope and professional when they will be in the command of the financial life and some Company: 1-Change rational and emotional system of beliefs of consumption: 1.1-) If the psicosocial projection that an individual projects of he himself as being of that it has always to buy item for its day-by-day, of the good one and of optimum, without if worrying about familiar or personal budgets, probably it will have liquidity problems. Same thing for companies; 1.2-) All need to question the real priorities on types of products that glamourosas things of the life? So that bilhetinho yellow Post It, and a clerical mount of materials that also can be substituted by others.

the exageros of services and graphical products in some companies? I invite to everybody to pass one day entire without making linking of cellular. Later, day yes, day not; after two in two days and thus it goes. In a recognition gesture, which we can move, the model of exageros, without having nor why . 1.3-) If it will not have a reculturalizao on standard of the materials, products and services to be consumed (quality) its amounts, will not have change with bias of reduction of expenditures> for none of these social actors. I have a friend that in the house of it he has 4 refrigerators, overloaded, and of time in when it still asks for to the neighbor to keep some product that did not fit in its house. Vocs must be thinking that this citizen is rich and of great family: not. It has two children, it is representative advertising and the wife public employee of average level, and must be a familiar income eliminates of R$ 5,000, 00. 2- To create action and campaigns of consumption reduction effective 2.1-) That families (not to be that Amorim Family who appeared in the Fantastic program of the Net Globe) which companies really has a directed action to not only reduce consumption, established in sazonalidades of the crises, but as a mental and cultural standard of questionings? Who already is operating of truth an action, after all this crisis of consumption that we are living in a globalizado and local specter? Who controls energy, water, purchases superflas etc?