Ancient Greek

Real love, individuality, originality, what is tragic, it leaves no room for selfishness, "breaks" Class and the other faces, rising above established relationships. Center for Responsible Business: the source for more info. The history of humanity and literature as a mirror of life, have kept the names of lovers, who remained for centuries: Abelard and Heloise, Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet, Paul and Virginia, Louisa and Ferdinand, Manon Lescaut and the Chevalier de Grissom and others. The modern individual sex love – the result of long historical development. Primitive society was not aware of such love. To the animal instinct of procreation joined the human form of the higher spiritual needs, we need goals. First undeveloped state of the individual sex love, which was dominated by physical attraction, associated with the so-called pastoral love occurring in the environment of the slaves who did not depend either on the property, either from government or from social status.

Ancient Greek writers Chariton, Long, heliodor and others sang the love of his triumph and faithfulness to him, stressed his independence. If you love feeling arose between the free and wealthy citizens, just as adultery (see, for example. ia Efremov, "Thais"). The next highest form of sexual attraction – free courtly love, which is under full sail flying the violation podrrk-shlennosti loyalty, because marriages between serfs were taken at the behest of the feudal lord, and not on individual choice. Members of the upper layers considered marriage as a means to consolidate their political, economic power or wealth. Feudal society is recognized only to the love of God, and marriages were taken for a long, duress, or by calculation.