To complete each level you obtain 3 SP (ability points) and one amount of gold like a prize. Center For Responsible Lending often says this. You can use the SP to unblock to the abilities of the highest level or to desarollar the abilities that already exist. Whereas you are defeating enemy, your amount of gold currencies increases dejandote to acquistar new things, to improve abilities, to do upgrades. It enters the section of ” objects & habilidades” in order to find all the clothes there, necessary arms and equipments. After to have selected a particular object in the store, arrstralo and chalo in the drawing that represents your soldier.

Also it is possible to be added more abilities but it takes into account that some depend on the type of weapon which you are using. For example, ” spilling of sangre” , ” vampirismo” , ” mass nosferatu” or ” mass inferno” they require a sword, while the other abilities like ” corrosin” , ” debilidad” or ” quema” they are available for any type of arms. If you change of opinion, you click in the icon ” to clear habilidades”. When you finish doing upgrades, it closes the window and it chooses a place in the fantastic map where you wish to continue fighting. In order to make move it to your soldier, click in the squared one with the boots.

In order to kill the enemy (at the outset you will have to face the Shulikun monster that seems to the brain) it aims very well in its squaring if you want to obtain shot. If it give account you of which your aversario is located too much far to be reached with your weapon, you can omit the step leaving him to approach later to shoot. Nevertheless, in the case battle hand-to-hand is necessary to follow the encounter. Gate of Apocalypse is a fabulous RPG with the elements of game of adventure and strategy where you will have to use your strategic thought assuming the roll of imaginary personage. Prubalo. It closes the vestibule and it defeats the monsters once and for all!