Argentina Growth

In our country we were, commonly, before the idea that never we will be able to grow, economically speaking, of constant way. For that reason, when we analyzed the national reality around this, we see different notes that says one or the other thing to us, with its foundations, but that do not include the subject all over the same. We see, that any type of analyst of the present time constantly lobbies, exposing that will not be able, Argentina, to obtain that so longed for along sustained growth years. However, others shake the wasps’s nest, announcing that the government continues making the things decidedly well and that we directed ourselves a period ago of growth totally sustained and by more years than anyone it is possible to be imagined. I consider, in this aspect, to analyze each one of the components with which the growth can or not to be maintained.

We know, that so that is perpetual it must fulfill all the necessary aspects, something that are very difficult, but nonimpossible. Thus, I consider, taking other authors, who the sources so that the growth is sharp, perpetual and prolonged, must be the following: a continuous increase of the technological change; One improves constant of the productivity of the capital; and One improves continuous of the productivity of the work. In this case, so that each of these essential pillars is developed satisfactorily will have of having investment in investigation and development, the capital and the education. In addition, of the infrastructure investment, that makes possible the diminution of costs, increasing the efficiency and, thus, the productivity. In the particular case of the technological change, we observed that in our country we lack, from always practically, of as important process as this one. It is as well as, the investment necessary to secure a satisfactory technological change, with a view to conquering an increase in the productivity, benefitting to the possessing companies from the same, this diminishing, is customarily null.