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Insofar as so of successful learning process on the one hand has the change of behavior as an external resource to the target, and on the other hand refers to the information processing as internal competence offers municipal education work e. V. with its programme of seminars in special places”the optimal networking of knowledge through creative perspectives and self-organised learning and action. Interested in further education and Fortbildungsverantwortliche for further information about the three mentioned seminar series: over the roofs of Berlin July 19-20. as well as 01-02 November 2012 seminars in Vienna, 20-21 September, 2012, as well as seminars in the Baltic seaside resort Sellin 18-23 October 2012 at:. The telephone contact is by phone: 030-29 33 50-0 possible. For further questions and suggestions are the employees of the municipal education work e.

V. email: available. The municipal education factory e.V. (KBW e.V.) is an institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals recognised as charitable. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V. is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main.

For more than 20 years, the Institute offers a comprehensive program berufsbegleitender education and training. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences. While the training offerings span the entire Federal territory. The training of the KBW e.V. aimed for example at Secretaries, case managers at the job centres, staff from youth welfare institutions, legal supervisors, auditors, politicians, cultural and marketing executives, to to chimney sweeps and many others. Also interested parties from the private sector and individuals will find qualified offers of the continuing education and training of the municipal education factory e.V. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV. Updated daily, the KBW e.V. presents its training range on the Internet at. Press contact: Municipal education work e. V. Klaudia Hennig belt Street 29 a/30 10247 Berlin Tel.: 030-293350-0 fax: 030-293350-39-URL: