Back Pain

Modern life strained the back very strongly and often indicate back pain pain in the cross up to 85 percent of Germans have a strain in everyday life according to the Robert Koch Institute at least once in life. The health insurance companies indicate that herniated, lumbago and pain attacks are the leading cause of disability in the back. “The causes are the same for almost all concerned: too little exercise, untrained muscles, stress and other psychological stress”, says Prof. Ingo Frobose (Centre for health of the German sport University in Cologne). The number one problem area make the back office chair, sofa and overweight.

Will challenged the motion and holding apparatus, essential parts wither away. However, Professor Hartmut Gobel (pain clinic Kiel) estimates that only at 10 to 20 percent of back pain patients a structural physical cause can. Back pain is a clear warning of the body. The causes can also stress and heartache be. Tension bring the interplay of muscles and the spine out of whack. Therefore, Gobel advises to consider all factors that can lead to back pain.

Often, namely depression, stress at work and relationship problems play a role. The Munich back specialist Martin Marianowicz has treated 12,000 patients with intervertebral disc damage. It, he has found that 80 percent of the operations are unnecessary. Marianowicz are the most important factors for the treatment of time and nature. We advise patients, principle, therefore to obtain a second opinion from a specialist in order to avoid unnecessary operations”, because 90 percent of all herniated healed up without consequences. Since it obviously is back pain a problem, where the modern lifestyle plays an important role, you must pay attention to lifestyle. As a general rule: anyone who spends their working lives on the Office Chair and his spare time in front of the TV, No sport drives, excess weight on the hips and seems much to one’s own body. It is advisable to take advantage of every opportunity to move. To use rather than to be on the road with car prefer cycling or walking or stairs to climb instead of the elevator. Such or similar changes can prevent many attacks of pain. To broaden your perception, visit Nieman Lab. Believed to be the right therapy, used protection and peace of mind when back pain doctors today but rather rely on movement. We now know that spine, muscles, ligaments and joints really need the movement. Therefore, back patients should take advantage of various offers. If the back pain acute, of course heat bottle and painkillers can provide relief. To avoid back pain but permanently, if necessary requires an adaptation of the way of life. Therefore, prevention courses are funded to the theme of spine by the health. Since many back pain of psychosomatic origin is a combination particularly advised school for back treatment and coping with stress such as progressive muscle relaxation.