The day ends with testing and certification to the MDaemon certified partner (MDCP). Appointments to the MDaemon certified training partner EBERTLANG (MDCP): September 22, 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany September 29, 2009 in Berlin based on 06.10.2009 in Bochum, Germany October 13, 2009 in Stuttgart, October 20, 2009 in Vienna on the MDCP training EBERTLANG expansion module with certification to the MDaemon certified technician (MDCT) offers. In this training, the participants of profound insights into the Administration – from the first steps to the optimisation of the system, and the use of numerous features of one of the most popular communication solutions for Microsoft Windows. There is also the informed mediation in error detection and correction using the MDaemon logging in the focus of the one-day training. Dates for the training to the MDaemon certified technician (MDCT) by EBERTLANG: September 23, 2009 in Frankfurt am Main September 30, 2009 in Berlin Oct in Bochum October 14, 2009 in Stuttgart, October 21, 2009 in Vienna a special advantage for both events: certified partner will receive an additional five Percent margin. In addition, participants ALT-N can obtain unique products with a price advantage of up to 40 percent. Time: 9:30 until 17:30 / 18:00 cost: 175 euro + VAT number of participants: maximum 15 per date more information and registration see: veranstaltungen.cfm data security: EBERTLANG trains sales on BackupAssist electronic data have become the most important corporate values. Regular backups belong therefore to the life in the modern world of work.

A fact that many companies still ignore. To cover the need for a professional and at the same time streamlined backup solution, the EBERTLANG distribution GmbH as of September 2009 offers half-day trainings to BackupAssist focused on the sales environment. The participants learn the basic advantages of BackupAssist and the strategic advantages of the solution for a long-term customer loyalty.