Balconies Offer Diverse Possibilities Of Use

Interesting from the real estate ABC around many key terms the topics home and real estate ABC of the real estate portal users find housing The following B balcony will be presented in detail. A balcony is a jutting out from the main structure platform on a building that is bordered by a parapet or a railing. End of the 1930s, a distinction was made between jewellery and economy balconies. The former considered jewellery to the artistic appreciation of roadside building fronts. These included about so-called appearance balconies, where dignitaries of a gathered audience were able to present themselves.

The balconies of economy, however, were attached to the rear yard facades. They were used, for example, to dry the laundry or other household chores. From a legal perspective, the tenants of an apartment can use freely the balcony. There are two principles: a rights must not be impaired third party and on the other hand, the use must be a hazard of the substance of the apartment exclude. The balcony represents an additional residential and commercial area.

Ornamental shrubs and flowers he becomes especially in the summer months the getaway Staycation”. Energetically balconies of real estate are also beneficial. South-facing location, they shade in the summer the below them Windows and glass facades. In the winter, they allow a passive use of solar energy, because they cast no shadow on lower window flat standing Sun. Whether as a small herb garden oasis, or apartment-private barbecue area: Balconies can be used versatile.