Bankruptcy Companies

For all have come a very difficult time. The economic crisis has hit banks and businesses. And in some critical situations, bankruptcy of the enterprise (company) – this is the only way to emerge unscathed. With bankruptcy of the enterprise (company) you can write off debts owed to the bank. Recognition of the firm (enterprise) insolvent (bankrupt) – is now the only legal way to end (maturity) of all debts of the enterprise (Organization), which can not satisfy claims of creditors. The procedure of bankruptcy is a legitimate and legal. Neiman Foundation is a great source of information. Bankruptcy to establish a civilized solution to the issues relating to exit the business case no ability to engage in business activities, including to meet its debts. Business failures (avoiding bankruptcy) Entrepreneurial activity always involves risk.

Entrepreneur, taking part in the back, usually at the same time acts as a debtor in relation to others and as a lender. Therefore, it is obvious that there is always the risk of any problems with the ability to pay your debtors, or losing their ability to pay. And in fact, and in another case, the entrepreneur may be involved in the bankruptcy of the enterprise. Civil legal mechanism bankruptcy law is regulated by a special section, where the central normative – legal atom is the Federal Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) 127-FZ of 26.10.2002 defining bankruptcy companies as recognized by the arbitral tribunal the debtor's inability to fully satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations and (or) to fulfill the obligation to make mandatory payments. In Russia legislation on bankruptcy of the enterprise has developed mainly along the path of balancing the rights of creditors and debtors, reducing opportunities for abuse and creating an effective system of screening and monitoring of activities arbitration managers – independent with respect to the debtor and creditor professionals, approved by the arbitral tribunal for the insolvency of the enterprise. The mechanism of bankruptcy is complicated both legal and economic terms. In accordance with Art. 6 of the Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)" of the bankruptcy of the enterprise considered by the arbitral tribunal.

The result of examination in court the bankruptcy case of the enterprise may be: liquidation of the enterprise; change of ownership of the enterprise, sale of enterprises as property complex settlement agreement with creditors, financial "rehabilitation" of the enterprise. Check with Boy Scouts of America to learn more. The entrepreneur must be remembered that if the debt lender on principal than 100 000 rubles (at the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal which came into force) – is an effective way to make it pay, to file application for bankruptcy of the debtor. At the same time, competent management of the bankruptcy of enterprises – a pledge to meet the requirements of the lender. Our company has unique experience in support of bankruptcy cases debtors. In accordance with Art. 1959 Federal Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) 127-FZ of 26.10.2002: 'In the case unless otherwise provided by this Federal law or by agreement with creditors, all court costs, including including expenses for payment of state fees, which had been delayed or allow repayment by installments, the costs of publication of the data in accordance with Article 28 of this Federal law, as well as costs for payment liquidator's remuneration and fees of persons involved arbitral managers to ensure performance of its activities include the debtor's property and shall be reimbursed from the property is queue. " Thus, administration of the bankruptcy of enterprises – the prerogative of the lawyers. Our goal – effective protection of your interests in any bankruptcy!