Beauty Tip: How To Cover Dark Circles And Blemishes

Unless your skin is absolutely flawless, concealer is a must. So before you use foundation have blemishes and dark circles concealed. The first step in concealing, whether it is dark circles or blemishes is choosing the appropriate correction. A good concealer does not go dry and make your skin look cracked but is smooth, creamy and blends easily. Better correction has a yellowish hue. Dark Circles: 1.

Before applying concealer gently pat a light eye cream under the eye to moisturize the skin. Use your ring finger to pat on moisturizer and concealer from the skin of this area is extra delicate and the ring finger, which has the lowest amount of force, are less likely to pull or tear. 2. To apply the concealer using a concealer brush (similar to a soft bristle brush) to enter the areas of difficult access, such as the inner corners of eyes and to obtain the exact correction desired. 3.

Apply the concealer in the eye to the extent the lash line to the inside corners. Do not apply concealer to the eyelids because that your eye shadow from creasing. Then Pat to blend with your ring finger. 4. Apply foundation over the concealer, also in a patting motion around the eyes, being careful not to rub any concealer. 5. For your foundation to have a nice clear look you must use an exfoliant regularly. After you have applied foundation use powder to keep the foundation in place. For more information on the implementation Foundation go to Stains: 1. Moisturize as usual and then delete a little concealer on the spot with a concealer brush. 2. Economics Foundation 3. If the stain is still visible, use the brush to paint a little foundation over the blemish. 4. Use only a little powder on the stain to set the foundation. Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP contributes greatly to this topic. 5. May your heart? Ready to go. Sheila Dicks is an image and wardrobe consultant who teaches women how to dress to fit your body type and look slimmer. You can reach her in to download your eBooks and get raw way free.