introduction for a moment invites the community to a moment of reflection entoado for music, involving a climate of mercy and followed of dither and louvor to the creative God of the world, a glad and expressive way as well as the choir them angels in louvor to the boy Jesus in the manger (Lucas 2:13,14). The corresponding part the liturgy of the composed word for conjuncts and the reading of the epistles of the day, followed respectively of gradual and the aleluia made for a solista with reply of the choir, at times penitentials is substituted by tracto that it was very common in the medieval period. After the reading of evangelho follows it profession of the faith or creed, initiated for the priest for ' ' I believe in Gave Pai' ' , which can be recited or be sung. The liturgy of the word is a moment to celebrate the word of God through the sacred writings of the bible, also occasion to profess the faith in these words and the faith spread out for the Church. It is the moment of affirmation and for such of solemnity and deepening of the soul according to bible and the dogmas of the Church. creed is the landmark of the end of the first part of the mass and beginning of the eucarstica liturgy, celebration of the memory and the sacrifice of Christ for the humanity, the most complete act of Christian charity must be imitated by the participant fidiciary offices of the communion and members of the body of the Church. The eucarstica liturgy is composed for the following parts: Ofertrio, moment of oferecimento, sacrifice and oblation the God, is the preparation of the bread and the wine to be consecrated; he follows some conjuncts and the Sanctus and Benedictus, sung for the choir exaltando the sanctity of the God, the goodness and the benevolence of this for having done all the creatures; respectively folloied for the Agnus Dei, where if it recognizes the sacrifice of Christ for the salvation of the human sins, mstico moment and of great interior deepening, followed of the communion and after-communion moment of shelter of the fruits spirituals, sufficiently interiorizado I sing by it that it involves the community if to compose ahead in the approach with the holy ghost.