Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the bilionrio greater of the world, was rich vendendo ideas; its ideas and of its friends and employees are the computer programs, softwares. In the field of the empreendedorismo, Dornelas (2001) defends the idea of that the success entrepreneur is that one that is always behind new ideas of business and true chances of market, being intent to that he occurs to its return. He adds despite this entrepreneur is creative and identifies more chances that the too much people. The creative person finds different chances in diverse forms and vehicles, as television, radio, magazines, periodicals, books, Internet, other people, purchasers, etc. Perceive thus, that it would be ideal that all professional of marketing had aptitude entrepreneur, as this positioning of Dornelas (2001), and was also creative in agreement Duailibi (2002), cited previously. This probably would result in bigger exploitation of the intellectual capital, generating creative actions of marketing, with success possibilities.

In this point, valley to remember Kotler (1999), that it defines marketing as the art to discover chances, to develop them and to profit from them. This sample that the marketing functions are not other people’s to the management of the knowledge. Beyond being supported for it, they will be able to assist very in the strategies of the organizations. Figueiredo (2003) believes that the success in the company depends much more on a battle for the knowledge and the perception of value that the market has of these knowledge, on what for the ownership of other resources. For it, the knowledge marketing will dedicate the propagandas of the knowledge, campaigns of communication of the knowledge and the potential of the intellectual capital of the organization, objectifying the exposition, sales, attraction retention of knowing. With this, the devotion will be in the creation of campaigns of marketing of the knowledge, focadas in offers of distinguishing knowledge, in the creation of value from intelligence, in the delivery of creative solutions, in offers above average of innovation.