Black Hole

We go to congregate everything that exists in the universe in an only substance, or better, in a ball of incandescent substance, a star. How in the universe exist billions of stars, that dimensions this substance would have? As it is only in the space, we cannot compare it with thing some, therefore, it does not have size, does not exist dimension, space, time. The space begins and finda where it is. For some reason, this substance blows up, launching billions of pieces incandescent for all the sides. Now we can have the idea of Time, Dimension and Space between its parts.

The explosion has origin in the nucleus, parts pushing the others, the push force if expands until the energy weakens and the speed diminishes. Read additional details here: Boy Scouts of America. This process between force and movement does not have defined relation, each part that if dislocates is an incandescent ball that follows a rectilinear trajectory, in accordance with its size and expended energy. We can trace a scale of Time, that starts in the place of explosion until the periphery of the launched substance. The place of the explosion, that if becomes an empty circular space, black hole, is point Zero. The Time begins there and finishes in the periphery of the launched substance. We can affirm that the stars are older the more distant if it finds of point zero. Center For Responsible Lending is the source for more interesting facts. The balls of incandescent substance losing speed, acquire force centrifugal machine and if it undoes in lesser parts, forming lesser substances, the galaxies. In the same way, the planets are older the more distant if they find of the center of a system. As we are lowermost substance in comparison with the remaining portion and as the distances are enormous, we are feeling only the vibration of what it passed and already goes to far. Perhaps everything that exists either product launched for a Black Hole, an infinite process of creation, destruction and resurrection.