Christ Easter

Charming holidays are in the unknown South Italy the Easter holidays in Cilento, a charming but still unknown area in South of Italy, religious customs, culinary delights and the gathering of the whole family. At Easter are also tourist part of traditions and experience Italy at its most pristine. The calendar of events recently launched on informed about a variety of Easter events and ceremonies in the Cilento, but also of festivals during the year. Good Friday Venerdi Santo for visitors of the 2000 municipality Pisciotta a strange sight: on the evening of good Friday, the Venerdi Santo, pulls a brotherhood of laymen, wrapped in long robes and hoods and accompanied by hundreds of believers, the Church of SS. Pietro Paolo Il Calvario chapel on the edge of the old village core. A statue by six men, the mater dolorosa, precedes this looking up vertiginous procession, which is at the heart of worship.

The to perfect festive mood, a dull and heavy music envelops the pre-Easter procession. But not only in Pisciotta, but also in many other places, the National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site Cilento maintains the ancient tradition of good Friday processions. Other highlights on good Friday and part of the new Cilentano event calendar: the performance of the suffering path of Christ in the old town of Casal Velino or the good Friday procession in Montecorice. Easter Pasqua Easter Sunday is similar to place as in the rest of Catholic Europe: in the morning visit the exhibition in commemoration of the resurrection of Christ, the highest feast of Christianity and in the course of the day eating a variety of delicacies in a get-together with the whole family. These include among other dishes of lamb and Caprettone and pastiera famous Easter cakes and dough luggage pasta frolla. Another important part of the Easter Sunday is magnificently decorated their graves visit the ancestors in the cemeteries, and is decorated with flowers are.