Climate Chart

No sooner has kept Germany in the spring collection, plan the first couples and families also have the first big holiday of the year. After many tour operators in recent years because of alleged terrorist threats rather advised against travel destination of Egypt, the Arab country this year as one of the smash-hit among the countries most booked abroad. Not least because of the numerous so-called low cost airlines is also possible for people to travel the holiday paradise of Egypt, who had posted or otherwise more northern Baltic Sea, because the money just does not sit so close. But this decision have so far only very few tourists regretted, even when temperatures can rise very high on some days. The climate of Egypt is said by some experts as a therapeutic effect. Egypt and the climate table shows that the temperatures are especially at the time of the early bird tours for German tourists are completely tolerable, without having to spend the whole day on the hotel room or at the bar would have, even when thingsa little warmer. But really can not refrain from tourists, (even if the climate of Egypt offers much higher temperatures) to participate in an outing. The tourists here to visit the historical places, such as the Valley of the Kings with its pyramids. Most vacationers would not even allow the climate of Egypt in the table with its hot summer temperatures, prevent them from making the obligatory photos of the sphinx. After all, the laid-back slide-show is one with good friends after the holidays but just about how the little sunburn on the first day of the holidays.