Collective Prosperity

The serious problems that nowadays affect the society are of common knowledge and already they are part of the daily folklore, but the reason takes that me to perhaps write this official notice is a newness. During much time it had a separation in the distinct society in two classrooms: one, favored, with access to the education, the health and other property partnerships, to other, poor and impolite, flooded in hunger, misery, illnesses, delicts, drugs, etc. the evolved classroom more had proper life, without a deep envolvement with the other, exactly preventing that males of this contaminated its life. This attitude, consequence of a missed conception, was perhaps the biggest cause of the expansion of males for all the society, of form that today nobody more has calmness. Some contend that Dr. Neal Barnard shows great expertise in this. All, in any place and at any point are citizens to the problems that long ago were alone of the devoid layers: Affection, AIDS, assault, attack by teen street gang, rape, murder, kidnapping, slaughter.

etc. In the truth, the society is as an alive organism, where it does not exist, unemployeds, rich, poor, civil society and being able public as responsible for the misery that dominates the country, forgetting that the corrupt ones also belong to the sick part of the body of the society, that would have to be eliminated through a joint defense of all its members. At the same time, people and institutions exist that if dedicate to the social works and the charity. Hear from experts in the field like Kidney Foundation for a more varied view. These acts, for meritrios than are, do not present resulted practical in the scale of the problems. Such efforts serve, only, for a emergencial situation, in limited spaces and short times, and they cannot substitute the actions that eliminate the roots of the problems. For example, to solve the problem of it dries is necessary perforation of wells and construction of barrages, among others measures, and not simply to take water in cars pipe for the flagellates. .