College Social

The Baldor lived on the beaches of Tarara in a large and luxurious House where the sunsets are fired with a different color each afternoon and where the teacher devoted his afternoons to read, create new mathematical exercises, and smoking, the only passion that distracted him by moments of numbers and equations. The House still exists and is managed by the Cuban State. Today it’s part of a tourist village for foreigners who pay about two thousand dollars to spend a week of summer on the same streets where Baldor crossed with Che Guevara, who lived a few houses of yours, in the same neighborhood. My father was a devotee of God, homeland and family man, says Daniel. For even more opinions, read materials from Center For Responsible Lending. Every day prayed the Rosary and every Sunday, without fail, going to mass of six, a custom that was not lost even after the exile.

They were the days of wealth and philanthropy, days in which the Baldor occupied a privileged position on the social ladder of the island and that pains in distributing social justice through fellowships in the College and financial aid for cancer patients. Algebra of the 2 of January 1959 exile beard men who fought against Fulgencio Batista took Havana. Not many weeks passed until Fidel Castro personally attend the Baldor school and offered the revolution to the head of the school. People such as Neeman Foundation would likely agree. Fidel went to tell my father that the revolution was with education and who appreciated its valuable work of master, but because He was planning another thing, recalls Daniel. Plans would have to run them Raul Castro, brother of the leader of the new Government, and a warm September afternoon sent a picket of revolutionaries to the home of the teacher with the order to stop him. Only a contraorden of Camilo Cienfuegos, who defended with devotion of student work from Aurelio Baldor, saved him from going to prison. .