Company Comptroller

Poskovy giant aims to resolve issues with China and other countries that are actively using censorship, according to pcworld. The company has received a huge amount of criticism over the past year, that in Chinese search engine,, built-in "self-censorship." Patrick Dougherty (Patrick Doherty), who presented the proposal on behalf pensinnogo Fund of New York and Company Comptroller (NY), referred to the testimony Google's Congress last year in which it was reported, "the requirement of work in China include the function of" self-censorship. " The proposal was put forward the claim that Google would not include a mechanism for "self-censorship" in their products, and that to the company tells users if any of censorship. Response In response to the arguments of Google, David Drummond (Drummond), senior vice president of corporate development, said simply, – 'this proposal would prevent us carried at ' 'Pull out of China, still working, – it's just not the right thing, which you can do at this moment', he said.

'But it certainly would have happened so if we accepted this proposal. " Board of Directors recommended that shareholders vote against the proposal. Drummond also noted that Google is working with human rights groups, socially responsible investors, and other organizations to pogotovit directives for action in these countries, but the 'application is a hard set of rules may not always lead us to pravilnmu result. "