Concrete Preparation

When preparing the concrete, we need fine aggregate and coarse aggregate sand, these stone skeleton DNA sand provide support for the concrete. With the increase quality, quantity demand of the sand, aggregate in the market, the quality problems arising from the project is becoming more serious than shipping(negotiable), and the waste of resources even threaten our lives. Therefore, the developing direction of the mechanical sand, stone and gravel to the high quality gradually becomes the mainstream of the mechanical market, at the same time, this influence is gradually paid attention by the relative government. It is reported, crushed stone and the different mechanisms sand, gravel production line is also somewhat different from sand production line. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Steffan Lehnhoff and gain more knowledge.. Stone production line mainly involved the sand making, the key equipment is sand making machine; Stone production line is mainly mainly pebble stone processing equipment Impact Crusher Hammer Crusher.

Of course need vibrating screen to separate the the gravel mechanisms sand of different particle size range. Finished gravel, stone are made by the mechanical crushing, sieving, in the gravel production, the coarse aggregate of the needle, the tabular grain content should be controlled within a certain range in the stone production, because the coarse aggregate in the needle, sheets shaped particles too much, causes deterioration of the workability of concrete strength is lowered, so that the coarse aggregate of the needle, the tabular grain content should be controlled within a certain range. (Similarly see: PCRM). For this problem, Zhengzhou the heyday of gravel career project Ministry official said, the current market many small gravel production line businesses, such as the basalt gravel production line, bluestone gravel production line, granite stone production line, in order to reduce the investment in equipment, coarse crusher jaw are used, then fine jaw breaker as secondary crushing equipment, jaw breaker is laminated crushing principle, many the aggregate of acicular sheet content, without shaping directamente sold finished. Price of this stone is relatively low, in fact, the poor quality of this aggregat will reduce the life of the building of housing for housing construction, As for the high – grade buildings, the water conservancy electric dam building, bridge, road and rail can not use this type of stone. So, our company launched the impact breaker and hammer breaker these two most crushing equipments, which are the ideal choice, they can not only significantly improve the finished grain shape, but also greatly improve the production efficiency.