Credit Without Schufaauskunft – Can It Get Any

The credit without Schufa is a bright spot in tough economic times for many people at the end of a dark financial tunnel. Own financial resources are limited, but an expensive and important home appliance such as the washing machine or the TV breaks, which must be replaced immediately. Here, the entire household budget can be quickly thrown overboard. Borrowing for the new acquisition of a new washing machine can however prove difficult, if the own Schufa not quite alright is and negative entries deter banks from lending. Department stores also make a Schufa request prior to funding approval. Here the credit without Schufa can be a quick and non-bureaucratic way to quickly create at the desired object. But unfortunately, awarded the Swiss financiers who stand behind the credit without Schufa and lend it hence the name Swiss credit, not long at all applicants their loans. Here also a certain redemption security is used and Defaults should be avoided.

So the Swiss lenders generally only awarded to applicants who have an activity as an employee, worker or official. Combined with the examination of the personal data the applicant when applying for the loan without Schufa must disclose his monthly income and expenses, to give an insight into possible Garnishability the creditors. Only after examining these aspects, the lenders granted the credit – but nevertheless it without testing the Schufa or an entry of the credit in this. Some few lenders lend also to the unemployed, but subject to certain restrictions that are usually much higher. The credit without Schufa for unemployed or also known as housewife credit credit is awarded only in certain sizes. Here, the loan amount to approximately 5,000 euro is limited, may be but also significantly less. If however you have no fixed income, should even the monthly repayment in mind and therefore lowest Apply for credit amounts.