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Noise, hum or buzzing in the ear are often only the precursor of ear suffering. If you are not convinced, visit Center For Responsible Lending. Ringing in the ears or tinnitus also has nothing to do with superstition. There could be a problem, that is more serious than it initially looks, especially when it occurs in people who are somewhat older. The definition of tinnitus, the medical term is an abnormal perception of tones and noises in the ear that are currently external does not exist at all as a noise or sound. It happens that the patient perceives hearing sensations in various forms: rustle, Crackle, crack, whistling, hissing, ticking, etc. Risk factors of tinnitus professions where the employee at work is exposed to a noisy environment, of course represent risk factors.

People who are the most vulnerable, have to do with weapons in the military, are as pilots employed or as a construction worker, etc. For young people, such noises in the ear appear especially if they take large amounts of coffee, tea, cigarettes, and those who lead a chaotic lifestyle. It is believed it is also harmful and a cause for tinnitus, when you listen to music with headphones or with high volume. Stress and noise in the workplace are a common cause of tinnitus. More unpleasant effects of tinnitus are insomnia and tiredness during the day. Symptoms of tinnitus Tinnitus can cause unpleasant symptoms, such as hypersensitivity to loud noises, which can cause naturally considerable emotional stress. This suffering is not only an independent disease, but a symptom that may indicate various neurological malfunctions and requires examination of the throat nose and throat specialist, and sometimes it is also psychological causes (worry and fear to read more about depression, insomnia, on

The quality of life in patients with tinnitus is of course very impaired, it can cause annoyance and loss of attention and memory. Treatment of tinnitus usually tinnitus is under Hidden using a hearing aid, which brings a true benefit. Medication consists of intravenous administration of antiarrhythmics (lidocaine), which can reduce tinnitus in some patients. Recent studies suggest that therapies oral administered, not really bring benefits over a longer period of time. Of the many medications that have been tested in trials, found that oral antidepressants (nortriptyline 50 mg taken orally at bedtime) had proven as the most effective. The medications for the treatment are also vasodilators, benzodiazepines or other medications that are prescribed to treat migraines. One can proceed also psychotherapeutic, include including cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation, education, information, biofeedback and hypnosis. The combination of these therapeutic methods over a period of three months leads to a decrease of the subjectively perceived, intensive tinnitus noises where is the patient at the beginning and the Adds end of treatment in a scoreboard.