Culture At The Highest Level – The Cologne Cathedral

The House to the white cross from Hurth Cologne Cathedral is not only one of the largest and most important cathedrals in the world, it houses works of art that are well known and famous for centuries far beyond the borders of Cologne, also. Who resides in Cologne, Germany, will have to pay time the Cathedral of Cologne, because there is much to see. “About what you can find in the and at the Cologne Cathedral informed the hotel home to the white cross” in Hurth. Magnet for visitors whether on the day or at night. The Cologne Cathedral is an imposing structure and exalted him look every visitor. He is the third highest church building in the world and unique in its construction. Therefore the Cologne Cathedral was 1996 as a masterpiece of Gothic architecture “to the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Treasures of the Cathedral – the three kings shrine – the Gero cross – altar painting of the town’s patron – Milan Madonna from the 13th century – carpets of Peter Paul Rubens great panoramic 533 steps away from a wonderful panoramic view of Cologne, the Rhine and very good weather even the Siebengebirge mountains. A spiral staircase leads to the viewing platform in less than one hundred meters height. During the ascent, the belfry with its eight bells is to visit. The St. Peter’s Bell is often called “d’r blanket pitter” by the Cologne. No wonder 24,000 kilograms, she must call even the largest free-swinging bell. The rise is a little cumbersome, but the splendid panorama compensates all exertion. The Cathedral Treasury is shown in historical vaulted rooms of the 13.Jahrhundert Cathedral treasure Chamber on 500 square meters.

A collection of robes and insignia of the archbishops from the 4th to the 20th century can be seen. Precious reliquaries, liturgical equipment, as well as medieval sculptures. The most remarkable treasures within the Cathedral treasure include Peter staff and Peter chain. In the souvenir shop you can take with memories of the Cologne Cathedral. Posters, books and everything related to the DOM are available. For detailed information about the Cologne Cathedral stands to the White House Hotel Cross”from Hurth anytime at your disposal. Press contact: Contact home White’s cross: Mr Wessling contact bookings: Mr. Steimle Wendelinusstrasse 83 D – 50354 Hurth phone: 02233/934763 fax: 02233/934765 email: Homepage: