David Bohm

COBIMAX about the information system (Communikations biological matrix) is a communication and therapy technique that makes it possible to tackle a wide range of different diseases on physical and emotional level. It is a mental invasive procedure that it empowers the users/therapist to get access to the autonomic nervous system of patients with the help of his cerebellum consciousness. This communication tool reduces all the world’s languages on their Basic function: the generation of images (holograms) through the brain. According to views of quantum physics (David Bohm, Roger Penrose) our biological body reproduces itself in about 40 times per second. This reproduction this method provides access to the interface inner/outer reality to feed suggestions in the form of holograms on the subconscious of the cerebellum. How different brain parts “Time” totally different perceive and process accordingly; How does a sitting in our cerebellum consciousness of apparently miracles and how all it practically feels is not only declared, but man experiences it directly. Understanding of Borrelia, Borna & co opened new possibilities to eliminate the triggered symptoms and also the microbes by Cobimax.

Speaker: Bernd Laudenbach, COBIMAX Centre, practice for physical therapy, Sinntal this lecture in the biological cancerous in the University of Heidelberg in may stopped – in the summer semester 2010 Ganimed e.V.,. Support for teaching and research of holistic medicine, which has its headquarters in Heidelberg. He was founded in 1992 as a registered charity by the above University scientists, doctors and therapists and students and lay people. 18:45 19:00 break 19:00 20:00 discussion with the participating doctors and scientists and physicians on-site Presenter.