Day Financiers

D AY financier celebrated in Russia on September 8. And the history of this holiday is longer than you might expect. September 8, 1802 Russian Tsar Alexander I founded his decree (the “Manifesto for the establishment Ministries) Ministry of Finance, as well as seven other ministries. That is what the date was taken as the basis of the professional holiday of workers of financial agencies, both public authorities and similar to private entities or their subsidiaries. Work financiers has two main areas, very clearly indicated even in the most manifest of Alexander I. On the one hand, revenue management and accounting, and on the other hand, good distribution of the revenue expenditure. These two tasks are so closely linked that poor performance of one of them sooner or later lead to the collapse of another. Inefficient collection and recording Revenue will not allow to obtain funds for the costs of paramount importance.

And in the case of inefficient (not on the main purposes) spending the proceeds utekut like water through sand. Therefore, the work becomes more important with the financiers each new step of the economic ladder. If the bad financier of private enterprise, can only destroy the enterprise itself, the poor financiers in the Ministry of Finance can turn the collapse of the entire state economy. In contrast, there are many examples of companies and even entire countries, great feel themselves financially, seemingly having no basis for that and even more so – in spite of them. The secret is simple – the good financiers. Therefore, no doubt, that on 8 September, all employees of the financial authorities (government) and private financial institutions will receive congratulations financier. After all, if they hold these positions, it means that they operate effectively.

After the dedication of workers producing goods and providing services on its own is no substitute for the economical and intelligent use of resources. C How many words on Behind the financiers do not tell – They are not adventurers, each just ask: Who wants to live in prosperity, Have a summer cottage and car … Do not ‘drag’ on zarplatku, and to live simply and easily? Once everything is clear – All dream about one … And they want to eat bread and butter, and drink coffee with milk!