Day Money Is Increasingly Popular Among Germans

The investment on money market accounts enjoys among German investors of a growing popularity. These deposits was only a fraction of the population, some years ago the knowledge about the existence of such deposit products in more and more people has arrived in the wake of increased marketing activities in particular by direct bank. The benefits of money market accounts can be also. So the daily availability of all deposits offers the investors a very high degree of flexibility. At the same time account for any fees with regard to the opening as well as the later maintenance of accounts. These products compete with fixed-income securities make is very cheap. The yield, which gives the investors a day money account, can compete with all other interest-bearing assets readily.

Interested parties perform a short market research in order to identify of the most generous provider, interest rates can be achieved up to five percent in the year. In comparison to This is very much fixed-term deposits, for example, twelve months in the current market environment. Transactions in connection with day money account run in most cases have a reference account specified by the investor, that is mostly identical to the normal checking account at the House bank. So the owner within two bank working days can have easily his full credit. Also with regard to the risk of purchase to apply to day money is well positioned because it enjoys the legal status of a bank account and therefore even in the case of insolvency of the account of leading Institute not lost, since all credit institutions operating in the Federal Republic joined a deposit protection fund, in case of doubt protects the balances of the investors from being accessed by creditors. These attractive conditions still not to get who to account a day money, many banks in the wake of fierce competition offer more free allowances as a welcome gift for opening an account. This can be a tank voucher as well as a Magazine subscription or a starting balance.