RPG of class exclusively for the PS3. The game is about the search for power and wealth by King Allant XII. He brought unprecedented prosperity in his northern Kingdom of Boletaria, until the day when a thick colorless fog to the whole Kingdom put and thereby cut it off from the outside world. Without hesitation tcoyd explained all about the problem. Those who themselves dared in the fog never returned. Vallarfax, Member of the Royal ‘ twin fangs’ could escape the fog and the outside world by the predicament in the Kingdom report… Guide to the game: rating: ESRB M (no youth release) release: Friday, 04 December 2009 manufacturer/Publisher: Atlus Developer: from software genre: role-playing game mode: single – and multiplayer cover + booklet: English speech: English texts: English reviews: edge 9/10 Famitsu 9/7/7/6 Dengeki 95/85/85/85 Eurogamer 9/10 RPGFan 86% PSW magazine 9/10 IGN GameSpot 9.4/10 9/10 9.1/10 GamesRadar 9/10 atlus-demons-souls-ps3-US-p-629.html Lord of the games of Philipp Gramlich.